Monday, January 23, 2012

Dirty Little Pigs - A Candidate For AfroSpear Membership

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An example of mental and intellectual dissonance at its worst.

The "Dirty Little Pigs" Anti-Authority blog.

Help me out here and tell me if you see a pattern:

The "Pigs" Have Killed Four People In 2012 Already

Stop The Drug War - Two More Deaths This Week (Jan 17)
The "Pigs" In The Mission Accomplished City Of Baltimore Has Failed To Protect People

Officials: Killings up in Baltimore Co., but no rise in 'random crime'

Most homicides involve victims, suspects who knew each other, police spokeswoman says

Dear Little Pig:

I empathize with your concern about people being killed at the hands of the police and support the portion of your advocacy that is serious about mitigating this problem.

I am forced to bring in another data set for you to ponder so that we might get a more balanced sense of who the threat is for the average, law abiding citizen.

Above, sir, is the homicide report from ONE CITY in America - the City of Philadelphia.   Though we are but 23 days into the new year, having celebrated "New Years" and "Dr King Day" - with 80% of the murders in Philadelphia having a Black victim in the rifle scope of the "Street Pirate" we can assume that 19.2 victims in this count are Black.   Since the body count of human beings are "integers" and not fractions - the  0.8 portion will be made into a "1.0" by the end of today as the Street Pirate kills someone else.

I don't understand your vantage point.  If we assume that we are a "government of the people" and thus the police are "equal human beings" - why do you have such a gap in your expectations regarding what you demand of an armed officer of the law and the higher standards of respect for human life that you appear to be loathed to challenge those who don't dawn a uniform to live up to.

You had an opportunity to show your regard for the individual as you reported about Baltimore.   Instead of calling upon THE PEOPLE to stop killing each other you castigate the police for failing to protect them.
The article that you posted documented that these are not random "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" but are interpersonal killings between individuals who knew each other.

How do you reconcile this?

On the one hand, most of your articles excoriate the authorities for seeking to slap the community with a "heavy hand" of enforcement.  Then when we see these interpersonal conflicts - you ask these same authorities to step up while never rendering a word to the "least of these".  

How do you explain the gross contradictions of your philosophy?

I call this "Establishment Authority Repudiation" which allows you to retain your ideological entrenchment without suffering harm for the dead people that are left drowned in the wake that your progressive-fundamentalist speed boat casts upon them.

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