Monday, January 30, 2012

Did ABC News Ask Commander In Chief Obama If His Conscious Was Bothered As 9 Africans Were Killed In The Raid In Somalia?

From Booker Rising

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ABC News:  "So tell me, Mr President - did you use your Blackberry or your new iPhone to Tweet 'Godspeed' to the Navy SEALS before they killed 9 Negroes in Africa to save 2 Westerners?  You should become an adviser to the 'US Police Chiefs Association' when you leave office.  You have the uncanny ability to suppress Protests Among Negroes when you green light 'State Sponsored Executions' "

Does anyone get the sense that to the Black American that fronts otherwise...................AFRICA is merely a concept that they use when there is an INDICTMENT to be made?
(Against the European colonists, against Bush in Darfur, against Winston Churchill)
When ABC News asked Obama if he TEXTED "Godspeed" to the Navy SEAL team that later killed 9 Somalians  but never asked if his CONSCIOUS WAS BOTHERED.
 NO BLACK PROGRESSIVE BLOG expressed OUTRAGE over the issue.
Now let "The First 48 Hours" catch the police chief of Washington DC Tweeting her SWAT team that later shot up 3 Negroes in Anicostia - the same CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES would be seen marching on the White House DEMANDING that they send Eric Holder and Thomas Perez of the "Civil Rights Division" across town to draw up Federal charges in support of the "Negroes who suffered STATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS".
The problem is that the BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST has never been PUT ON TRIAL.
As people are threatened by his SNARL of the charges of "RACISM" or 'SELLOUT!!!" they fail to do A PATTERN ANALYSIS of his behavior to make note that inside of this front is a "scared and fraudulent mass" that is willing to put the BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS INTO PLAY at the POLITICAL POKER TABLE if it advances his destructive progressive agenda.  HIS SILENCE CAN BE PURCHASED. despite his front. 

The Last Time The "First HNIC" With Command Over The State Powers Leveraged The  Fact That His Black Base Lived Vicariously Though His Success And Would Not Protest Against His Actions When They Seemed Strangely Like Mayor Joe "Cheney" Rizzo.......It Was The Black Community That Ultimately Got Burned For Yielding Their Permanent Interests To Those They Venerated In The Grand Protection Racket They Had Run


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