Friday, January 27, 2012

A Challenge To MSNBC's The - Mr Bacon Jr

Mr Bacon:
According to a recent article about the page views of Black (Progressive) news web sites Mr Wilson brought you in to "spice up" the political news and commentary competencies of "The" (Owned by MSNBC).
As I read your series of articles, however, I see the same over-salted slant in your focus.
You see - as an observer and critic of "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing" I notice that you all practice what I call "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO INDICT YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU ACTUALLY INVESTED IN FOR THEIR FAILURES TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE".
As The Grio, et al keep their serial external indictments and 'chum feeding' going most Black people fail to see that while they are made satisfied by your biased reporting per their EXISTING CONSCIOUSNESS, any longitudinal review of where our community stands in aggregate will point to stagnation or even erosion.
Here is my challenge to you sir - the new "opinion writer on the block".
I would love to see you express the TRANSPARENCY enough to walk back into the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" and report from the perspective as a DEFENDER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS and INVESTMENTS - rather than reporting from the perspective of the POPULAR BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - that of a Progressive, Democratic, Obama Supporter.
Not permanently - just one time.
Write an article by which you go past detailing the INVESTMENTS of 95% of the "Equal Black Ballots" that were cast back in 2008 to ensure that Obama would rise into office, the Democrats retained the US House and Senate and that they would win every state and local seat where we Blacks are highly concentrated.  Instead add the context of TIME and ARCHITECTURE where you see that this has been our BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENDA back before the days when Bayard Rustin voiced to the Black masses that this is the best channel for our DEVELOPMENT and for control over our communities.
Mr Bacon (and you too Mr Wilson and Mr Love and Ms Reed) - I am asking you to defend your role as INVESTMENT ADVISERS FOR THE NEGRO.
You are a part of the Black Press Machine that have compelled our people to make these investments.    Just as you demand transparency from Banks and Corporations and Government - I am challenging YOU to document the ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT that our community has experienced as a result of having FAVORABLE PROGRESSIVES (of all colors) in the seats of Power in our community, just as Bayard Rustin had suggested.
ORGANIC does NOT mean you articulate all of the "racism" that your theories have mitigated.  It does mean that with the institutions such as our schools run by the people that the Black electorate put into power - as our children matriculate through there is a measurable benefit in their academic attainment COMMENSURATE to what we need as a people to have these, the pillars of our community, returning as the "Professional Services Agents" that allow our people to live up to the high standards that we all desire.
You have the ball sir.
I am sure that "I Will Miss The Warmth Of Cons Balls When They Leave Me All Alone" will enjoy your article if your editors give you the permission to provide such a needed service to the Black people.
Consider this as an "Earnest Money" checkpoint prior to the next round of investments in our collective journey.
Thank you in advance. 

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