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Average Bro The Liberal Kappa Needs To Be Asked What Bayard Rustin Asked Malcolm X

Worse than a Negro who lives vicariously through Obama's Blackberry is a Negro who is convinced that in his veneration that he is living closer to some Progressive ideal.

In the story last week about the violent protests in Nigeria as the central government raised the price of fuel I pointed out that it was the government's failure to invest in domestic oil refining capabilities over several decades that was the real culprit, NOT the decision to remove the subsidy in support of the increasing prices of imported gasoline - some of which was exported from Nigeria as unrefined petroleum taken out of the ground.

Now my friend "Average Bro The Liberal Kappa" is at it again.
He still believes that his "bucking bronco ride" on Obama's manhood should be mistaken for sound energy policy.

Average Brother The Liberal Kappa Meets Bayard Rustin

While I do assign Bayard Rustin as the "Baby Daddy" of the modern day "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" movement where our people are to "VOTE our way into salvation" I have to credit the man for challenging Malcolm X to step up his game in their series of debates.

If you have read the Manning Marable book - "Malcolm X - A Life Of Reinvention" you will know what I am talking about.

As Malcolm X, during the period when he was a "young preacher", ventured out into more public appearances in front of non-Muslim crowds, he agreed to a series of debates with the more seasoned Bayard Rustin - who was a part of Martin Luther King Jr's entourage.  

Rustin (and by extension Dr King) had the belief that the "Negro would prosper if he could gain political control over his own community".

Despite my criticisms of his theories I credit the sage Bayard Rustin  for having the insight to post up Malcolm X, forcing him to reconcile the rhetoric and claims of the Nation Of Islam with their real world evidence that they had any plans to follow through  In their case - follow through with the complete separation of the races so that the Black man would no longer be molested by White Supremacy.

The challenge made by Rustin and the analysis that Manning Marable gave in the subsequent book was spot on.  With respect to the TIME LINE of Malcolm X's development (I estimate that this was late 1950's) - Malcolm X was not sufficiently able to address the challenge made by Rustin because RUSTIN WAS CORRECT.  Beyond the rhetoric to attract people in a 'stretch goal' - there was no plan.

I Charge "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" As GUILTY of the same offense.

If we look at Nigeria - does it really matter that CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE as the reason why they ended up with limited domestic oil refining competencies and capabilities?    

What if they did have the money (which they do) and the technical skills (which they could purchase) but they made an ACTIVE decision to not build domestic refining capabilities - oh I don't know - lets say due to Van Jones convincing them that such an investment was an "Anti-Green" policy to do so?

Does it matter HOW the present gap between the MARKET DEMAND for fuel versus the SUPPLY (and cost) of this resource was arrived at?

The inspection that "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" needs to submit to as he is bent over to take some needed "wood" on his backside is that HE CAN'T SHOW ANY PROOF THAT THE UNITED STATES HAS ANY SERIOUS PLANS TO WEEN ITSELF OFF OF PETROLEUM.

I assure you one thing though.
If and when there is a global oil supply disruption that causes oil to rise far beyond $100 and "the least of these" are forced to pay $4.25+ for their gasoline - AB will be in the long line of Progressive Fundamentalist prodding 2nd term Obama or his Republican replacement to investigate the OIL COMPANIES for their "price fixing" antics from which they profit.

No doubt they will try to put up a tepid economic argument that says "Oil is a GLOBAL COMMODITY" and thus the price is not relevant to the US domestic supply.  This is FALSE.

Oil is priced by a combination of the DEMAND and the PRODUCTION LEVELS.    The more domestic sources that the USA brings on line the reduced ability that our enemies have in raising the prices (normally by limiting their production to create artificial scarcity).

As a person who follows the hydrogen market - ready to be the first in the pool - a hydrogen AA battery pack that I have been waiting for 3 years to come to market has a capacity less than a cheap non-alkaline battery from a drug store with costs that far exceeds even the most advanced lithium.

The main reason why Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is able to hold his line (so firmly on Obama's manhood) is that his economic theories are ultimately ABSTRACT from the real world economic challenges that the people who DO SUPPLY these resources are challenged to provide.

It is hard to comprehend how several hundred Super Max oil tankers that cross the nation's seas, loaded with oil are LESS of an environmental threat due to an oil spill than is a LAND BASED pipeline that runs atop of lands that have a large underground water basin.

The answer to their head fake is to place more CONTROL VALVES along the length of the pipeline.   IF there is a leak that segment of pipe can be quickly taken off line, the potential environmental damage mitigated.

Is there anything that the Progressive-Fundamentalist doesn't attempt to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" against to absolve themselves of complicity in the outcomes?

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