Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100% Equal Human Beings. PERIOD!!!!!

From Booker Rising - To The Invading Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bigots who prefer to KEEP THEIR ENEMIES ON TRAIL as a Congregational Unity Tactic

True Progressive-Fundamentalist Like 4Sure, Tahria Square, SOciopath and Rancid:
I challenge you to broaden your economic analysis vision.
Take your current Racism Chasing/ Anti-Republican / Anti-Capitalistic views and then listen to the following alternative sources:
* Bloomberg
* Fox Business (I hesitate to put this one on the list because you see the name and will run to Media Matters for a rebuttal)
* Wall Street Journal (ditto as above)
* PBS Nightly Business Report
* Investors Business Daily
* Various International Channels on the Roku box (France 24, RT, CCTV, Al Jezeera)
LISTEN to their ECONOMIC ANALYSIS of the issues of the day:
* The European Debt Crisis
* The Present State Of The Economy
* The Real Unemployment Rate In America
The most painful part of LISTENING to Negroes like YOU ALL talk RACISM CHASING and PARTISAN BIGOTRY that is disguised as ECONOMIC ANALYSIS is that it all sounds good UNTIL:
* The White Man
* Capitalism
* An EXTERNAL Figure To Make a SOCIAL JUSTICE INDICTMENT AGAINST .......................
are GONE and you are left all alone to fend for yourself.
It is clear that your only goal is IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT for Black People.
Even as our community retains its loyalty to POLITICAL SALVATION (notice I did not say Democrats) it doesn't matter how much UNDER-DEVELOPMENT our people suffer as they matriculate through the process that you and other Embedded Confidence Men promote.
Tahria Square and True Progressive talk about SELF HATRED and echoing White Conservatives.  YOU show more contempt for Black people because even as it is CLEAR that our people are being HARVESTED for their EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS - you know in your heart that without a steady stream of such investments - the ORGANIC system that people like you enforce WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY is not able to allow our people to sustain the desired standard of living that the claim of NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE that you hook into provides at present.
When your predecessor, Uptown Steve, a Black Racism Chaser was on this board I observed from his posts that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser doesn't care about Black people being ACCURATE in their assessments of the world.  They care more about Black people being PROGRESSIVES!!!!!!
When given the choice they prefer a Negro who agrees with them BUT when challenged by an ideological rival and they see that they can't explain and defend their position so they start charging RACISM against their debate adversary to a Black man who is WATCHING THEIR ANTICS, disagrees with them and not only can DEFEND HIS POSITION but can tell them the strategic flaws of their position.
More often than not the main consequence of their position in the long term is BLACK INFERIORITY.
This suits the Black Progressive bigot and his White Progressive Cheshire Fox partner just fine because they only care about eating for another day.  
When this system goes insolvent they will not have developed enough ORGANIC COMPETENCIES among the Black community to allow us to maintain a standard of living anything like we desire.
IF SO - you would also see more emigration of our people - OUT to other lands that would VALUE our competencies to lift them up.
INSTEAD with your current consciousness - you going to another diasporatic location would merely mean another set of CONSUMERS are on the scene, looking for an American Consumer Capitalistic Standard, slowly having their haughty palate reduced over time as McDonalds is no longer around the corner.
You can't bring yourself to see the distinction between the PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS AMONG BLACK AMERICANS (which you hide within and assume your CORRECTNESS from because you have the balance of Negroes agreeing with you) and the NEEDED CONSCIOUSNESS to be acquired IF our community is ever going to obtain the INFRASTRUCTURE necessary to deploy our people into the roles that will LIFT US UP TO THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING.
Your bigotry prevents you from seeing that the Embedded Confidence Man and LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Operative is NOT always competent to LEAD OUR PEOPLE toward the path of prosperity.  Instead they are just "leading Negroes" that throw out self-chum for the hungry, resentful masses to follow.
Go more granular (inside of Newark, Chicago, Detroit or Philly) or OUTWARD to Haiti, The Congo or even a SEA SIDE DESERT in Morocco with abundant FISH just a few feet into the ocean and THIS BALLOT doesn't mean A THING to your ability to leverage it for the ORGANIC BENEFIT of your day to day livelihood.
That ballot is ONLY of value for material change IF AND WHEN there is an INDICTMENT that you can make against an IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARY that is bound up with you in the name of NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.  Just as you want Black kids to sit in Republican White schools - the majority of the FLOW benefiting the Black student - per your conscious of inferiority - you also need what the American government enforces as the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT as your ticket to this confiscatory Nationalized Social Justice.   YOU having FAILED to manage the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that your previous POLITICAL STRUGGLES granted you control over.  
As your long time enemy has DEPARTED YOU (I am thinking of Gompers Elementary in Philly) it becomes clear that it WAS NOT the "bricks, mortar and school supplies" that you had struggled in the past to gain equal access to.   Instead as the present conditions indicate - at Gompers - the people who LEFT YOU all alone -  as you now control the physical plant but many Black parents are seeking an EXIT to the "Mission Accomplished School" - WERE the object of your STRUGGLE - not the bricks, mortar or text books that will soon be replaced by iPads.
Your congregational effect is the ONLY thing allowing the shame of Black Inferiority that you represent to be called out for what it is.
Instead of erecting a system that DEVELOPS OUR PEOPLE, you come to the table with some assumed INFERIORITY of our people and you PLAY OUR PEOPLE - focusing them in on HATRED, RACISM and SCORN shown by others when in truth YOU ARE MERELY PLAYING on the HATRED, RACISM and SCORN that is INSIDE OF THEM  for they are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - capable of producing these very same emotions as their enemies.......even when they are Commanders In Chief of the US Allied Military Power with a  base of operations in Djibouti.
OR did you not see the cover of the New York Times yesterday which announced the reduction of "Boots On The Ground" in this latest round of military budget cuts that you will be trumpeting, only to be replaced by DRONES!!!!   Drones don't need the VA hospital until they did.  They launch their bombs on the people of color and, best of all, they allow the bigoted people of color back at home to PRETEND that they never saw the munitions drop on the television screen because they THOUGHT that it was just their kids playing the XBOX 360.  When their son's hands went up in a loud cheer for Obama - YOU THOUGHT that he was just giving his Kinect a visual command to pull up the yolk on the plane.
You so want to have WHITE PEOPLE respect BLACK PEOPLE - as you VENERATE and LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA that you are forced to BE SILENT when he proves himself to be an EQUAL HUMAN BEING in his ability to KILL PEOPLE OF COLOR IN FOREIGN LANDS THAT CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM AMERICAN MILITARY POWER.  Instead you look toward WHITE PEOPLE'S RESPONSE to see if they will give HIM EQUAL PRAISE as a STRONG LEADER or if they will INSULT HIM and thus YOU.   .  Your own BIGOTRY prevents you from seeing that with every "VICTORY" it is YOU that has lost as piece of your CONSCIOUSNESS and that the INTEGRATION INTO AMERICA is proceeding nicely.
The wise White Supremacist need only play along with the game - calling him WEAK.  He will then receive cover to kill more Negroes using the American Military POWER as this POWER has finally figured that to receive NEGRO SUPPORT for its "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" operations - it merely needs to have a FAVORABLE NEGRO in power. Those who used to protest against war will instead make note of the NEW EFFICIENCY that the AMERICAN IMPERIALIST operates with.  NO Americans die any more with this new, more efficient technology.

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