Tuesday, January 31, 2012

100% Equal Human Beings. PERIOD!!!!!

From Booker Rising - To The Invading Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bigots who prefer to KEEP THEIR ENEMIES ON TRAIL as a Congregational Unity Tactic

True Progressive-Fundamentalist Like 4Sure, Tahria Square, SOciopath and Rancid:
I challenge you to broaden your economic analysis vision.
Take your current Racism Chasing/ Anti-Republican / Anti-Capitalistic views and then listen to the following alternative sources:
* Bloomberg
* Fox Business (I hesitate to put this one on the list because you see the name and will run to Media Matters for a rebuttal)
* Wall Street Journal (ditto as above)
* PBS Nightly Business Report
* Investors Business Daily
* Various International Channels on the Roku box (France 24, RT, CCTV, Al Jezeera)
LISTEN to their ECONOMIC ANALYSIS of the issues of the day:
* The European Debt Crisis
* The Present State Of The Economy
* The Real Unemployment Rate In America
The most painful part of LISTENING to Negroes like YOU ALL talk RACISM CHASING and PARTISAN BIGOTRY that is disguised as ECONOMIC ANALYSIS is that it all sounds good UNTIL:
* The White Man
* Capitalism
* An EXTERNAL Figure To Make a SOCIAL JUSTICE INDICTMENT AGAINST .......................
are GONE and you are left all alone to fend for yourself.
It is clear that your only goal is IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT for Black People.
Even as our community retains its loyalty to POLITICAL SALVATION (notice I did not say Democrats) it doesn't matter how much UNDER-DEVELOPMENT our people suffer as they matriculate through the process that you and other Embedded Confidence Men promote.
Tahria Square and True Progressive talk about SELF HATRED and echoing White Conservatives.  YOU show more contempt for Black people because even as it is CLEAR that our people are being HARVESTED for their EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS - you know in your heart that without a steady stream of such investments - the ORGANIC system that people like you enforce WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY is not able to allow our people to sustain the desired standard of living that the claim of NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE that you hook into provides at present.
When your predecessor, Uptown Steve, a Black Racism Chaser was on this board I observed from his posts that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser doesn't care about Black people being ACCURATE in their assessments of the world.  They care more about Black people being PROGRESSIVES!!!!!!
When given the choice they prefer a Negro who agrees with them BUT when challenged by an ideological rival and they see that they can't explain and defend their position so they start charging RACISM against their debate adversary to a Black man who is WATCHING THEIR ANTICS, disagrees with them and not only can DEFEND HIS POSITION but can tell them the strategic flaws of their position.
More often than not the main consequence of their position in the long term is BLACK INFERIORITY.
This suits the Black Progressive bigot and his White Progressive Cheshire Fox partner just fine because they only care about eating for another day.  
When this system goes insolvent they will not have developed enough ORGANIC COMPETENCIES among the Black community to allow us to maintain a standard of living anything like we desire.
IF SO - you would also see more emigration of our people - OUT to other lands that would VALUE our competencies to lift them up.
INSTEAD with your current consciousness - you going to another diasporatic location would merely mean another set of CONSUMERS are on the scene, looking for an American Consumer Capitalistic Standard, slowly having their haughty palate reduced over time as McDonalds is no longer around the corner.
You can't bring yourself to see the distinction between the PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS AMONG BLACK AMERICANS (which you hide within and assume your CORRECTNESS from because you have the balance of Negroes agreeing with you) and the NEEDED CONSCIOUSNESS to be acquired IF our community is ever going to obtain the INFRASTRUCTURE necessary to deploy our people into the roles that will LIFT US UP TO THE DESIRED STANDARD OF LIVING.
Your bigotry prevents you from seeing that the Embedded Confidence Man and LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Operative is NOT always competent to LEAD OUR PEOPLE toward the path of prosperity.  Instead they are just "leading Negroes" that throw out self-chum for the hungry, resentful masses to follow.
Go more granular (inside of Newark, Chicago, Detroit or Philly) or OUTWARD to Haiti, The Congo or even a SEA SIDE DESERT in Morocco with abundant FISH just a few feet into the ocean and THIS BALLOT doesn't mean A THING to your ability to leverage it for the ORGANIC BENEFIT of your day to day livelihood.
That ballot is ONLY of value for material change IF AND WHEN there is an INDICTMENT that you can make against an IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARY that is bound up with you in the name of NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE.  Just as you want Black kids to sit in Republican White schools - the majority of the FLOW benefiting the Black student - per your conscious of inferiority - you also need what the American government enforces as the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT as your ticket to this confiscatory Nationalized Social Justice.   YOU having FAILED to manage the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that your previous POLITICAL STRUGGLES granted you control over.  
As your long time enemy has DEPARTED YOU (I am thinking of Gompers Elementary in Philly) it becomes clear that it WAS NOT the "bricks, mortar and school supplies" that you had struggled in the past to gain equal access to.   Instead as the present conditions indicate - at Gompers - the people who LEFT YOU all alone -  as you now control the physical plant but many Black parents are seeking an EXIT to the "Mission Accomplished School" - WERE the object of your STRUGGLE - not the bricks, mortar or text books that will soon be replaced by iPads.
Your congregational effect is the ONLY thing allowing the shame of Black Inferiority that you represent to be called out for what it is.
Instead of erecting a system that DEVELOPS OUR PEOPLE, you come to the table with some assumed INFERIORITY of our people and you PLAY OUR PEOPLE - focusing them in on HATRED, RACISM and SCORN shown by others when in truth YOU ARE MERELY PLAYING on the HATRED, RACISM and SCORN that is INSIDE OF THEM  for they are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS - capable of producing these very same emotions as their enemies.......even when they are Commanders In Chief of the US Allied Military Power with a  base of operations in Djibouti.
OR did you not see the cover of the New York Times yesterday which announced the reduction of "Boots On The Ground" in this latest round of military budget cuts that you will be trumpeting, only to be replaced by DRONES!!!!   Drones don't need the VA hospital until they did.  They launch their bombs on the people of color and, best of all, they allow the bigoted people of color back at home to PRETEND that they never saw the munitions drop on the television screen because they THOUGHT that it was just their kids playing the XBOX 360.  When their son's hands went up in a loud cheer for Obama - YOU THOUGHT that he was just giving his Kinect a visual command to pull up the yolk on the plane.
You so want to have WHITE PEOPLE respect BLACK PEOPLE - as you VENERATE and LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA that you are forced to BE SILENT when he proves himself to be an EQUAL HUMAN BEING in his ability to KILL PEOPLE OF COLOR IN FOREIGN LANDS THAT CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM AMERICAN MILITARY POWER.  Instead you look toward WHITE PEOPLE'S RESPONSE to see if they will give HIM EQUAL PRAISE as a STRONG LEADER or if they will INSULT HIM and thus YOU.   .  Your own BIGOTRY prevents you from seeing that with every "VICTORY" it is YOU that has lost as piece of your CONSCIOUSNESS and that the INTEGRATION INTO AMERICA is proceeding nicely.
The wise White Supremacist need only play along with the game - calling him WEAK.  He will then receive cover to kill more Negroes using the American Military POWER as this POWER has finally figured that to receive NEGRO SUPPORT for its "ECONOMIC HIT MAN" operations - it merely needs to have a FAVORABLE NEGRO in power. Those who used to protest against war will instead make note of the NEW EFFICIENCY that the AMERICAN IMPERIALIST operates with.  NO Americans die any more with this new, more efficient technology.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Did ABC News Ask Commander In Chief Obama If His Conscious Was Bothered As 9 Africans Were Killed In The Raid In Somalia?

From Booker Rising

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

ABC News:  "So tell me, Mr President - did you use your Blackberry or your new iPhone to Tweet 'Godspeed' to the Navy SEALS before they killed 9 Negroes in Africa to save 2 Westerners?  You should become an adviser to the 'US Police Chiefs Association' when you leave office.  You have the uncanny ability to suppress Protests Among Negroes when you green light 'State Sponsored Executions' "

Does anyone get the sense that to the Black American that fronts otherwise...................AFRICA is merely a concept that they use when there is an INDICTMENT to be made?
(Against the European colonists, against Bush in Darfur, against Winston Churchill)
When ABC News asked Obama if he TEXTED "Godspeed" to the Navy SEAL team that later killed 9 Somalians  but never asked if his CONSCIOUS WAS BOTHERED.
 NO BLACK PROGRESSIVE BLOG expressed OUTRAGE over the issue.
Now let "The First 48 Hours" catch the police chief of Washington DC Tweeting her SWAT team that later shot up 3 Negroes in Anicostia - the same CIVIL RIGHTS PHARISEES would be seen marching on the White House DEMANDING that they send Eric Holder and Thomas Perez of the "Civil Rights Division" across town to draw up Federal charges in support of the "Negroes who suffered STATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS".
The problem is that the BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST has never been PUT ON TRIAL.
As people are threatened by his SNARL of the charges of "RACISM" or 'SELLOUT!!!" they fail to do A PATTERN ANALYSIS of his behavior to make note that inside of this front is a "scared and fraudulent mass" that is willing to put the BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS INTO PLAY at the POLITICAL POKER TABLE if it advances his destructive progressive agenda.  HIS SILENCE CAN BE PURCHASED. despite his front. 

The Last Time The "First HNIC" With Command Over The State Powers Leveraged The  Fact That His Black Base Lived Vicariously Though His Success And Would Not Protest Against His Actions When They Seemed Strangely Like Mayor Joe "Cheney" Rizzo.......It Was The Black Community That Ultimately Got Burned For Yielding Their Permanent Interests To Those They Venerated In The Grand Protection Racket They Had Run


Friday, January 27, 2012

A Challenge To MSNBC's The Grio.com - Mr Bacon Jr

Mr Bacon:
According to a recent article about the page views of Black (Progressive) news web sites Mr Wilson brought you in to "spice up" the political news and commentary competencies of "The Grio.com" (Owned by MSNBC).
As I read your series of articles, however, I see the same over-salted slant in your focus.
You see - as an observer and critic of "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing" I notice that you all practice what I call "KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO INDICT YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU ACTUALLY INVESTED IN FOR THEIR FAILURES TO DEVELOP BLACK PEOPLE".
As The Grio, et al keep their serial external indictments and 'chum feeding' going most Black people fail to see that while they are made satisfied by your biased reporting per their EXISTING CONSCIOUSNESS, any longitudinal review of where our community stands in aggregate will point to stagnation or even erosion.
Here is my challenge to you sir - the new "opinion writer on the block".
I would love to see you express the TRANSPARENCY enough to walk back into the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" and report from the perspective as a DEFENDER OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS and INVESTMENTS - rather than reporting from the perspective of the POPULAR BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - that of a Progressive, Democratic, Obama Supporter.
Not permanently - just one time.
Write an article by which you go past detailing the INVESTMENTS of 95% of the "Equal Black Ballots" that were cast back in 2008 to ensure that Obama would rise into office, the Democrats retained the US House and Senate and that they would win every state and local seat where we Blacks are highly concentrated.  Instead add the context of TIME and ARCHITECTURE where you see that this has been our BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENDA back before the days when Bayard Rustin voiced to the Black masses that this is the best channel for our DEVELOPMENT and for control over our communities.
Mr Bacon (and you too Mr Wilson and Mr Love and Ms Reed) - I am asking you to defend your role as INVESTMENT ADVISERS FOR THE NEGRO.
You are a part of the Black Press Machine that have compelled our people to make these investments.    Just as you demand transparency from Banks and Corporations and Government - I am challenging YOU to document the ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT that our community has experienced as a result of having FAVORABLE PROGRESSIVES (of all colors) in the seats of Power in our community, just as Bayard Rustin had suggested.
ORGANIC does NOT mean you articulate all of the "racism" that your theories have mitigated.  It does mean that with the institutions such as our schools run by the people that the Black electorate put into power - as our children matriculate through there is a measurable benefit in their academic attainment COMMENSURATE to what we need as a people to have these, the pillars of our community, returning as the "Professional Services Agents" that allow our people to live up to the high standards that we all desire.
You have the ball sir.
I am sure that "I Will Miss The Warmth Of Cons Balls When They Leave Me All Alone" will enjoy your article if your editors give you the permission to provide such a needed service to the Black people.
Consider this as an "Earnest Money" checkpoint prior to the next round of investments in our collective journey.
Thank you in advance. 
From Booker Rising:

[quote]Black conservatives affiliated with the Project 21 leadership network are unimpressed with President Barack Obama’s progress during his three years in office.[/quote]

Dear Project 21:

On that fateful eve we learned that 9 Somalians were killed by US Seals inside of the sovereign nation of Somalia.  They ventured into this nation from a US military base in the nation of Djibouti.  This the same base from which drones that struck Libya were launched.  Far closer than the European bases that the European colonial powers flew their air force fighters from as they bombed Libya. 

Obama should be understood as the "More Efficient American Imperialist".
The Negroes who were heard cheering this latest action are unable to string together what they watched yesterday on the progressive "Democracy Now" regarding the Hydetha Massacre in Iraq, where Us Troops are trained to throw a granade into a room and then shoot everything that is moving WITH THE 9 DEAD NEGROES IN SOMALIA - all done to save 2 non-Africans.

As the SEAL TEAM retires from active military service and are seen as valuable commodities by various urban police forces in America that have "Negro Problems" that these advance techniques are deemed useful to immobilize Street Pirates , fear not Project 21, the protests that you DO NOT SEE TODAY by those who say "Free Mumia.  Free The land" (www.wrfg.com at 6pm eastern on fridays) will be seen at some future date as a figure less regarded than Obama gives the urban police the green light to ENGAGE THE NEGRO SUSPECTS and thus a pressure washer is needed to clean the blood and guts from the walls and floor.

The fact that a DBE vendor to the city has been contracted to supply the cleaning supplies to the city will not be sufficient to cool down the Negroes that are presently compliant, living vicariously through the Commander in Chief Of the US Allied Military forces - THE OCCUPIERS OF AFRICA - their sovereignty be damned.  Those who first drew the lines in the first place are back in control.

The Black Nationalists with the fanciful dreams of returning to the mother land to reunite the diaspora can't bear to see that their present support of the disrespect of the sovereignty of these nations will be used as  a precedent to kill their asses upon their return.  Those in the future watching the imperialists will venerate their leaders just as the unconscious Negro once did.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

EzKool - Yet Another "Anti-Republican Blog" Posing As A "Pro-Black Political Blog"

Repeat After Me:


Indeed while the various "Anti-Republican" - Obama Fist Bump Black Political Blocks do capture the prevailing political conscious sentiment among Black Americans, our general condition - after entering into the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Development Machine" and now at the exit of the first phase of our processing - it is clear that what is POPULARLY BELIEVED among Black people as the gateway toward our development is not indelibly proven to be the case.   The NUMBERS collected TRANSPARENTLY bear this out.

As I searched the web to capture this picture above I came across an "Black Anti-Republican Web Site" that is worthy of knocking the Filled Negro blog off of its perch as the "Award Winning Black (Progressive) Political Blog".    EzKool has better pictures than does my fiend Filled Negro.

The best way to understand EzKool - as you read through his various posts is to strip away the fact that a "Black face" is speaking to you and instead insert the face of a Democrat.
By removing all pretenses that EzKool and most other "Democrats who are Black" have any interest in defending the Black community's interests from molestation IF it requires them to take a sober look at their IDEOLOGY and their PARTY then you will understand who they really are.

I assure you that if you walk the streets of Detroit, Flint, Chicago and Newark and put a microphone in the faces of 100 Black Progressives they indeed will tell you that "President BUSH Destroyed The Economy, That Bastard!!!".   When they are asked about their local condition and the monopoly Democratic control over all of the institutions they will likely say "We need to make sure that the Democrats win back the US House and keep Obama in power so that the Federal government can make INVESTMENTS into our cities, finally bringing forth the promise that we voted for for more than 50 years since the Republicans were blocked from stealing Black votes".

Such a hypothetical interview from above would make EzKool proud as he is more interested in hearing Black people who agree with him than he is with Blacks who associate THEIR CONDITION with the present CONFORMITY.

If This Person Who Is Agreeable To You Per Your Own Bias Can Be Easily Rebutted As Someone Else Puts Forth Information That Is More Transparent - What Does This Say About YOU - Rather Than HIM?

Federal Debt - Actual Numbers
  • End Of Ford Term 1:   $653B
  • End Of Carter Term 1: $930B
  • End Of Reagan Term 1: $1.67T
  • End Of Reagan Term 2: $2.68T
  • End Of Bush Term 1: $4.18T
  • End Of Clinton Term 1: $5.32T
  • End Of Clinton Term 2: $5.67T
  • End Of W Bush Term 1: $7.59T
  • End Of W Bush Term 2: $10.7T
  • Obama Term 1 - 3 Years: $15.1T

While there are "lies, damned lies and statistics" - there are also Embedded Confidence Men who KNOW THEY ARE LYING and that the numbers don't lead in their favor so they LOOK FOR FELLOW BIGOTS that will go along with anything that supports their congregational BIGOTRY.

FEAR NOT FOLKS.  I don't play the "Who ran up the debt more?" game.   Obama did not run up this debt alone and he won't stop it alone.  THIS MUTHA IS GOING TO CRASH.   The gap between American's DEMANDS for a "Standard Of Living" that their ORGANIC ECONOMIC OUTPUT cannot sustain is going to outdistance that which financial accounting hijinx and the magic credit card of the Federal Reserve is able to allow us to withstand in the long run.

I am more focused on the question of the amount of COMPETENCIES that have been built up in the Black community - that will ease the blow from this collapse that is coming. 

In the chart above the "Obama Economic Hot potato"  Theory is at play.  This is a theory that I have crafted after listening to the economic theories of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists.   Ronald Reagan and George W Bush are permanent "go to guys" in assigning blame for the Economy (and the Crack Epidemic" and Philadelphia Mississippi).  Yet when it comes to discussing the possibility that Obama's theories - applied nationally are just like the Progressive-Fundamentalist theories applied locally we see that Black Progressive Fundamentalists "hot potato" any and all thought that Obama might be adding to the economic discord as they say "He Inherited a Mess" and that his debt spending is necessary to fix what George W Bush has destroyed.  I suspect that, if he gets reelected and we are standing in 2016 with a national debt of 21T - they will STILL be blaming George W Bush.

Would Someone Hire These Financial Analysts To Handle Their Own Personal Fortune

As I listen to these people who are conditioned as such I understand that these federal numbers are abstract concepts to them.  They have no bearing on their personal standing.

As I listened to "Fight The Power Radio" promoting that Black people put their money into "Black owned banks" AND "Color Of Change" driving home a planned regulatory action against mortgage banks in which "the least of these" receive settlement money I began to understand one important thing about Progressive-Fundamentalism:


In addition - IF the White Progressive Cheshire Foxes who look so proudly upon the Black electorate as they DO what is pleasing to these Foxes were forced to have these loyal partners to:

  • Serve as their Investment Advisors
  • Serve as their Tax Strategy Consultants
  • Serve as their Chief Financial Officers
we would soon see that the White Progressive Cheshire Fox merely sees "The Blacks" as a necessary VOTING BLOCK - as their grievances are capitalized into VOTES.

But for the White Conservative Wolf that provides a FRONT for the Cheshire Fox to feign outrage against his "womb-mate" - we would see that the Cheshire Fox would never allow his personal effects to be placed in the hands of an "imbecile".   They too are part of the "White Flight" out of the "Mission Accomplished Cities" as the cities begin to "Tip".

My problem with EzKool and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalist BIGOTS is that what they draw in the name of TRANSACTIONAL UNITY for Black people - they molest in the longitudinal Black COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT.   The areas where our people control are necessarily avoided in discussion (unless they are SELLING US THE FUTURE).  Instead they are forced to talk about what THE ENEMY has blocked and how our continued unity is necessary in the struggle if we are ever to "win".

I am firmly convinced that EzKool and others see Black Victory in the "Defeat of the Republicans".
He can't bring himself to see that THERE ARE NO REPUBLICANS RUNNING DETROIT OR NEWARK - the last theater of war in which they were defeated when the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist's scope was on LOCAL POLITICS.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Average Bro The Liberal Kappa Needs To Be Asked What Bayard Rustin Asked Malcolm X

Worse than a Negro who lives vicariously through Obama's Blackberry is a Negro who is convinced that in his veneration that he is living closer to some Progressive ideal.

In the story last week about the violent protests in Nigeria as the central government raised the price of fuel I pointed out that it was the government's failure to invest in domestic oil refining capabilities over several decades that was the real culprit, NOT the decision to remove the subsidy in support of the increasing prices of imported gasoline - some of which was exported from Nigeria as unrefined petroleum taken out of the ground.

Now my friend "Average Bro The Liberal Kappa" is at it again.
He still believes that his "bucking bronco ride" on Obama's manhood should be mistaken for sound energy policy.

Average Brother The Liberal Kappa Meets Bayard Rustin

While I do assign Bayard Rustin as the "Baby Daddy" of the modern day "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" movement where our people are to "VOTE our way into salvation" I have to credit the man for challenging Malcolm X to step up his game in their series of debates.

If you have read the Manning Marable book - "Malcolm X - A Life Of Reinvention" you will know what I am talking about.

As Malcolm X, during the period when he was a "young preacher", ventured out into more public appearances in front of non-Muslim crowds, he agreed to a series of debates with the more seasoned Bayard Rustin - who was a part of Martin Luther King Jr's entourage.  

Rustin (and by extension Dr King) had the belief that the "Negro would prosper if he could gain political control over his own community".

Despite my criticisms of his theories I credit the sage Bayard Rustin  for having the insight to post up Malcolm X, forcing him to reconcile the rhetoric and claims of the Nation Of Islam with their real world evidence that they had any plans to follow through  In their case - follow through with the complete separation of the races so that the Black man would no longer be molested by White Supremacy.

The challenge made by Rustin and the analysis that Manning Marable gave in the subsequent book was spot on.  With respect to the TIME LINE of Malcolm X's development (I estimate that this was late 1950's) - Malcolm X was not sufficiently able to address the challenge made by Rustin because RUSTIN WAS CORRECT.  Beyond the rhetoric to attract people in a 'stretch goal' - there was no plan.

I Charge "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" As GUILTY of the same offense.

If we look at Nigeria - does it really matter that CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE as the reason why they ended up with limited domestic oil refining competencies and capabilities?    

What if they did have the money (which they do) and the technical skills (which they could purchase) but they made an ACTIVE decision to not build domestic refining capabilities - oh I don't know - lets say due to Van Jones convincing them that such an investment was an "Anti-Green" policy to do so?

Does it matter HOW the present gap between the MARKET DEMAND for fuel versus the SUPPLY (and cost) of this resource was arrived at?

The inspection that "Average Brother The Liberal Kappa" needs to submit to as he is bent over to take some needed "wood" on his backside is that HE CAN'T SHOW ANY PROOF THAT THE UNITED STATES HAS ANY SERIOUS PLANS TO WEEN ITSELF OFF OF PETROLEUM.

I assure you one thing though.
If and when there is a global oil supply disruption that causes oil to rise far beyond $100 and "the least of these" are forced to pay $4.25+ for their gasoline - AB will be in the long line of Progressive Fundamentalist prodding 2nd term Obama or his Republican replacement to investigate the OIL COMPANIES for their "price fixing" antics from which they profit.

No doubt they will try to put up a tepid economic argument that says "Oil is a GLOBAL COMMODITY" and thus the price is not relevant to the US domestic supply.  This is FALSE.

Oil is priced by a combination of the DEMAND and the PRODUCTION LEVELS.    The more domestic sources that the USA brings on line the reduced ability that our enemies have in raising the prices (normally by limiting their production to create artificial scarcity).

As a person who follows the hydrogen market - ready to be the first in the pool - a hydrogen AA battery pack that I have been waiting for 3 years to come to market has a capacity less than a cheap non-alkaline battery from a drug store with costs that far exceeds even the most advanced lithium.

The main reason why Average Brother The Liberal Kappa is able to hold his line (so firmly on Obama's manhood) is that his economic theories are ultimately ABSTRACT from the real world economic challenges that the people who DO SUPPLY these resources are challenged to provide.

It is hard to comprehend how several hundred Super Max oil tankers that cross the nation's seas, loaded with oil are LESS of an environmental threat due to an oil spill than is a LAND BASED pipeline that runs atop of lands that have a large underground water basin.

The answer to their head fake is to place more CONTROL VALVES along the length of the pipeline.   IF there is a leak that segment of pipe can be quickly taken off line, the potential environmental damage mitigated.

Is there anything that the Progressive-Fundamentalist doesn't attempt to practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" against to absolve themselves of complicity in the outcomes?

Dirty Little Pigs - A Candidate For AfroSpear Membership

Add caption

An example of mental and intellectual dissonance at its worst.

The "Dirty Little Pigs" Anti-Authority blog.

Help me out here and tell me if you see a pattern:

The "Pigs" Have Killed Four People In 2012 Already

Stop The Drug War - Two More Deaths This Week (Jan 17)
The "Pigs" In The Mission Accomplished City Of Baltimore Has Failed To Protect People

Officials: Killings up in Baltimore Co., but no rise in 'random crime'

Most homicides involve victims, suspects who knew each other, police spokeswoman says

Dear Little Pig:

I empathize with your concern about people being killed at the hands of the police and support the portion of your advocacy that is serious about mitigating this problem.

I am forced to bring in another data set for you to ponder so that we might get a more balanced sense of who the threat is for the average, law abiding citizen.

Above, sir, is the homicide report from ONE CITY in America - the City of Philadelphia.   Though we are but 23 days into the new year, having celebrated "New Years" and "Dr King Day" - with 80% of the murders in Philadelphia having a Black victim in the rifle scope of the "Street Pirate" we can assume that 19.2 victims in this count are Black.   Since the body count of human beings are "integers" and not fractions - the  0.8 portion will be made into a "1.0" by the end of today as the Street Pirate kills someone else.

I don't understand your vantage point.  If we assume that we are a "government of the people" and thus the police are "equal human beings" - why do you have such a gap in your expectations regarding what you demand of an armed officer of the law and the higher standards of respect for human life that you appear to be loathed to challenge those who don't dawn a uniform to live up to.

You had an opportunity to show your regard for the individual as you reported about Baltimore.   Instead of calling upon THE PEOPLE to stop killing each other you castigate the police for failing to protect them.
The article that you posted documented that these are not random "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" but are interpersonal killings between individuals who knew each other.

How do you reconcile this?

On the one hand, most of your articles excoriate the authorities for seeking to slap the community with a "heavy hand" of enforcement.  Then when we see these interpersonal conflicts - you ask these same authorities to step up while never rendering a word to the "least of these".  

How do you explain the gross contradictions of your philosophy?

I call this "Establishment Authority Repudiation" which allows you to retain your ideological entrenchment without suffering harm for the dead people that are left drowned in the wake that your progressive-fundamentalist speed boat casts upon them.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Perils Of Misplaced Veneration And Black Inferiority

My reply on the Booker Rising blog: (which got ensnared in the content filter for some reason)

Some people can't accept that the "office of the President of the United States" is resident inside of the "American Political Domain" while their children were provided to them as a gift from God, that they were asked to VENERATE THAT OF THEIR OWN, not that which "Caesar has constructed". 

 [quote]. His White daughters cleaning in a White church, and Blacks kids cleaning a public school are not even similar.[/quote]

Chris G:

If news was released that Barack Obama was planning to attend a rally in a high school in Newark NJ - we would see on the next season of "Brick City" the Negro Democrats in the community coming into  buidling with their own household cleaning supplies to scrub the school and make it spic and span.

The local city council Black caucus would lead the way, saying 'We are NOT going to embarrass ourselves like this, allowing THIS President of the United States to come into our school with so much squalor.

There would be a bath room crew that paid specially attention to all of the restroom facilities.  The loudest of the Fight The Power activists commanding her underlings saying:  'We need to make sure that there is not a single mark on the wall of any toilet stall, in case Obama has to 'Occupy' one of the facilities"

shamefully those who live vicariously through Obama can't "venerate" their own children in the same manner.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Worst Type Of Unconscious Negro - The One Who Swears He Is "Too Black/Too Strong" But In Truth Is But A Sold Out Operative

It is so easy to see what is going on today, passing for "Black Community Political Discourse" when it is merely a game of mental tricks in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

I am not yet sure who the new poster on Booker Rising who calls himself Taharqa is just yet.  I have my suspicions based upon the debate techniques.  

This person, like many other "Democrats who are Black" are so used to engaging with the hated "Black Conservative" per the slanderous exposure that his ideological soulmates register that he can't manage to put forth a rational argument when a real one has a real time conversation with him.

WHY is someone who has taken a medical treatment for a long period of time now demanding that YOU provide him with a "better cure" IF his main goal is actual healing of his own body?

The sad part about Tahira Square is that HE SPOUTS White Progressive Cheshire Fox Talking Points as he attacks Chris G for repeating White Conservative Wolf Howls. 
Do you see how much of an intellectual coward you are?
**  At no time did Obama promise blacks wealth distribution. NO OBAMA DID NOT - The Black Racial Services Machine DID!!!When Professional Progressive Political Preacher Al Shaprton is running his newest MSNBC commercial where he says "THEY THINK that they are going to create an economy where THEY keep all of the money on top and WE are left to struggle at the bottom" WHO IS WE AND THEY that he speaks of? 
WILL THE NEGRO HAVE ANY NEW COMPETENCIES that will allow us to attract more MONEY in a TRANSACTION between EQUALS?  Or is he talking about SOCIAL JUSTICE as the prompt that has MONEY FLOWING our way using GOVERNMENT REGULATION and TAX POLICY?
** Okay Chris, tell us why blacks should consider the conservatives.   FRAUD!!!!   Why don't you tell us WITH THE PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST pill that you and others ingest WHY DO YOU KEEP ON TAKING IT FOR THE CURE?   WE DON'T NEED TO TALK ABOUT CONSERVATISM.  We need YOU to tell us WHY THE NEGRO should take another PILL when the PILL PUSHERS readily admit that IT IS FAILING!!!http://withintheblackcommunity.blogspot.com/2012/01/peek-into-black-progressive.html

*** The struggling economy was inherited from Bush and the GOPs incompetence. WHO did DETROIT inherit its economy from?WHO did PHILLY inherit its economy from? WHO did NEWARK inherit its economy from? WHO did BALTIMORE inherit its economy from? 
WHO did CLEVELAND inherit its economy from? 
*** Did you forget $4.00 a gallon gas during the summer of '08???  Fraud.  What drove the gas prices up last year? What is driving them up NOW?http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/markets/retail-gasoline-prices-stay-high-on-concerns-about-the-middle-east-and-europe/2012/01/20/gIQAzRBeEQ_story.html 

*** More jobs have been created under the Obama administration than in 8 years of Bush.  Straight up Nancy Pelosi.The BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE increased last month and this is that talking point that we have from this guy.
Let's talk about DETROIT.  Where there MORE JOBS IN DETROIT before the PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS took over and the NAACP said NOTHING along the way as the city shrunk or is NOW the growth phase for the city?
***** How come you rightwing negroes never open youir hypocritical mouths when government expands under Republican administrations which it has for the last 40 years???  WHAT IF BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE FRAUDS?  With $15 TRILLION in debt to prove it?WHY THEN are we not talking about the COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that is being built up WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY in preparation for when this MUTHA COLLAPSES and you don't have anyone to indict for your Social Justice?

***In fact the only POTUS to downsize government in that period was Bill Clinton. FRAUD.  They hired CONTRACTORS to pick up the slack!!!There WAS NEVER A SURPLUS!!!   This brother named Will Gates who appeared on the Bev Smith Radio Show broke it down:http://withintheblackcommunity.blogspot.com/2011/08/credit-due-to-radio-host-bev-smith-for.html

You say we shouldn't be concerned with the racism of Gingrich and Santorum.  Okay tell me why you feel they would be better for blacks than Obama.  IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT!!!We are saying TAKE WHAT THE "Supreme White Man" Gingrich has said and STACK RANK IT WITH:
1) The number of MURDER CAPITALS in the USA that have BLACK VICTIMS is its largest portion of the body count2) The number of MAJORITY BLACK SCHOOL SYSTEMS that have either lost their accreditation, gone fiscally insolvent or were said to be INFERIOR and thus the NAACP demanded that Blacks not go to their "community schools" but instead that "The Whites" SHARE THE POVERTY and thus allow more Negro "inferiors" into the "White Community Schools"3) Look past the BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS.  Instead set a target for the Black Community GDP that we need to be more self sufficient and then tell us HOW MANY BLACKS NEED TO BE GAINFULLY EMPLOYED to hit this target.  Then you can tell us HOW FAR SHORT WE ARE OF THIS NUMBER and thus NEWT GINGRICH'S WORDS ARE NOT MORE SUPERIOR THAN THIS MORE WORTHY TARGET
(Damn you are a pain in the behind)
*** And if Obama proposed a special "minority employment initiative" before this GOP Congress, negroes like you and your rightwing Massas will be the first ones screaming "entitlements and goodies". 
After King was murdered a group of "Progressives posing as Democrats posing as Black Leaders" gathered together to answer the question "What are we going to do now?"Rustin (LISTEN TO HIM in the new Malcolm X book) was the voice which said:
* The Black Community should VOTE* To place DEMOCRATS IN POWER* IN Every possible seat possible* To advance PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY* To allow Black people to CONTROL OUR COMMUNITIES* And PROSPER AS A RESULT
If you were an honest person you would note how this guidance SUCCESSFULLY compelled the NEGRO to take his "Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes" and channeled it INTO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!
The most disgusting part of your FRAUDULENCE is that you are such a NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACIST that you believe that  the REPUBLICANS have done more harm to you with GEORGE W BUSH than the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who have gotten you and 17 MILLION OTHER NEGROES to VOTE THEIR WAY TO THEIR SALVATION.............and when they now stand at the water's edge and should see JESUS - some of you all are willing to TAKE YET ANOTHER SET OF STEPS and VOTE HARDER because you believe that you are going to WALK ON WATER across the Pacific.
I have learned that I cannot FORCE A PEOPLE TO DEMAND RESPECT FOR the "contractual agreements" that they were induced into.HOWEVER when we look at the mortgage crisis and how 30 year contract terms were signed - MORE "VALUABLES FROM NEGROES" have been squandered per our POTENTIAL that is not being developed via the INSTITUTIONS that favorable people now control than ANYTHING that Citibank, WellsFargo, Bank Of America or Countrywide has taken from Black people with subprime mortgages.
The houses are stills standing and can be OCCUPIED by those who agree to kick down the door, property rights be damned.
FOR THE NEGRO CONSCIOUSNESS about himself, however, you single handedly prove that it has long ago collapsed.