Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WAOK Replaces Warren Ballentine With "SSDD" - How To Sting Along Black Folks Who Want To Be Strung


How do you compel an audience that has an overpresentation in ownership of the book "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman" in their private libraries to "think the right way" on the story of the US Drone that crashed in the sovereign nation of Iran - while Obama is the Commander In Chief?

Think about the framework.

  • They used to be against the American CIA
  • They used to complain that American imperialism puts its nose in everyone else's business
  • They hated CIA aircraft - when it sprayed "Roundup" on crops in South America
Today they have "OBAMA" as Commander In Chief.   
They need to find a way to debate the current events yet not skewer Obama in the process.

I notice that progressives are good at compartmentalizing.  
Instead of focusing their attacks on "Obama" - as they would have with "Bush" they say "The American government has no business.....................".

For the replacement host in the 10 am slot that used to be occupied by Warren Ballentine on WAOK AM in Atlanta - Mo Ivory the substitute host shows she has not missed a step from Mr Ballentine.

To answer my own question from above - The best way that an operative can  compel a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist audience who needs to discuss US drones in Iran is to THROW DICK CHENEY INTO THE MIX.

Mo Ivory queued up the story as "red meat" for her progressive audience to bite:
"What do you think of Dick Cheney's comments that President Obama should have flown a mission into Iran to retrieve or blow up the fallen US drone?".

Like clock work the next series of calls were NOT about the American CIA and their drones in the region (See Pakisan's continued blockade of US supply routes due to the killing of 24 of their own by a drone).  Instead the callers told former VP Cheney to mind his own business.  "The Republican war hawks are what got Bush into Iraq in the first place".

I am secretly envious of these operatives.  
They are so attuned to how Black people think AND they understand that they need to not allow Obama to be subject to any Anti-War/ Anti-Imperialist rant that they "fee the Negroes" with propaganda that is carefully crafted.

It is my opinion that if there are some Imperialists that are looking at Black people - just as the Korean retailers are doing - that they have hit upon the perfect way to compel Black people to put their anti-war sentiment into forbearance.  Put forth a favorable commander in chief to carry out the American global agenda but handle the domestic marketing in the context of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My envy of their knowledge of Black people should not be misconstrued as "respect" for them.

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