Monday, December 26, 2011

A Rebuttal To The Rebuttal To Stanley Crouch's Criticsm Of MSNBC's "The"

Dear Mr Wilson, Founder Of "The

I took great pleasure at reading Mr Crouch's critical analysis of The and then your rebuttal.

Mr Crouch - the "Black Conservative" by your estimation called you out for your ENTERTAINMENT coverage but said little about your political/ideological agenda that shines far more brightly.

Do you ever wonder why Mr Crouch, the Black Conservative focused on that one compartment of your existence while left untouched the greater part of 'YOU'?

The answer is - Mr Crouch is not a Black Conservative but possibly just "more to the right" than you. If you read his columns he passes the primary test that Black Progressives have. Not only does he support most progressive public policy, unlike how Dr West and Mr Smiley - he has not rendered a series of criticism against Obama, the Democratic Machine and the "Black Racial Services Machine". He even has supportive words for "The Occupation".

What makes Mr Crouch a "conservative" other than the fact that you "tar" him as such because he ventured to criticize your organization?

In your rebuttal I was actually happy to see you venture into what your real agenda is: POLITICS and the "Gospel Of How Progressive Public Policy Has Benefited Black America".

I have learned from my years of Internet debates with Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to move beyond your "self-satisfaction" with "Long CHECK LISTS" as to all that you all have graced Black America with and instead work from the framework of a singular question (though multipart):

Mr Wilson that question/challenge to you and your body of thought is:

In As Much As It Is True That:
1) The Black Community Was Compelled To Fuse Our "Black Community Development Consciousness & Hopes" Into VOTING
2) That We Were Told (By Bayard Rustin and Others) That Promoting "Progressive Public Policy" Into All Institutions
3) By Remaining Unified As A Voting Block And Supporting Democrats Into Power

My frustration and disappointment with The Grio/The Root, etc, etc, etc is that you are unable to detach from your clear Ideological Bias and instead INSPECT the VERACITY OF THE ELEMENTS THAT ARE LISTED ABOVE that our people have fully ingested into the PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS.

(OK my question fell apart in form but you get the picture).

You all mistake POPULAR SENTIMENT among Black people during the time of our great grievance, mistaking it for EFFECTIVE MEANS by which our PERMANENT INTERESTS can be obtained, on the backs of our own people, that have been developed via the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that our people now control.

While it is admirable that you and your MSNBC subsidiary are predisposed to tell "Good News Stories" about Black America - the painful truth is, sir, that IF your ideological adversary was in control of the institutions of Black America and the same results were delivered I assure you that you and Rachel Maddow would do a "Simulcast" on how the Black Community is being told "Everything Is GREAT" as a means of tricking us into looking past the shortfalls between what we were PROMISED and what has been DELIVERED.

With all due respect, Mr Wilson - your operation stands today - attempting to sell Black people that if we focus on the fight against the POPULAR ENEMY in 2012 and "Win Back The US House for the Democrats" that Obama will have an unfettered means of promoting Progressive Public Policy and all will be good in Black America.

You can't bring your content staff to see that this was the PLAN for Detroit, the PLAN for Philly, the PLAN for Baltimore, the PLAN for Atlanta, the PLAN for St Louis, the PLAN for Chicago.

Without a Black Press voice that is unrelenting in protecting the Black Community's PERMANENT INTERESTS and being good "INVESTMENT COUNSELORS" the only gateway for our SALVATION will be from VOTING - thus perpetuating the present death spiral that we are in.

I challenge you to find any points that you separate from the BLACK POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT on as they have received our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS with promises of certain benefits, many of which have not come. NOT because you are a "conservative" for questioning them but because you are focused on the EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES and not the METHODOLOGY (progressivism or conservatism) that will purportedly bring them to be.

Had Mr Crouch been more insightful THIS is what he would have challenged you upon.
The sad truth is that Mr Crouch would have to distance himself FROM HIMSELF in order to see this as the more accurate criticism of the antics of The

The bottom like question for you is: Beyond the popular sentiment that you carry - IS IT WORKING in line with our development needs as a people - targeting us for 50 years in the future?

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