Friday, December 2, 2011

Of Shartpon & Dyson On MSNBC: "respected leaders they trust and enjoy listening to"

Allison Samuels - The Daily Beast - TV News' Next Reverend Al

In the classic "A Fish Don't Know He Wet", the Daily Beast's Allison Samuels provides a marketing narrative for MSNBC's "paid Blacks" but fails to:

  1. Link their political advocacy with the prevailing situation within the Black community  ie: "They won" but did we "WIN"?
  2. Details how popular their Progressive-Fundamentalist viewpoints are but never connects it to actually SOLVING the issues within the Black community.  
  5. While indeed they have proven their capabilities to: "Draw large crowds of Black people" and "Foment Unity" - Ms Samuels fails to express even the slightest bit of "intellectual curiosity" regarding if Rev Sharpton's daily "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends That You Have Hoisted Into Power" actually WORKS - beyond getting Progressive Blacks to tune into Comcast NBC Universal owned MSNBC.

I saw a lot of Black folks lined up at the Comcast customer service office when I went in the other day to pick up some equipment.   Beyond the fact that in this upscale Black community the service agents were behind bullet proof glass - the news that Comcast is also able to get Black folks to cluster around its brand is not in and of itself news.    MSNBC might well be a ruse to get Black people to continue paying for premium cable and not just the $29 starter package with local channels only. 

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