Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega Seeks To Make Change In The Schools But Seems Unwilling To Change Himself

First there was the news a few weeks ago that the Black Progressive's favorite conservative Andrew Sullivan had charged that Black people are not as high on the IQ scale that upset so many Black Progressives.   

This week some faceless White man attempted to comport himself to the struggles of inner city Black kids.  
Again the "Black Lumpenproletariate Progressive-Fundamentalist Social Justice Chasers" are seemingly universally up in arms that a White man dared make reference to the plight of the "Black Least Of These" while failing to take racial ownership of our travail as a people. 

We must understand that "the Plight Of The Negro" as a political football is nothing new.  The only thing that has changed is the fact that "White Racism" as a tool for indictment used by the Black Racial Services Machine has itself been coopted as a tool to compel Black folks to invest in the "brother" of the racist - born from the same womb.

Black Inferiority as seen in the drive to "feed" us who stand as fauna in the backdrop is more insidious of an attack upon our people.  It gives is the sensation of "forward progression" while, in truth, capturing the power that we generate through our legs for use in some grand scheme that promises - some day in the future - to feed us as an entitlement right.

The day that my dear friend Chauncey DeVega understands that the CONSPIRACY to "suppress the Negro" is no different than the "Conspiracy to channel the Negroe's 'Struggle Motion' into a grand Rube Goldberg machine" for proceeds that NEVER GET DELIVERED - then our efforts will become aligned as we achieve a greater understanding of the truth.

I dare say that the later is worse in regards to the "Negro Community Consciousness".

While both of these conspiracies involve the antics of external forces plotting against us.............we are on careful watch of the former threat, having become expert in our defenses.

The latter attack, however, steals the "Black Community Development Consciousness" - allowing the time that WE SHOULD BE SPENDING establishing greater proficiency in  "institutional governance" to be squandered by the perpetual outward focus for our SALVATION.   In doing so we see the failed schools that do not provide sufficient UPLIFT for our people and instead are made to believe that our LEVITATION will come as the congregation complicitly agrees to indict some external force for their failure to honor the details of the social contract that we are mutually engaged in.

Normally a group that knows itself, its full competencies and yet sees that their contract has been violated will soon seek to forge a different contract with a different party where better terms can be achieved.  Having failed to build up these competencies we are left to perpetually struggle for external respect - even when left all alone.

The Search For Internal Social Justice - What Are Black Academics Doing To Help Poor Black Kids?
[quote] what are they/we doing to improve the educational and professional opportunities for poor people of color in this country?[/quote]
My dear friend Chauncey DeVega,What's up brother Thrasher!!!And you too KCNu:
When you ask "What are they doing (now)..........." why does it seem that you are not willing to note the fact that TO-DAMNED-DAY the Black community is living in the "solution set" that Progressive-Fundamentalist visionaries like Bayard Rustin had prescribed for us 50 years ago about this day we presently live?
For your argument (or indictment) against these others who you inspect to be credible it is necessary for everyone to look past that which was done in the name of "Black Community Progress" over the past 50 years.
The SCHOOLS that you speak of - these institutions that were supposed to "take in Negroes with unsculpled minds" and then produce refined, progressive gentlemen like the 3 of you - are by your own admission falling woefully short of their important mission.
Who got banished from our protected zone for this malfeasance?
Most importantly, Mr Thrasher - WHAT EVIDENCE can you produce that there is now rampart erected around our "community consciousness nucleus" to ensure that our jewels will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again be subject to such usurpation?
The irony of SEEKING EQUAL TREATMENT for Black people by certain forces that don't see our own people as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS, competent of carrying a certain amount of burden upon our consciousness shoulders that the CARETAKING from the outside can never furnish is the irony that damns us.
Why is it not possible to create SOCIAL JUSTICE inside of the various "Martin Luther King Jr High Schools" or "Frederick Douglass Middle School", Mr DeVega?
Is it possible that social justice is NOT an end state that you seek WITHIN YOUR OWN QUARTERS but is merely an INDICTMENT that you seek to compel your larger enemy to yield to?
Indeed there is a COST for your antics as seen on this blog sir.Not recognizing this cost does not make it any less substantial. 

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