Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Mind Of A Spitting Cobra - A Question Of Valuation

This blog is not a "hit piece" blog. There are several individuals (or network of individuals operating as an entity) that display a mindset or produce arguments that earn them the honor of being placed "under surveillance".

One such person is my dear friend Spitting Cobra of New Jersey, who appears on the "Booker Rising Blog" - "A Blog for Black Moderates and Conservatives".

My friend Spitting Cobra projects himself to be a "Black Consciousness Protector".  It just so happens that he focuses on the small population of Black Conservatives that dare to open their mouth in national political discourse as the primary evidence to support his argument.

Spitting Cobra represents a molestation of the "Proportionality Filter".  This is one of the "filters" that I have given voice to as the key constraints necessary to bring into a debate with a Black Lumpenprolitariate Progressive-Fundamentalist Nationalized-Social Justice Chaser.  They thrive upon indictment-filled, unstructured debates.  They know that the prevailing Black political discourse feeds upon stroking the popular beliefs of Black people (and the associated enemies) rather than debating in earnest why the outcomes that we receive in our community are so frequently short of what was sold to us just prior to compelling us to INVEST.

Spitting Cobra is presently seeking to convince us Black folks that Tea Party favorite Lloyd Marcus is a "reference Black Conservative" and represents the grand threat to the Black community as he sleeps with "our" enemy.

Spitting Cobra is unwilling to accept that - in our present prevailing consciousness - what is POPULAR within the Black Community is not necessarily what is EFFECTIVE in achieving the key points of "Permanent Interests" that is collectively desired.  Conversely, Spitting Cobra fully understands that they keep to get large segments of the Black community to made appeased to the sub-par results as compared to the promises is to keep propagandizing about THE ENEMY and 
those who dare cavort with him.

With the prevailing consciousness at hand - Spitting Cobra need never worry that HIS ANTICS will ever been seen as protecting certain enemy agents "within".

For me - the enemy of all people is:
  • Ignorance
  • Hatred
  • Those who see the above two points operating within their ranks yet fail to stand up against them lest they lose their position and/or have some of this negative energy sent their way
With the Black Community's institutional protect left exposed to malicious intent from certain embedded operatives - there is presently no consequence borne upon the hides of those dare to usurp our cause for their own agenda.  Thus 'congregational unity' is the most sought after endpoint for their actions.

It is ultimately irrelevant to defend Lloyd Davis or contrast his actions compared to the operatives done on the otherwise.  It is sufficient to note that while Lloyd Marcus - the Black Republican is an outcast to the mainstream Black Progressive-Fundamentalist viewpoint and his actions are watched thoroughly by the "Guardians Of Blackness" - those who are his mirror image but for their affiliation with the Democratic Party are allowed to operate with their motivations gone undocumented because of the eyes cast outward on people like Marcus.

The Importance Of The "Nike Air Jordan Remix"

The video above shows evidence of a CONSCIOUSNESS.
It intrinsically points to the valuation that is inside of the people as shown.
That which could compel them to wait outside of a local mall, storming the front doors just as they are opened, making a mad dash to the store front - who's location they no doubt scoped out in the prior days as they calculated that though they might be 5th in line outside if they ran down the hallway once inside - they could become the first one to purchase this article of footware - made in Indonesia, China or Vietnam.

Neither Spitting Cobra nor most others of his ideological soulmates seek to have a transparent discussion about the forces that have created the consciousness as seen outside of the athletic shoe store today or the Korean owned beauty supply store that sells hair shaved from the heads of Indian girls on most other days.

It is the process of maintaining ideological cohesion using agreeable enemies that affords them the ability to get beyond such introspection.

They all know that THIS CONSCIOUSNESS is the fruit of the ecosystem that they preside over with an unchallenged grasp.

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