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How Stanley Crouch Criticized "The" And Yet Still Protected Their Common Ideological Beliefs

Stanley Crouch: Nearing the end of decadence: We've had enough of Lil Wayne, the Kardashians and other 'celebrities'

From the Stanley Crouch Article

Black websites such as The Grio have become some of the most contaminated places on the Internet because they have licked the boots of disreputable people in every kind of career, seeming to believe that the hustling attitude is perfectly correct and nothing can ever be wrong about money.
Thus, minstrels like Lil Wayne came to be celebrated as heroes.
But those websites are beginning to ask questions of the sub-talented, the whorish, the profoundly ignorant and makers of toxic images.
Coming around is always on time.
Just a few years ago, the black women of Spelman College of Atlanta raised audible resentment against hip hop figure Nelly about his lewd “Tip Drill” and scared him from appearing on campus.
Little happened after that. There were a few books written about “blackness,” but they did not create real questions about the material that supposedly defined a new level of black “authenticity.” That authenticity expressed itself in low-grade terms and inspired a disturbing number of young people to look like minstrels, especially those men who walk the streets with their underwear showing as they shout ethnic slurs at each other just about anywhere that they can.

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Most people will see Mr Crouch's outright attack upon MSNBC's "The" and believe that he has "shamed them" with some "do better medicine".

Most of these same people fail to see the slight of hand that Mr Crouch used in his assessment of MSNBC's  (NBC Universal) investment property - The

You see Mr Crouch commented on "The Grio's"  ENTERTAINMENT palate, judging it to be a bit to high calorie, low nutritional value.   What Mr Crouch did was to focus upon the LEAST reason why MSNBC fronted the money for the domain name "" and then hired a staff of operatives to tow the company line.

Of course The (and the Washington Post Co's "The" and AOL Huffington Post "Black Voices") are corporate media seedlings.  They recognized that there is a Black community who is hungry for news and pop culture feeds with a little "Soul Food Seasoning".

Mr Crouch, by focusing on the "entertainment domain" of The could claim that he provided a needed "love tap" against those who offended his jazzy sensibilities.   All the while is failed to render any commentary about the clear IDEOLOGICAL and POLITICAL agenda of "The".  

The main reason for this is because their ideology affirms so much of his own.

I have said for a long time - an operative doesn't mind accommodating an "ignorant (Black) follower" who is ultimately spouting long as he is attacking the enemy and lifting up the "team".    When given the choice they have little motivation to correct the arguments made by their teammate, helping them strengthen their arguments in preparation for a future debate with a common enemy.    In my assessment this unwillingness to challenge your own kind - so that they won't have to resort to calling their debate adversaries RACISTS as the final step of affirming their own correct position - shows the contempt that this person who "knows better" has for this underling.    Thus this underling who holds an "Equal Black Ballot" in his breast pocket and intends to invest it accordingly is "thinking correctly enough" for those who don't have the time to unravel his thinking, setting him straight via refinement.  He is already adequately "finished".

The best way to deal with both Mr Crouch and the staff that NBC Universal and the Washington Post Co and AOL HuffPo has assembled is to keep your argument focused WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
December 2008 - Democratic Senatorial Candidate In Georgia - Martin  - Rounds Up
Support From The Hip Hop Community To Assist In A "Post Obama Election Runoff"
Against US Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
1) Rapper (and Felon T.I.)
2) Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Performer Young Jeezy
3) Potty Mouthed Rapper Ludacris
4) Providence Missionary Baptist Church Rev Durley
5) Sitting Sheriff Of Dekalb County Thomas Brown
(In other pictures - the Then Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders, Other Black
Democratic Party Dignitaries)
They know the star power of the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Performers
have upon Black people.  They chose to compel the majority Black crowd to come to the
polls based upon the endorsement that these Rappers provided to Jim Martin.
(Note - true story - President Elect Obama was asked to come to the rally but declined).

I Wonder If Stanley Crouch Would Call Out This Fatal Fusion?

They want to have a debate about political personalities.  How great Obama and the first family is.  How ignorant and racist the Republican who said that Mrs Obama has a "big butt" is.   With all of these intermediate servings of "Bread And Circuses" dished out via their HTML pages  -the consumers of their body of work can easily be compelled to forget - THEY REPRESENT THE "MEDICINE" THAT WAS TO CURE THE NEGRO, IF PURCHASED AND TAKEN AT THE PRESCRIBED INTERVALS.

Mr Crouch is best equipped to write an article about his competitors over at "The News Corp".   Since he has no particular interest in their reform - he does not hold back and is thus inclined to talk about their political, social, cultural and racial impact on the whole of America.   With "The" proving to be "an enemy of his enemy" - he, like any White Progressive Cheshire Fox on MSNBC has no good reason to do an organic analysis and subsequent "questioning attack" on Black America.    The flip side of MSNBC's Chris Matthews observation that RACISM is a prime motivating factor on the low approval rates that Obama has with White Americans now is for Mr Matthews to venture into the reasons for the high approval ratings that Obama has among Blacks - We Blacks who have "the HIGHEST OF HIGHS and the LOWEST OF THE LOWS" - just like a jazz quartet - Mr Crouch.
As long as The trumpets the corporate line at MSNBC/ NBC Universal - they need not worry about Mr Crouch doing a thorough examination of their POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL hyperlinks that sit right beside the news of the "Return Of Lil Wayne And T.I. Who Were Locked Up Because Of 'New Jim Crow' ".

(Some of your readers are walking the same pace as you are, Mr Crouch).

The Latest "Oh No They Didn't" Content From "The

Once you understand that 'The' lives totally vicariously through the experiences of The Democrats, Barack Obama and Progressive Dogma BUT NOT "THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY" - then you can understand why their content is aligned as such.

There is no point at which these 3 items listed above (I should also include "The Black Press") will EVER be sufficiently divergent enough from the Black Community's PERMANENT INTERESTS where they will need to be checked BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

This would be akin to "checking yourself".
More clearly however - since the "Black Rank & File" is not demanding that they be checked - they take advantage of the void in our community consciousness and governance. 

My Response On The To Their Latest Assault Upon The Black Community Consciousness

Ms Reid:
About that Libya Conspiracy.
Your list.Your web site.I understand.
However - I notice your crafty sculpting of the issue at hand.
I saw you TALK ABOUT Libya in your slide but I didn't see any rebuttal or JUSTIFICATION.I do recall, however, your understudies at The Grio Zerlina Maxwell proclaiming "Mission Accomplished At 3AM" as Gaddahfi took one to the dome. It seems that the pesky little thing called "Due Process For 'Prisoners Of War' " is something that your enemy should be condemned for violating. 
You see had I wrote the Conspiracy I would have said:
"The Laughable Notion That The US Imperialist Attack Upon Libya Along With 4 African Colonial Powers Was A HUMANITARIAN MISSION As Obama Told Us It Was"
Like clockwork, Ms Reid - the very same week that Gaddahfi was shot by an angry mob - NATO stopped its bombing raids - oh I am sorry "Humanitarian Mission" and the United Nations lifted its sanctions - look it up. It is FACT.
Tell me Ms Reid - I learned from the Manning Marable book "Malcolm X A Life Of Reinvention" that the progressive great Ella Baker vehemently opposed Italy's incursion into Ethiopia during her day. What has compelled "Today's Progressive-Fundamentalists" to change so much as to believe that Italy's interests in Libya is substantively different than from when they used their military in Ethiopia?
Of course we "get it". "The Grio" is an appendage of "MSNBC". You were commissioned to accentuate Obama, the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalism. You do so in every one of your submissions. Again - your web site.
While you report vicariously from the perspective of Obama and the Progressive-HOPES - I believe it is more interesting to WATCH BLACK PEOPLE in reaction TO OBAMA. There you will see "The Great Compromise Of 2009-2012" in which so many of our institutions were hijacked as our concerns about the uplift and protection of our community's Permanent Interests were necessarily put aside (or the shortfalls blamed upon someone else) so that "The Power" wouldn't have his reelection chances hurt with the moans of pain and grievance from our people.
This, sadly is not a CONSPIRACY.It is the truth

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