Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Progressive Press Coverage: Former NJ Governor Corzine Congressional Testimony Over Missing Millions

Gov Corzine Of MF Global To Testify On Missing $1.2B In Customer Money

It is a fairly easy task to see the bias that is present in the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press".

One need only document the major themes that "THEY" claim are important to them:

  • Corporate Greed and Malfeasance
  • The Mix Of Politics, Money and Corporations
  • Consumers/Investors Getting Shafted In Financial Market Schemes
Indeed these positions that they stake out tend to give them the leg up in the area of "social justice".  They can claim the mantle of "uncompromised morality" and use this as a basis for their indictment.

It just so happens that the balance of their indictment is registered against their ideological enemies.  So often it is the case that "their ideological friends" are not pure, they merely aren't covered with the same intent on defamation.

If anyone ever wonders why there appears to be enduring ideological unity within the Black community, regardless of the outcomes that our community appears to suffer at the hands of the leadership that they have promoted into power - one should look no further than the role that the Black Press plays in shaping these views.  They do so based upon the "red meat" that is dangled in front of the masses.

Let me be clear - my report on the present situation of former New Jersey Governor and former US Senator John Corzine (D-NJ) is not for the sake of "gotcha politics".   The observation that Corzine has violated one of the key issues that the left wing "Occupation Movement" is pissed about, yet the array of activists operating as journalists have not driven this story IS the observable point.   

In short I am only utilizing this saga over Corzine as a "transaction" to note the character of my primary focus - "The Black Press".

A few months ago The Grio - MSNBC's outlet for Black Progressive political discussion covered the scene of Black residents of New Jersey protesting against governor Christie (R-NJ).  
  • The Grio - Blacks Don't Put Governor Christie On A Pedestal
Anyone who watched the second season of 'Brick City" was treated to the relationship between Jon Corzine and the Black Democratic leadership of Newark New Jersey.  When Obama came to town Governor Corzine was seen on stage.   The "Black Progressive Clique A" suspended their perpetual fight with the "Black Progressive Clique B" as they both agreed to cheer on Obama and Corzine.

Those who doth protest against "racial profiling" do so because they argue that while "the system" is focused upon the "predetermined guilty party".........the real criminals exit through the front door.  They might have the "Keystone Cop" noting that their arms are full of "loot" and agree to open the door so they don't drop anything.

My main criticism with this "Black Press Establishment" is that they are beacons of reform in government, corporations and other institutions yet they can't bring themselves to see that THEY TOO need an agent of "self-reform".  

I am not naive.  I understand that all of this is purposeful.  They are progressive-fundamentalists.  They have an interest in advancing their ideology and maligning their enemies.  

What they can't bear to see, however, is that there is measurable harm done to the Black Community as they "open the front door to the crooks that they FAVOR".  

At minimum IGNORANCE within our community as to the fraud that is being done in our name.  The various conspiracy theories are propagated as a means of reconciling what the real world indicates and what their brain says should be the case.  

The real issue, however, is that it will become abundantly clear that the United States as a going concern will not always be the case.   I would like to believe that our present day efforts is a struggle to define the living standards and culture that some future Black community will receive.   

Is it not the case that public corruption and the need to call all of them out is a principle that this future "Black Press" will have to address when they are the "mainstream press"?

What of their present disposition shows that they are preparing for this role?

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