Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fox News Has More Viewers Than CNN & MSNBC Combined - "Racism Chasing" Strategy Fails To Knock Them Off

CNN ratings in 2011 show improvement; Fox remains the leader

From The AJC Article:
For each of the three major news networks in 2011, there was good news and bad news, depending on how you spin it.

Fox News could take comfort that it remains the dominant ratings leader, drawing more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined both during the entire day and prime time. It averaged 1.1 million total day and 1.9 million viewers each night. Its top 11 shows all exceeded 1 million viewers each, a figure no CNN or MSNBC program achieved. It has remained the news leader for the past decade.

With the departure of Glenn Beck there has been a noticeable decline in the "Fox Is Racist" meme among the Black Racial Services Machine operatives. 
They understand that their beloved MSNBC has an equal ideological bias on the left and now that their backchannel communications Twitter feeds from "Media Matters" and "AOL Huffington Post" firmly in place they can't afford to have the constant talk about "Media Bias" in the air.

If the were wise they would work to bring more credibility to their content.   The blatant "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" does not work now that THEIR FRIENDS are in power yet their "Permanent Interests" have not improved.  

When I say "improved" I don't mean with respect to their "self chummed" satisfaction:  ex: "More people are working now so the economy definately is improving" - said David Zirin.  I am speaking of TRANSPARENT measures in which IF the enemy had the same numbers on their watch - the consistency in reporting would transcend the partisan bigotry.

Both of the "dung producing parties" are operating in advance of a massive fiscal collapse of America.   The news media are merely operatives who sit in the gallery of the legislative chambers that relay the news after engineering their own spin.  They have loyal constituents that feed on everything that they say.

I accept this as the norm.
My issue is when corrupt "embedded confidence men" try to fuse "Black Consciousness" with their political agenda and party and then agree not to talk about the damning results as they know that their congregation is not going to bring it up either. 

This short term "congregational harmony" leads to the long term insolvency of the Black community and its ability to govern itself for its own development.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Rebuttal To The Rebuttal To Stanley Crouch's Criticsm Of MSNBC's "The"

Dear Mr Wilson, Founder Of "The

I took great pleasure at reading Mr Crouch's critical analysis of The and then your rebuttal.

Mr Crouch - the "Black Conservative" by your estimation called you out for your ENTERTAINMENT coverage but said little about your political/ideological agenda that shines far more brightly.

Do you ever wonder why Mr Crouch, the Black Conservative focused on that one compartment of your existence while left untouched the greater part of 'YOU'?

The answer is - Mr Crouch is not a Black Conservative but possibly just "more to the right" than you. If you read his columns he passes the primary test that Black Progressives have. Not only does he support most progressive public policy, unlike how Dr West and Mr Smiley - he has not rendered a series of criticism against Obama, the Democratic Machine and the "Black Racial Services Machine". He even has supportive words for "The Occupation".

What makes Mr Crouch a "conservative" other than the fact that you "tar" him as such because he ventured to criticize your organization?

In your rebuttal I was actually happy to see you venture into what your real agenda is: POLITICS and the "Gospel Of How Progressive Public Policy Has Benefited Black America".

I have learned from my years of Internet debates with Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to move beyond your "self-satisfaction" with "Long CHECK LISTS" as to all that you all have graced Black America with and instead work from the framework of a singular question (though multipart):

Mr Wilson that question/challenge to you and your body of thought is:

In As Much As It Is True That:
1) The Black Community Was Compelled To Fuse Our "Black Community Development Consciousness & Hopes" Into VOTING
2) That We Were Told (By Bayard Rustin and Others) That Promoting "Progressive Public Policy" Into All Institutions
3) By Remaining Unified As A Voting Block And Supporting Democrats Into Power

My frustration and disappointment with The Grio/The Root, etc, etc, etc is that you are unable to detach from your clear Ideological Bias and instead INSPECT the VERACITY OF THE ELEMENTS THAT ARE LISTED ABOVE that our people have fully ingested into the PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS.

(OK my question fell apart in form but you get the picture).

You all mistake POPULAR SENTIMENT among Black people during the time of our great grievance, mistaking it for EFFECTIVE MEANS by which our PERMANENT INTERESTS can be obtained, on the backs of our own people, that have been developed via the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that our people now control.

While it is admirable that you and your MSNBC subsidiary are predisposed to tell "Good News Stories" about Black America - the painful truth is, sir, that IF your ideological adversary was in control of the institutions of Black America and the same results were delivered I assure you that you and Rachel Maddow would do a "Simulcast" on how the Black Community is being told "Everything Is GREAT" as a means of tricking us into looking past the shortfalls between what we were PROMISED and what has been DELIVERED.

With all due respect, Mr Wilson - your operation stands today - attempting to sell Black people that if we focus on the fight against the POPULAR ENEMY in 2012 and "Win Back The US House for the Democrats" that Obama will have an unfettered means of promoting Progressive Public Policy and all will be good in Black America.

You can't bring your content staff to see that this was the PLAN for Detroit, the PLAN for Philly, the PLAN for Baltimore, the PLAN for Atlanta, the PLAN for St Louis, the PLAN for Chicago.

Without a Black Press voice that is unrelenting in protecting the Black Community's PERMANENT INTERESTS and being good "INVESTMENT COUNSELORS" the only gateway for our SALVATION will be from VOTING - thus perpetuating the present death spiral that we are in.

I challenge you to find any points that you separate from the BLACK POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT on as they have received our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS with promises of certain benefits, many of which have not come. NOT because you are a "conservative" for questioning them but because you are focused on the EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES and not the METHODOLOGY (progressivism or conservatism) that will purportedly bring them to be.

Had Mr Crouch been more insightful THIS is what he would have challenged you upon.
The sad truth is that Mr Crouch would have to distance himself FROM HIMSELF in order to see this as the more accurate criticism of the antics of The

The bottom like question for you is: Beyond the popular sentiment that you carry - IS IT WORKING in line with our development needs as a people - targeting us for 50 years in the future?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Mind Of A Spitting Cobra - A Question Of Valuation

This blog is not a "hit piece" blog. There are several individuals (or network of individuals operating as an entity) that display a mindset or produce arguments that earn them the honor of being placed "under surveillance".

One such person is my dear friend Spitting Cobra of New Jersey, who appears on the "Booker Rising Blog" - "A Blog for Black Moderates and Conservatives".

My friend Spitting Cobra projects himself to be a "Black Consciousness Protector".  It just so happens that he focuses on the small population of Black Conservatives that dare to open their mouth in national political discourse as the primary evidence to support his argument.

Spitting Cobra represents a molestation of the "Proportionality Filter".  This is one of the "filters" that I have given voice to as the key constraints necessary to bring into a debate with a Black Lumpenprolitariate Progressive-Fundamentalist Nationalized-Social Justice Chaser.  They thrive upon indictment-filled, unstructured debates.  They know that the prevailing Black political discourse feeds upon stroking the popular beliefs of Black people (and the associated enemies) rather than debating in earnest why the outcomes that we receive in our community are so frequently short of what was sold to us just prior to compelling us to INVEST.

Spitting Cobra is presently seeking to convince us Black folks that Tea Party favorite Lloyd Marcus is a "reference Black Conservative" and represents the grand threat to the Black community as he sleeps with "our" enemy.

Spitting Cobra is unwilling to accept that - in our present prevailing consciousness - what is POPULAR within the Black Community is not necessarily what is EFFECTIVE in achieving the key points of "Permanent Interests" that is collectively desired.  Conversely, Spitting Cobra fully understands that they keep to get large segments of the Black community to made appeased to the sub-par results as compared to the promises is to keep propagandizing about THE ENEMY and 
those who dare cavort with him.

With the prevailing consciousness at hand - Spitting Cobra need never worry that HIS ANTICS will ever been seen as protecting certain enemy agents "within".

For me - the enemy of all people is:
  • Ignorance
  • Hatred
  • Those who see the above two points operating within their ranks yet fail to stand up against them lest they lose their position and/or have some of this negative energy sent their way
With the Black Community's institutional protect left exposed to malicious intent from certain embedded operatives - there is presently no consequence borne upon the hides of those dare to usurp our cause for their own agenda.  Thus 'congregational unity' is the most sought after endpoint for their actions.

It is ultimately irrelevant to defend Lloyd Davis or contrast his actions compared to the operatives done on the otherwise.  It is sufficient to note that while Lloyd Marcus - the Black Republican is an outcast to the mainstream Black Progressive-Fundamentalist viewpoint and his actions are watched thoroughly by the "Guardians Of Blackness" - those who are his mirror image but for their affiliation with the Democratic Party are allowed to operate with their motivations gone undocumented because of the eyes cast outward on people like Marcus.

The Importance Of The "Nike Air Jordan Remix"

The video above shows evidence of a CONSCIOUSNESS.
It intrinsically points to the valuation that is inside of the people as shown.
That which could compel them to wait outside of a local mall, storming the front doors just as they are opened, making a mad dash to the store front - who's location they no doubt scoped out in the prior days as they calculated that though they might be 5th in line outside if they ran down the hallway once inside - they could become the first one to purchase this article of footware - made in Indonesia, China or Vietnam.

Neither Spitting Cobra nor most others of his ideological soulmates seek to have a transparent discussion about the forces that have created the consciousness as seen outside of the athletic shoe store today or the Korean owned beauty supply store that sells hair shaved from the heads of Indian girls on most other days.

It is the process of maintaining ideological cohesion using agreeable enemies that affords them the ability to get beyond such introspection.

They all know that THIS CONSCIOUSNESS is the fruit of the ecosystem that they preside over with an unchallenged grasp.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Stanley Crouch Criticized "The" And Yet Still Protected Their Common Ideological Beliefs

Stanley Crouch: Nearing the end of decadence: We've had enough of Lil Wayne, the Kardashians and other 'celebrities'

From the Stanley Crouch Article

Black websites such as The Grio have become some of the most contaminated places on the Internet because they have licked the boots of disreputable people in every kind of career, seeming to believe that the hustling attitude is perfectly correct and nothing can ever be wrong about money.
Thus, minstrels like Lil Wayne came to be celebrated as heroes.
But those websites are beginning to ask questions of the sub-talented, the whorish, the profoundly ignorant and makers of toxic images.
Coming around is always on time.
Just a few years ago, the black women of Spelman College of Atlanta raised audible resentment against hip hop figure Nelly about his lewd “Tip Drill” and scared him from appearing on campus.
Little happened after that. There were a few books written about “blackness,” but they did not create real questions about the material that supposedly defined a new level of black “authenticity.” That authenticity expressed itself in low-grade terms and inspired a disturbing number of young people to look like minstrels, especially those men who walk the streets with their underwear showing as they shout ethnic slurs at each other just about anywhere that they can.

Read more:

Most people will see Mr Crouch's outright attack upon MSNBC's "The" and believe that he has "shamed them" with some "do better medicine".

Most of these same people fail to see the slight of hand that Mr Crouch used in his assessment of MSNBC's  (NBC Universal) investment property - The

You see Mr Crouch commented on "The Grio's"  ENTERTAINMENT palate, judging it to be a bit to high calorie, low nutritional value.   What Mr Crouch did was to focus upon the LEAST reason why MSNBC fronted the money for the domain name "" and then hired a staff of operatives to tow the company line.

Of course The (and the Washington Post Co's "The" and AOL Huffington Post "Black Voices") are corporate media seedlings.  They recognized that there is a Black community who is hungry for news and pop culture feeds with a little "Soul Food Seasoning".

Mr Crouch, by focusing on the "entertainment domain" of The could claim that he provided a needed "love tap" against those who offended his jazzy sensibilities.   All the while is failed to render any commentary about the clear IDEOLOGICAL and POLITICAL agenda of "The".  

The main reason for this is because their ideology affirms so much of his own.

I have said for a long time - an operative doesn't mind accommodating an "ignorant (Black) follower" who is ultimately spouting long as he is attacking the enemy and lifting up the "team".    When given the choice they have little motivation to correct the arguments made by their teammate, helping them strengthen their arguments in preparation for a future debate with a common enemy.    In my assessment this unwillingness to challenge your own kind - so that they won't have to resort to calling their debate adversaries RACISTS as the final step of affirming their own correct position - shows the contempt that this person who "knows better" has for this underling.    Thus this underling who holds an "Equal Black Ballot" in his breast pocket and intends to invest it accordingly is "thinking correctly enough" for those who don't have the time to unravel his thinking, setting him straight via refinement.  He is already adequately "finished".

The best way to deal with both Mr Crouch and the staff that NBC Universal and the Washington Post Co and AOL HuffPo has assembled is to keep your argument focused WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
December 2008 - Democratic Senatorial Candidate In Georgia - Martin  - Rounds Up
Support From The Hip Hop Community To Assist In A "Post Obama Election Runoff"
Against US Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
1) Rapper (and Felon T.I.)
2) Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Performer Young Jeezy
3) Potty Mouthed Rapper Ludacris
4) Providence Missionary Baptist Church Rev Durley
5) Sitting Sheriff Of Dekalb County Thomas Brown
(In other pictures - the Then Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders, Other Black
Democratic Party Dignitaries)
They know the star power of the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Performers
have upon Black people.  They chose to compel the majority Black crowd to come to the
polls based upon the endorsement that these Rappers provided to Jim Martin.
(Note - true story - President Elect Obama was asked to come to the rally but declined).

I Wonder If Stanley Crouch Would Call Out This Fatal Fusion?

They want to have a debate about political personalities.  How great Obama and the first family is.  How ignorant and racist the Republican who said that Mrs Obama has a "big butt" is.   With all of these intermediate servings of "Bread And Circuses" dished out via their HTML pages  -the consumers of their body of work can easily be compelled to forget - THEY REPRESENT THE "MEDICINE" THAT WAS TO CURE THE NEGRO, IF PURCHASED AND TAKEN AT THE PRESCRIBED INTERVALS.

Mr Crouch is best equipped to write an article about his competitors over at "The News Corp".   Since he has no particular interest in their reform - he does not hold back and is thus inclined to talk about their political, social, cultural and racial impact on the whole of America.   With "The" proving to be "an enemy of his enemy" - he, like any White Progressive Cheshire Fox on MSNBC has no good reason to do an organic analysis and subsequent "questioning attack" on Black America.    The flip side of MSNBC's Chris Matthews observation that RACISM is a prime motivating factor on the low approval rates that Obama has with White Americans now is for Mr Matthews to venture into the reasons for the high approval ratings that Obama has among Blacks - We Blacks who have "the HIGHEST OF HIGHS and the LOWEST OF THE LOWS" - just like a jazz quartet - Mr Crouch.
As long as The trumpets the corporate line at MSNBC/ NBC Universal - they need not worry about Mr Crouch doing a thorough examination of their POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL hyperlinks that sit right beside the news of the "Return Of Lil Wayne And T.I. Who Were Locked Up Because Of 'New Jim Crow' ".

(Some of your readers are walking the same pace as you are, Mr Crouch).

The Latest "Oh No They Didn't" Content From "The

Once you understand that 'The' lives totally vicariously through the experiences of The Democrats, Barack Obama and Progressive Dogma BUT NOT "THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY" - then you can understand why their content is aligned as such.

There is no point at which these 3 items listed above (I should also include "The Black Press") will EVER be sufficiently divergent enough from the Black Community's PERMANENT INTERESTS where they will need to be checked BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

This would be akin to "checking yourself".
More clearly however - since the "Black Rank & File" is not demanding that they be checked - they take advantage of the void in our community consciousness and governance. 

My Response On The To Their Latest Assault Upon The Black Community Consciousness

Ms Reid:
About that Libya Conspiracy.
Your list.Your web site.I understand.
However - I notice your crafty sculpting of the issue at hand.
I saw you TALK ABOUT Libya in your slide but I didn't see any rebuttal or JUSTIFICATION.I do recall, however, your understudies at The Grio Zerlina Maxwell proclaiming "Mission Accomplished At 3AM" as Gaddahfi took one to the dome. It seems that the pesky little thing called "Due Process For 'Prisoners Of War' " is something that your enemy should be condemned for violating. 
You see had I wrote the Conspiracy I would have said:
"The Laughable Notion That The US Imperialist Attack Upon Libya Along With 4 African Colonial Powers Was A HUMANITARIAN MISSION As Obama Told Us It Was"
Like clockwork, Ms Reid - the very same week that Gaddahfi was shot by an angry mob - NATO stopped its bombing raids - oh I am sorry "Humanitarian Mission" and the United Nations lifted its sanctions - look it up. It is FACT.
Tell me Ms Reid - I learned from the Manning Marable book "Malcolm X A Life Of Reinvention" that the progressive great Ella Baker vehemently opposed Italy's incursion into Ethiopia during her day. What has compelled "Today's Progressive-Fundamentalists" to change so much as to believe that Italy's interests in Libya is substantively different than from when they used their military in Ethiopia?
Of course we "get it". "The Grio" is an appendage of "MSNBC". You were commissioned to accentuate Obama, the Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalism. You do so in every one of your submissions. Again - your web site.
While you report vicariously from the perspective of Obama and the Progressive-HOPES - I believe it is more interesting to WATCH BLACK PEOPLE in reaction TO OBAMA. There you will see "The Great Compromise Of 2009-2012" in which so many of our institutions were hijacked as our concerns about the uplift and protection of our community's Permanent Interests were necessarily put aside (or the shortfalls blamed upon someone else) so that "The Power" wouldn't have his reelection chances hurt with the moans of pain and grievance from our people.
This, sadly is not a CONSPIRACY.It is the truth

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Dear Friend Irey Disappoints Me Greatly On Occasion

From a self-initiated treatise posted on the blog "Booker Rising" from my dear friend Irey about the felonious attempt by Black Conservatives to sully the advancements that the Black Progressives (and their Joint Venture Partnership) has bestowed upon the Black Community. :

 My friend Irey's post in its entirety:

We are subjected to fallacious arguments regularly that our failure to satisfy Utopian social and economic expectations in our cities upon the advent of local black political power in the past two decades, and its inability to magically resolve intractable problems and issues centuries in the making, stems from the inherent erroneousness of “progressive” thoughts and policies. We are offered conservatism as an alternative, and are even treated to the sublimely ignorant line of reasoning that adopting the progressive philosophical bent was actually injurious to the material and social prospects of black America in the first place. One verbose but flawed commentator even dredged up The Atlanta Compromise as a particularly maladroit attack on the folly of progressivism. It is this ability and attempt to alienate progressivism, and somehow invent a homologous role for conservatism, in modern black American history, that I find fascinating and intellectually troubling. It may be the generational divide separating those who know the “Civil Rights” era as history and those who experience it as memory, but to the latter group, conservatism was the antithesis of the civil rights revolution; as the movement was about escaping and breaking with the past. But since I am blogging on a site called Booker Rising about Bookeristas, I must add that I think it is by and large pertinacious and emotional loyalty to the rectitude of the well-intentioned Mr. Washington to deny the verisimilitude that blacks were better served and advanced by progressivism, and stunted by the zeitgeist of Mr. Washington’s conservatism circa 1895. Only someone determined to be tendentious can discount the tremendous advances which have been made by black Americans in every domain, every vocation, and in every theater of American society, largely resultant to progressive policies adopted by themselves and allies. There are more wealthy blacks Americans than ever before. There are more middle class blacks than ever before. There are more college educated blacks than ever before. And yet conservatives still somehow find a mechanism to ascribe negative culpability to progressives for these achievements, and continue to make the aleatory argument, totally lacking in probative content, that there is some reason to believe that the road not taken would have arrived at a better place. I hate to remind Bookeristas that in the pantheon and marketplace of ideas, Mr. Washington’s ideas have been judged by history to be analogous to the laser disk, and those of Mr. DuBois would correspond to the VHS protocol. Progressivism won out; and the strides made in two generations since the Civil Rights era represent one of the most remarkable mass sociological transformations in history, occurring without warfare. If Utopia hasn’t been reached, it is ineluctable that transformative progress has been made. And objectively, there is very little reason to believe that adherence to Mr. Washington’s course would have delivered superior results. The greatest rebuttal to those who may disagree with his conclusion lay in one of the seminal occurrences in American history – the Great Migration North. People voted with their feet, as it were, and elected not to cast down their buckets where they were, but ambled away from Mr. Washington and towards Mr. DuBois. Even our Bookeristas have mostly followed Mr. DuBois’ path educationally and professionally, and can only offer contrarian and theoretical imagination to postulate that Mr. Washington’s conservatism would have elevated the material and social fortunes of blacks as broadly and rapidly as progressivism has done. So, whatever value can be found in conservatism, it is situated elsewhere than in the deficiency of progressivism.

This piece is worthy of publication in none but the finest of Black Progressive trade journals. The perfect mix of elocution and indictment of their #1 enemy who dares to refuse to kiss their progressive ring and the "ass" that it is attached to.

While I understand that I, Constructive Feedback, was the primary motivation for my friend's post - I also am challenged to avoid a transactional jousting match but instead to drag my dear friend Irey back to the REAL ISSUE that we should be discussing.

No one will argue that my dear friend Irey has a greater mastery of the written word that I do.   Unfortunately a fancy wrapper cannot hide a 'regifted' coprolith.

My series of rebuttals and/or reframing of the argument.  I post on this blog as a means of retaining my own arguments upon a bookshelf that I control.

Irey Imparts Upon Us.................. Corrective & Constructive Feedback for my friend Irey
Initial Post (Above) 


You are more educated and articulate than most other Progressives on this board. HOWEVER you are no less predisposed to slander and molestation of your adversary in order to make your point.

YOU KEEP sensing attacks upon LOCAL LEADERS of these 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITIES" and I am arguing that THE PEOPLE have:

1) FAILED TO BUILD UP INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE to produce DESIRED RESULTS for the Black folks that matriculate through

2) I argue that TO DAMNED DAY we are living in the days of the "Development Plan" that the Progressives have sold us.

Take another look at the video from Camden, Irey.

Here is my direct rebuttal of your salacious charges using the FACTS AT HAND

1) The "Conditioned Blacks" are guilty of "Establishment Authority Repudiation" - they believe in their heart that the leadership that they hoisted into power in Camden never had the POWER that the WHITE FOLKS that preceded them (note - some of the leaders  today are White)  to allow them to both EXPECT the same bounty and to focus their PROTESTS at the seats of power - city hall, etc.    

1a) There is a modicum of BLACK INFERIORITY laced within this tendency.   They believe that ANY CRUMB that they did not have before Progressivism took over is one crumb more.

2) The guy worried about the Federal Republicans in the US House is more concerned about the loss of FEDERAL SOCIAL JUSTICE money flowing from DC through to Camden.

Here is what you would have learned had you read my blog for years, Irey.   A CITY and a SCHOOL SYSTEM if a chartered franchise of the STATE.  Yes education and other services that municipalities are state functions per their state constitutions.   When a local charter is offered to a group of people in a previously unincorporated section - they are granted TAX COLLECTION POWERS in exchange for the franchise rights to educate, clean the streets, manage the water pipes and remove the poop out of the waste water before sending it back into the river.

Irey - with all due respect - you and your line of thinking are part of the problem.  You achieve "self-salvation" by shifting your INDICTMENT nationally.  The twin brother of this is that you don't ever have to aggressively go after the OVERLAY FORCE (progressive Democrats) who COMPELLED THE LEAST OF THESE to invest their VOICES - their BALLOTS and their PROTESTS into first putting this force into power and then PROTECTING them by refusing to BLAME THEM for the failure to deliver a return on investment.

I ask you this - IF YOU ARE A TRANSPARENT PERSON, IREY:  Monitor the posts of "True Progressive Voice" for one week on this site and then provide us Bookeristas an UNBIASED analysis of his/her antics.
You need not abandon your own progressive fundamentalism to note the patterns (ie: Tea Party is racist as the SUPREME tactic of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Never Have To Indict Your Friends".  With the RACIST Tea Party thwarting OBAMA - the failure to provide sufficient HOPE AND CHANGE in the Southside of Chicago - is whisked away.)

Irey - you confuse your own ability to articulate, using big words on occasion, with a REPRESENTATIVE MODEL of what ails the Negro - with proper analysis for a cure.

It is more accurate to say that YOU and The Grio and The Root represent the POPULAR CONSCIOUSNESS among Black Americans in our present state of consciousness that is MISALIGNED with our COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS.

My personal New Years Resolution for all Black Lumpenprolitariate Progressive-Fundamentalist Nationalzied-Social Justice Chasers is that they grow conscious of OTHERS who are TRUE LEAST OF THESE around the world and go out to help them with SOCIAL JUSTICE just as you demand of the [stirke]White folks[/strike] National Republicans & Capitalists here in America.


There but for the grace of CAPITALISM goes Spitting Cobra.

Initial Post Above 
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of my initial rebuttal:

Irey - A teen mother with a young child on Christmas day is necessarily forced to dislodge all of her distant hopes that indeed there is a Santa Claus who will provide presents under her tree so that her young child can gain access to the joyful Christmas days that she herself enjoyed as a toddler.

She will soon find that IF she is to replicate her own childhood existence into her progeny her conscious mind must become more closely aligned with the TRUTH but always ONE STEP AHEAD of your little daughter as - such a child should not have her key development steps burdened by the world that lurks outside of the ecosystem that the ADULTS who are charged with governing it must shelter her from.

Irey - just like this 17 year old's notion of SANTA must be put aside - so too is it the case that PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM, upon taking control over a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CITY'S ECOSYSTEM must necessarily shift away from the manipulations of consciousness that allowed them to gain power by convincing the people of their SOCIAL JUSTICE RIGHTS that would be obtained once this force is vested with POWER.   Instead they must use the oft heard talking point "WE ARE THE ONE'S THAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR", not to compel the masses into VOTING as desired but instead to provoke them into aligning their repetitive personal actions into a system that produces ORGANIC COMPETENCY AND UPLIFT.

The Progressive's credit card account is reaching its maximum in Europe first and next America - Irey.  What you OCCUPY as an indictment against the system is, in truth, merely a change up from the previous promises as you who is among the thought leaders of Progressivism and its entrenchment fully understand that THERE ARE NO PRESENTS APPEARING UNDER THE TREE brought by Santa and his elves that belong to the "Elfin Brotherhood Local 1066".

Stop telling young progressive boys and girls that they will get no SOCIAL JUSTICE unless they are loyal to your ideology throughout the 2 years between the elections.

Tell them that "The Progressive Santa Clause is INSIDE OF EVERYONE OF THEM"

1) Local Black Political Power

- NOPE.  I said PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST - the race of which is irrelevant.

We see that with today's consciousness that both "BLACKNESS" and "failure to deliver returns on investment" are irrelevant to obtaining mass support among Black people with the prevailing consciousness. 

2) Utopian social and economic expectations

 - as with the Santa Claus post that I just made - I FAULT THE PROGRESSIVES for USING Black people's "Community Development Consciousness and HOPES" to draw our people along RATHER THAN "OPERATIONALIZING" this hope via the institution

3) Two Decades

- Nope.  This would be back to Clinton.  I argue that Bayard Rustin who voiced the SENTIMENTS of the gathering of Civil Rights Pharisees after King was killed - as the official start of this present HIJACKING of Black Consciousness, fusing it upon the Democratic Party.   Closing in on 45 years/ 4.5 decades - not two.
4) Centuries in the making   - Irey is an intelligent Negro.  
He is like a ranging bull, intent on shaking off ANY AND EVERY attempt by anyone to assign ACCOUNTABILITY for what his ideology PROMISED THE NEGRO in a grand confidence game

What Irey is loathed to mention is that OUR BLESSED CHILDREN are granted to us by GOD, hundreds of thousands of times each year.   The same Progressives who can account for each and every lash by the slave master which beat the AFRICAN CULTURE out of the enslaved Black - can't manage to construct and maintain an protective WOMB around the young mind of the little Black boy and little Black girl as they matriculate through the INSTITUTIONS that are charged with their DEVELOPMENT.

Here is the key point by which the confluence between the "Black Consciousness" and the "American Political Domain" is necessarily DENIED by Irey and other Progressive-Fundamentalists - lest their entire scheme be exposed.  The placenta that was to be placed around the "Black Community Consciousness", where only PRODUCTIVE and euthenic exchanges with the outside world are allowed to pass through this semi-permeable membraine.

The perverted irony is that the very schools and institutions that are marketed as "the great equalizers", providing a "competitive advantage" to those who matriculate though - are used as the cornerstone of the progressives INDICTMENTS against their political adversaries.  They functionally argue "IF YOU CARE ABOUT US NEGROES as equally as you do your own children PROVE IT by YOU fixing OUR SCHOOLS, that WE NOW RUN as evidence of your concern for us!".

As much as the word "Massa" is thrown around by the Alpha Male Progressives that I keep calling out - they can't accept that their own disposition in relation to external forces is "Superior / Subordinate" in nature.

The thought that Irey can't bear to accept that the task fo INCULCATING our children for the world that we WANT THEM to sculpt for THEIR CHILDREN is the responsibility of the present day adults.

The wicked forces that operate on the INSIDE and out which try to hijack our consciousness into American politics do us grave long term damage for want of an election victory.

Irey has us to believe that our present day INSTITUTIONS are INFERIOR at casting a particular consciousness in the minds of our young Black people that are gestated in our "community womb" than the forces of the world is able to inject them with notions of "slavery" and Jim Crow.

5)"We are offered CONSERVATISM as an alternative".
YOU LIE!!!!!!


I make the case that the Negro must DEMAND A RETURN ON HIS INVESTMENT - from those who compelled him to fuse his development hopes.

Ironically you can't bring yourself to see the separation that your community's interests have fro the "METHODOLOGY" that you advance.   Not wanting to scrutinize the ruling regime of thoughts you are the propane torch through the field of strawmen that you gallop through on your high horse of ideological bigotry.

6) "adopting the progressive philosophical bent was actually injurious to the material and social prospects of Black America"

PROGRESSIVISM is a METHODOLOGY, a channel through which we were to receive INCREASE.  The METHODOLOGY of monopoly choice is less of an issue than the evidence that the Black community has erected a TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE to prevent INSIDER TRADING by the Embedded Confidence Men.   YOU JUST DON'T GET IT, SIR!!!!

The perverted point about your character is that the demands for REGULATION and TRANSPARENCY that you place upon governments and corporations and religious institutions to proven malfeasance - you don't deem the BLACK COMMUNITY WORTHY of these same governance structures.

The reason why, Irey, is because like all MONOPOLISTS you are not the one to STEP ON THE INFECTED, INGROWN TOENAIL which provides the hard keratin shell for your protection.

When I say "your infinite universe has looped around and now the red tail lights that you chase are those of the car that you are riding in" - YOU have failed to come to the consciousness that - For the NEGRO to advance he must GOVERN himself in a manner that he indicts his ENEMY with regulation and transparency demands.

7) "Invent a homologous role for conservatism....................."

Irey - When you were a young lad, about 7 years old - in line with the  one that I observe in my own home - did you have a particular room in your house that you FEARED TO GO INTO?   You called the dog, you called your sibling, you made an excuse as to why you did not want to retrieve that which your parents had asked you to do so.

It seems to me that as you attempt to run a rather elaborate "Keep Your Enemy On Trial.........." scheme - your WORDS and composition cannot distinguish you from the very same foundation that you occupy with Spitting Cobra or True Voice.  Your words merely make for a more entertaining but roundabout journey.

You talk about the INVENTION OF CONSERVATISM.  Where is your treatise on the invention of progressive fundamentalist hijacking as a "Negro Soothing Agent"?   It is said that the White progressive gives the negro JUST ENOUGH so that he does not riot.   It is my believe that the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man compels the Negro to invest his HOPES into the channels that the Progressive-Joint-Venture approves of so that the MOTION that the Negro is encamped within provides for his exercise.

You stand upon the greatest INVENTION of a slight of hand, a veritable magic act that produces the BREAD AND CIRCUSES that keep the Negro contented and the Korean retailer chasing behind our people, collecting the money that falls out of our pockets as he jump up and down, signing the high praise of that which you stood up in front of us.

8) "conservatism was the antithesis of the civil rights revolution"

Most people would fall for your scheme, sir.

The CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was commissioned ............
* To have Negroes not slaughtered on the streets with their throats cut by a hateful demonic force
* To not have our human potential derailed by a SYSTEM that was controlled by people who had no interest in Negro Developent
* To have our people DEPLOYED, working repetitively on a daily basis where their GOD GIVEN TALENTS as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS can assist in their uplift to the  desired standard of living
* Where our Health Relationships and Healthy Lifestyles define our life expectancy - the CULTURE that defined these attributes gone unmolested by larger societal forces.

IF YOU WERE HONEST IREY- you would NOT HAVE hijacked the debate into one of PROGRESSIVE marchers versus CONSERVATIVES - be they the Nation Of Islam who, like Herman Cain DID NOT MARCH or get catsup sprayed in their hair.

Instead you would be able to distill the EVIL that is received upon our people - with you standing up and accepting that these DEMONIC SPIRITS that cause the unchecked White Racist of yesterday is now in possession of the Street Pirate of TODAY who assaults us and the SOLD OUT NEGROS on the school board and city council who know that the Negro voters HATE their ideological enemies more than they know how to MANAGE a governing body.

( Do you see Irey - YOUR PENMANSHIP can't mask your intellectual FRAUD).

9) verisimilitude 
Of the POOR NEGRO CHILD IN WEST PHILLY, the tale of which riled up the sanctimonious Negro Progressives this past week after Forbes Magazine told him about the abundant resources available to him - HOW ANY OF THEM know the meaning of the world "verisimilitude" that our elocutionary expert Irey dolled out - let alone know about "", "" or "" for them to span the Digital Divide and look up the meaning of this word.


How CAN Irey impress me?
(Notice my transparency". )

Irey can achieve a "Mission Accomplishment" with me if he merely ADVOCATES FOR THE FULL EQUALITY OF THE BLACK MAN. Not just our "social justice RIGHT" for equal dispensation from the national treasure but the NECESSITY to govern our institutions and economic choices so that we LIVE UP TO the responsibilities of projecting our people's COMPETENCIES into the erecting of the tall pole in our community tent.

I mean it WHO ARE YOU?????
10) "Only someone determined to be tendentious can discount the tremendous advances.........................."

The problem with Irey is that is the SELF-PRESCRIBER and SELF-CASE-WORKER who doles out and then measures the effectiveness of the uplift efforts for the Negro.

While the Koreans who my wife pays each month trough automatic debt in exchange for Tae Kwon Do lessons tell my children "You become an expert only when you can TEACH another your skills" ........our friend Irey - so content in his protection racket of the Progressive-Overlay upon the Black community was out in front in castigating the Hurricane Katrina rescue in New Orleans as "too little and too late" but he can't bring himself to see that the AMERICAN NEGRO - who progress he self-award at the annual banquet where his ideological friends are made to slap each other on the back - HAS NOT master his own destiny to be of ONE BIT OF DAMNED HELP for any other diasporatic Negro who is desperate.

* Does the American Negro - through his Political Prowess has the capability to modularly help himself in Camden, Philly or Detroit - where his ideology dominates -  NO!!!

* Can the American Negro who is in need of physicians care point to an increase in such trained individuals that have matriculated through his institutions? NO

The only thing that we can point to in regards to Irey - is that when it comes to the prospects of SELF INDICTMENT - he and others will throw alms at any "progress" and BLAME any insufficient "delta" that is below what is expected of a well run escalator upon the evil arm of SLAVERY - the institution that now the WHITE CONSERVATIVE RACIST exclusively operates in 2011.

Irey - I have learned to NOT engage in an UNSTRUCTURED argument with a progressive bigot.  So too I refuse to allow you to SELF-APPRAISE our people's advancement without attaching it to SOMETHING OF WORTH.

I demand that you answer the question:


(I did NOT ask you to comment on how WHITE FOLKS will fare when this fatal event transpires)

11) "There are more Negroes........"
I told you before that the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist can be compelled to do as the REPUBLICAN does - view the WHOLE via the conditions of the 1%.

They have in common a desire to run a PROTECTION RACKET.

Irey - do I need to pull up the "dark matter" that accompanies your praise?  I thought that it was the PROGRESSIVE who was to look at the greater whole.

Do you see that YOU are the CONSERVATIVE in this contextual sense- seeking to defend your establishment that you have erected upon the Negro community

A) Courtland Milloy - Black Women Hit Hardest In Economy

B) CNN- Black Unemployment Highest Since 1984

C) Homicide Rates For Black Youth Increase While Others Fall

Irey - I like you brother - but YOU are no different than any other INSIDE TRADER, seeking to protect your fortunes.
12) "....without welfare......"
There is an excellent "American Experience" documentary that detailed the migration of Blacks from Mississippi to Chicago.

It detailed how public housing and then later welfare was for TEMPORARY assistance for people in TRANSITION.

What you seek to "self-glorify" as evidence of your benevolence has actually MASKED your failure to engineer ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY within the ranks of the places that your ideology dominates.

Mr Irey - I am different than any Black Conservative that you ostracize.  I don't seek POLITICAL advantage only an UNHIJACKING of our consciousness and institutions.  I am honored to know that you felt so compelled as such to have your writing above based largely on your INTERPRETATIONS of my arguments.
What you fail to see is that beyond the TRANSACTIONAL INDICTMENTS between the ideologies you as the MONOPOLY CONSCIOUSESS of our communities needs to have the self-RESPECT to show MEANINGFUL ORGANIC INCREASE for our people.

Instead you choose to document those points that only the parent of a child giving a first time piano recital can love.  In doing so YOU are willing to accept the results that you see in the CONTEXT OF UNDERSTANDING.....that you DO NOT afford someone else's KID who's music play caused you to squench your face in pain as the notes were missed.

When you receive the consciousness of mind to see that YOUR "self-diagnosis" of Negro Accomplishment - as you tune out the groans that are coming at present from the "steamer class" on the ship - IS NO DIFFERENT than the selective indictment that the county sheriff in 1960 Mississippi operated with as HE TOO desired to retain power - then you will erect a more transparent set of measures.

OH FOR CERTAIN - "Dead Negroes" are the common result between MS where the SYSTEM affirmatively produced "Strange Fruit" and to-damned-day - where the would be "Pillars of our Society" that YOU were supposed to provide conscious direction to - produce the "Dead Negroes" - far out of alignment with our population proportions.


Secular Jesus PLEASE HELP THIS BOY!!!!!!!

Irey - Seriously bro.
I understand that there is a deluge of Black Progressive slanted news and blog propaganda sites that would applaud the piece that you just wrote as worthy of publication and housing in the "Library Of Congress".

Do you understand that there is a DARK MATTER domain that you dare not discuss for it might puncture your entire argument.

INDEED the "Great Migration" was a desire to have Black folks LEAVE OPPRESSION and guide themselves to OPPORTUNITY.  Again -the Manning Marable masterpiece on Malcolm X provided great detail on the subject with the Lyttle family.

What I am dumbfounded about, Irey, is your INABILITY to take this same "Exodus From Oppression" - "Attraction To Opportunity" and apply it to TO-DAMNED DAY!!!

As I battle with the people on TheGrio - arguing that a POPULARITY POLL is not a sufficient measure of Real World Conditions for the Negro - as he will put his thumb on the scale to PROTECT the ingrown toenail - it is stunning that you refuse to update your saga for today using what the 2010 US CENSUS told us about Negro migration patterns.

WHY did so many hundreds of thousands of Blacks move out of Mission Accomplished cities like Detroit, Chicago, Philly or Clevland?   Why don't you attach their loss in US Congressional representation with some sort of nefarious force that ran them out of town on the rail?
The answer is, Irey, that THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN in your world.  We were to be ROLLING in this the "Mission Accomplished Period" of our development.

Tell me, Irey, WHY is it that our people are choosing to move into the areas where Rachael Maddow has a field day in attacking as uncouth and with aborted evolution?   What is so putrid to hyper-liberals about the South but is now so attractive to the Negro who is reversing course for what their grandparents once took?

I would have more respect for you at this point Irey - if you borrowed from Spitting Cobra and told us that this is merely a trick.  Once the HISPANICS are kicked out of the nation the "Reverse Migrating Blacks" will be made fieldhands again.

WORSE - despite all of the advances that you "self-enumerate" where is the Black Farmer - fresh with their aggregatation of $50,000 who have invested in the next generation of robots (or a scuba suit) that will afford the next generation of harvesting of crops in 100 degree heat?   Yesterday's share cropper now has White farmers engaged in technical service contracts to keep the robots and the enviro suits properly operating.

You disappoint me greater than does True Voice because I EXPECT MORE from you Irey.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega Seeks To Make Change In The Schools But Seems Unwilling To Change Himself

First there was the news a few weeks ago that the Black Progressive's favorite conservative Andrew Sullivan had charged that Black people are not as high on the IQ scale that upset so many Black Progressives.   

This week some faceless White man attempted to comport himself to the struggles of inner city Black kids.  
Again the "Black Lumpenproletariate Progressive-Fundamentalist Social Justice Chasers" are seemingly universally up in arms that a White man dared make reference to the plight of the "Black Least Of These" while failing to take racial ownership of our travail as a people. 

We must understand that "the Plight Of The Negro" as a political football is nothing new.  The only thing that has changed is the fact that "White Racism" as a tool for indictment used by the Black Racial Services Machine has itself been coopted as a tool to compel Black folks to invest in the "brother" of the racist - born from the same womb.

Black Inferiority as seen in the drive to "feed" us who stand as fauna in the backdrop is more insidious of an attack upon our people.  It gives is the sensation of "forward progression" while, in truth, capturing the power that we generate through our legs for use in some grand scheme that promises - some day in the future - to feed us as an entitlement right.

The day that my dear friend Chauncey DeVega understands that the CONSPIRACY to "suppress the Negro" is no different than the "Conspiracy to channel the Negroe's 'Struggle Motion' into a grand Rube Goldberg machine" for proceeds that NEVER GET DELIVERED - then our efforts will become aligned as we achieve a greater understanding of the truth.

I dare say that the later is worse in regards to the "Negro Community Consciousness".

While both of these conspiracies involve the antics of external forces plotting against us.............we are on careful watch of the former threat, having become expert in our defenses.

The latter attack, however, steals the "Black Community Development Consciousness" - allowing the time that WE SHOULD BE SPENDING establishing greater proficiency in  "institutional governance" to be squandered by the perpetual outward focus for our SALVATION.   In doing so we see the failed schools that do not provide sufficient UPLIFT for our people and instead are made to believe that our LEVITATION will come as the congregation complicitly agrees to indict some external force for their failure to honor the details of the social contract that we are mutually engaged in.

Normally a group that knows itself, its full competencies and yet sees that their contract has been violated will soon seek to forge a different contract with a different party where better terms can be achieved.  Having failed to build up these competencies we are left to perpetually struggle for external respect - even when left all alone.

The Search For Internal Social Justice - What Are Black Academics Doing To Help Poor Black Kids?
[quote] what are they/we doing to improve the educational and professional opportunities for poor people of color in this country?[/quote]
My dear friend Chauncey DeVega,What's up brother Thrasher!!!And you too KCNu:
When you ask "What are they doing (now)..........." why does it seem that you are not willing to note the fact that TO-DAMNED-DAY the Black community is living in the "solution set" that Progressive-Fundamentalist visionaries like Bayard Rustin had prescribed for us 50 years ago about this day we presently live?
For your argument (or indictment) against these others who you inspect to be credible it is necessary for everyone to look past that which was done in the name of "Black Community Progress" over the past 50 years.
The SCHOOLS that you speak of - these institutions that were supposed to "take in Negroes with unsculpled minds" and then produce refined, progressive gentlemen like the 3 of you - are by your own admission falling woefully short of their important mission.
Who got banished from our protected zone for this malfeasance?
Most importantly, Mr Thrasher - WHAT EVIDENCE can you produce that there is now rampart erected around our "community consciousness nucleus" to ensure that our jewels will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again be subject to such usurpation?
The irony of SEEKING EQUAL TREATMENT for Black people by certain forces that don't see our own people as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS, competent of carrying a certain amount of burden upon our consciousness shoulders that the CARETAKING from the outside can never furnish is the irony that damns us.
Why is it not possible to create SOCIAL JUSTICE inside of the various "Martin Luther King Jr High Schools" or "Frederick Douglass Middle School", Mr DeVega?
Is it possible that social justice is NOT an end state that you seek WITHIN YOUR OWN QUARTERS but is merely an INDICTMENT that you seek to compel your larger enemy to yield to?
Indeed there is a COST for your antics as seen on this blog sir.Not recognizing this cost does not make it any less substantial. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WAOK Replaces Warren Ballentine With "SSDD" - How To Sting Along Black Folks Who Want To Be Strung


How do you compel an audience that has an overpresentation in ownership of the book "Confessions Of An Economic Hitman" in their private libraries to "think the right way" on the story of the US Drone that crashed in the sovereign nation of Iran - while Obama is the Commander In Chief?

Think about the framework.

  • They used to be against the American CIA
  • They used to complain that American imperialism puts its nose in everyone else's business
  • They hated CIA aircraft - when it sprayed "Roundup" on crops in South America
Today they have "OBAMA" as Commander In Chief.   
They need to find a way to debate the current events yet not skewer Obama in the process.

I notice that progressives are good at compartmentalizing.  
Instead of focusing their attacks on "Obama" - as they would have with "Bush" they say "The American government has no business.....................".

For the replacement host in the 10 am slot that used to be occupied by Warren Ballentine on WAOK AM in Atlanta - Mo Ivory the substitute host shows she has not missed a step from Mr Ballentine.

To answer my own question from above - The best way that an operative can  compel a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist audience who needs to discuss US drones in Iran is to THROW DICK CHENEY INTO THE MIX.

Mo Ivory queued up the story as "red meat" for her progressive audience to bite:
"What do you think of Dick Cheney's comments that President Obama should have flown a mission into Iran to retrieve or blow up the fallen US drone?".

Like clock work the next series of calls were NOT about the American CIA and their drones in the region (See Pakisan's continued blockade of US supply routes due to the killing of 24 of their own by a drone).  Instead the callers told former VP Cheney to mind his own business.  "The Republican war hawks are what got Bush into Iraq in the first place".

I am secretly envious of these operatives.  
They are so attuned to how Black people think AND they understand that they need to not allow Obama to be subject to any Anti-War/ Anti-Imperialist rant that they "fee the Negroes" with propaganda that is carefully crafted.

It is my opinion that if there are some Imperialists that are looking at Black people - just as the Korean retailers are doing - that they have hit upon the perfect way to compel Black people to put their anti-war sentiment into forbearance.  Put forth a favorable commander in chief to carry out the American global agenda but handle the domestic marketing in the context of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My envy of their knowledge of Black people should not be misconstrued as "respect" for them.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Progressive Press Coverage: Former NJ Governor Corzine Congressional Testimony Over Missing Millions

Gov Corzine Of MF Global To Testify On Missing $1.2B In Customer Money

It is a fairly easy task to see the bias that is present in the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press".

One need only document the major themes that "THEY" claim are important to them:

  • Corporate Greed and Malfeasance
  • The Mix Of Politics, Money and Corporations
  • Consumers/Investors Getting Shafted In Financial Market Schemes
Indeed these positions that they stake out tend to give them the leg up in the area of "social justice".  They can claim the mantle of "uncompromised morality" and use this as a basis for their indictment.

It just so happens that the balance of their indictment is registered against their ideological enemies.  So often it is the case that "their ideological friends" are not pure, they merely aren't covered with the same intent on defamation.

If anyone ever wonders why there appears to be enduring ideological unity within the Black community, regardless of the outcomes that our community appears to suffer at the hands of the leadership that they have promoted into power - one should look no further than the role that the Black Press plays in shaping these views.  They do so based upon the "red meat" that is dangled in front of the masses.

Let me be clear - my report on the present situation of former New Jersey Governor and former US Senator John Corzine (D-NJ) is not for the sake of "gotcha politics".   The observation that Corzine has violated one of the key issues that the left wing "Occupation Movement" is pissed about, yet the array of activists operating as journalists have not driven this story IS the observable point.   

In short I am only utilizing this saga over Corzine as a "transaction" to note the character of my primary focus - "The Black Press".

A few months ago The Grio - MSNBC's outlet for Black Progressive political discussion covered the scene of Black residents of New Jersey protesting against governor Christie (R-NJ).  
  • The Grio - Blacks Don't Put Governor Christie On A Pedestal
Anyone who watched the second season of 'Brick City" was treated to the relationship between Jon Corzine and the Black Democratic leadership of Newark New Jersey.  When Obama came to town Governor Corzine was seen on stage.   The "Black Progressive Clique A" suspended their perpetual fight with the "Black Progressive Clique B" as they both agreed to cheer on Obama and Corzine.

Those who doth protest against "racial profiling" do so because they argue that while "the system" is focused upon the "predetermined guilty party".........the real criminals exit through the front door.  They might have the "Keystone Cop" noting that their arms are full of "loot" and agree to open the door so they don't drop anything.

My main criticism with this "Black Press Establishment" is that they are beacons of reform in government, corporations and other institutions yet they can't bring themselves to see that THEY TOO need an agent of "self-reform".  

I am not naive.  I understand that all of this is purposeful.  They are progressive-fundamentalists.  They have an interest in advancing their ideology and maligning their enemies.  

What they can't bear to see, however, is that there is measurable harm done to the Black Community as they "open the front door to the crooks that they FAVOR".  

At minimum IGNORANCE within our community as to the fraud that is being done in our name.  The various conspiracy theories are propagated as a means of reconciling what the real world indicates and what their brain says should be the case.  

The real issue, however, is that it will become abundantly clear that the United States as a going concern will not always be the case.   I would like to believe that our present day efforts is a struggle to define the living standards and culture that some future Black community will receive.   

Is it not the case that public corruption and the need to call all of them out is a principle that this future "Black Press" will have to address when they are the "mainstream press"?

What of their present disposition shows that they are preparing for this role?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Of Shartpon & Dyson On MSNBC: "respected leaders they trust and enjoy listening to"

Allison Samuels - The Daily Beast - TV News' Next Reverend Al

In the classic "A Fish Don't Know He Wet", the Daily Beast's Allison Samuels provides a marketing narrative for MSNBC's "paid Blacks" but fails to:

  1. Link their political advocacy with the prevailing situation within the Black community  ie: "They won" but did we "WIN"?
  2. Details how popular their Progressive-Fundamentalist viewpoints are but never connects it to actually SOLVING the issues within the Black community.  
  5. While indeed they have proven their capabilities to: "Draw large crowds of Black people" and "Foment Unity" - Ms Samuels fails to express even the slightest bit of "intellectual curiosity" regarding if Rev Sharpton's daily "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends That You Have Hoisted Into Power" actually WORKS - beyond getting Progressive Blacks to tune into Comcast NBC Universal owned MSNBC.

I saw a lot of Black folks lined up at the Comcast customer service office when I went in the other day to pick up some equipment.   Beyond the fact that in this upscale Black community the service agents were behind bullet proof glass - the news that Comcast is also able to get Black folks to cluster around its brand is not in and of itself news.    MSNBC might well be a ruse to get Black people to continue paying for premium cable and not just the $29 starter package with local channels only.