Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Which Is The Greater Indictment For Afro-Spear's Co-Founder? What Is Happening To All Of The Black Kids In Kansas City Shools Or What Happened To One In North Kansas City Schools?

I have never hear of the city of "North Kansas City, Missouri". 
Yet, as I have told you before - any White person, regardless of how nondiscript that he is can do something that earns him a front page billing on a particular web site that provides the best showcase for the consciousness of a "Racism Chaser" than any other on the web today.

My tactic is to appear to the sense of rationality among people, compelling them to ask better questions regarding why certain items are promoted in front of them for their reactions.  This as other, more important issues are kept hidden from view.

A Tale Of Black People In Two School Systems In Missouri

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North Kansas City School District Kansas City School District
Spec Sheet On School System
Student Population: 1,700
Student Population 17,000
North KC High Is 19% Black

Note Used Stats for North KC High Schools - Great Schools did not have district wide data because of its small size

The Kansas City School System is 65% Black
Which News Attracted Intrests To The Area? Basketball Coach calls Black student a "future welfare case" Kansas City Public Schools Lose Accrediation For Failure To Meet State Performance Goals

If we apply the "Proportionality Filter to the situation in the greater metro Kansas City area - which issue, would YOU say - is hurting the larger number of Black people?

Why aren't the sites who claim to be advancing the "Black Community's interests" so disinclined to doggedly protect these interests?

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