Monday, November 28, 2011

Using Emmitt Till To Attack Rush Limbaugh - Why The Progressive-Fundamentalists Spike The News Of 50% Of The Nation's Homicide Victims Being Black

Rush Limbaugh Needs To Read This Before He Uses Uppity ‘Tweak’ Again

The news analysis blog "Mediaite" picks up where MSNBC's Goldie Taylor left off in assailing radio host provocateur Rush Limbuagh for his use of the word "Uppity" to describe Mrs Obama and the other "Black" occupants of the White House.

They, once again, borrow from the moral clarity of the Civil Rights Movement to make the case "The Last Time A White Bigot Thought That A Black Male From Chicago Was UPPITY - He Got Lynched"

The good folks at both Mediaite and MSNBC know two things about Black people:
  • Rush Limbaugh is a tried and true "Black Consciousness Attention Grabber" as we can be made to assume our racially defensive posture
  • If Black folks were not so easily distracted - we would be looking at all of the "Emmit Tills" that are laid to rest WITHIN the Black community each year.
My new disposition is - "I cannot force a people to move from TRANSACTIONAL focus over to a clear pondering of the big picture of where they reside".   THEY as "Equal Human Beings" have the obligation to make note of the hooks that they expose to others upon their consciousness and how they allow themselves to be used.

Rush Limbaugh does not control a single Black majority public school that is failing our people.  Instead he has influence over something more powerful - OUR EGO.   As ego has it - since good governance of our institutions requires the careful build up of a RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CULTURE - the execution of hatred - done even for defensive purposes - requires far less strategic acumen from the player.

With our people being represented in 50% of the nation's homicides despite being 13% of the American population - THIS IS THE PRIORITY PROBLEM.
Those who are seeking to protect the status quo lest they be blamed for allowing these conditions to continue and thus lose their power in office - it is vitally important for them to redirect our consciousness using tools that are proven effective at doing so.

As I continue my analysis of Black Progressive-Fundamentalism and, on this blog, how their communication's channels into the Black community influence our people, it is clearer than ever to me that they need to assign the "Threats and Crises" that our people face lest THEY become the subjects of indictment from the Black community.

You Need Not Like Rush Limbaugh To See That The Embedded Confidence Men Are Using Him To Distract YOU From What YOU NEED TO BE DOING In Holding Them Accountable For YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT

If only the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press would gain consciousness about its original founding.

Back in the day the establishment press desired to protect the ESTABLISHMENT POWERS.  They slandered Black people when they did write about them but mostly ignored the ASSAULTS UPON BLACK PEOPLE when the publication of such would trigger an indictment of the establishment.     Today the subset of "The Black Press" that practices "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" are serving the same function - NOT OF their Black forefathers but of the bigots who ran a protection racket which forged the creation of a Black Press.

After suffering attacks that the Black Press has failed to cover
is growing.  When the "Killer Of The Black Person" is a Protected Person
who's exposure would prove damning to the forces that ran the ecosystem
within which he got his deadly CONSCIOUSNESS - the story is spiked for 
ideological self protection purposes.

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