Thursday, November 3, 2011

Under Closer Inspection One Notes That "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" Blogs Don't Talk Much About What Is Going On WITHIN The Black Community

If you follow the "Right Hand Frame Of Shame" to the right on this blog and click through certain links one thing becomes obvious.  

Of the leading Black Progressive-Fundamentalist propaganda blogs......................they don't talk much about the Black community's condition.

Instead, as political operatives they talk about the PREVAILING POLITICAL CONSCIOUSNESS that is contained among Black people.

When it comes to:

  • The Conditions Of Our Schools
  • The Safety Of Our People (Note - Excluding Being Tasered By The Police)
  • The Economic Health Of Our Communities That Have Adopted All Of The Progressive Public Policy That Bayard Rustin Conviced Us To Adopt
........there is not really a good story for them to tell.    

Well to be clear - when I say "Story" - I am talking about a story via a credible journalist or author who chooses to be bound NOT BY a checklist to ensure the reelection of the favorable person who pleases them ideologically.   Instead via the measure of WHAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS in order to prosper beyond a certain point of uplift.

I suspect that this is all a coping mechanism.
They view a large crowd of like-minded Black people who affirm all that they do, who agree that the enemy is outside and that continued STRUGGLE will one day bring the progressive satisfaction.

What they fail to see is that in the great hand off in the progressive relay race - the people with leadership positions over failing institutions are the one's who got their positions from the movement which they once "occupied" the positions of protest.  But for the fact that a new born baby progressive is born without knowledge of this history - he is not inclined to demand an ACCOUNTING from the person handing him a baton to run with.  He instead accepts that the forces that they hate - (banks, political enemies and Black people who do not think as they believe that Black people should think) are worthy of exclusive focus.  Not, however, the people who compelled "The Blacks" to make large investments of their valuables so that they could take control over these key institutions and/or for bail money after they are arrested during "The Occupation" 

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