Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Schooling Of A Snake

From Booker Rising

Spitting Cobra:

If you look carefully at your post above this is a variation of the ENGLISH LESSON meme that I have identified after more than a decade of debating Progressive Fundamentalists on the Internet.

I am going to explain what I am doing to you, based on this knowledge.

You see, Spitting Cobra - I know that the WEAKEST point for the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bigot (like YOU) is the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED zone that you have "WON". 

I also notice that after reading your blogs, pseudo-news sites and newspaper that the one thing you do is INDICT YOUR ENEMIES so that you DON'T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT the "Mission Accomplished Zone".    If you did talk about this zone in a transparent manner - you would slip up and get into a conversation in which you are forced to challenge Progressive-Fundamentalism on its EFFECTIVENESS.

(Psst - I just forced myself to sit through an episode of Rachel Maddow.  I fear that some of you are locked into her propaganda and believe that she represents an accurate model of the real world.  INSTEAD she is the best representation of 'Keep Your Enemy On Trial....")

You see Spitting Cobra - I can tell that you have an image of BLACK CONSERVATIVES that is the product of Black Leftist thought -where THERE ARE NO "Black Conservatives" around the table to defend themselves.  

You can't accept that your antics against Black Conservatives is equivalent to the White Racist's slander against Black People.  They sit around the table telling "Ninja Jokes" where mockery, slander and roasting is done to justify your own bigotry.

I notice that YOU (and a few other Trotterites on the board) desperately seek to keep the conversation upon your enemy.  When I come along and (key point coming up) SHIFT THE CONVERSATION UPON SOMETHING THAT A "BLACK CONSCIOUS PERSON" would logically want to talk about - the issues "WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" -  you (and BET Uncut) show your dishonesty and accuse ME of "attacking Black people".

So please understand yourself:
* YOU are able to indict (racist) Conservatives as the reason for the present problems in Black America.  You necessarily are unable to assign PROPORTIONAL indictment to this force as compared with others.  Your peers who are conditioned in your line of thinking can READ BETWEEN THE LINES and join in as they complicitly agree.

* When I point out how YOU WON but BLACKS LOST - and then point out MATERIAL vectors upon which our people have been hurt despite accepting your confidence - EDUCATION, ECONOMICS, SAFETY and THE ABILITY TO MAINTAIN THEIR HEALTH - instead of YOU (and BET Uncut) showing willingness to FOCUS ON THE PRIMARY ISSUES that we all are supposedly working toward...........you necessarily make a personal attack AGAINST ME - as an attempt to avoid to the death the possibility that your agenda might be ATTACHED TO REAL ISSUES for the Black Community.  Subsequently - we will get around to WHY Black people have not obtained the UPLIFT that you sold us - per the truth that I keep dangling in your face.

You don't understand that my research in the WHITE PROGRESSIVE propaganda world where I see THE KOCH BROTHERS (and many other talking points) later flow into what PURPORTS TO BE the "Black Progressive Consciousness Agenda" - it becomes clear that the BACK CHANNEL PROGRESSIVE MESSAGE FLOW is at work.   Media Matters, HuffPo and now to a lesser extent - DailyKOS are the SOURCE of what you claim to be "Black (Progressive) Dogma".   

In truth, Spitting Cobra - you are a bit player.  Your job is to receive the (White) Progressive Message and add Slyvia's Soul Food Seasoning Salt upon this message and make sure that it is marinated INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

I give you credit.  You play the 'Black Power', "Black Authority" role rather well.   You remind me of a "Chuck D" character who despite projecting an "Angry Black Strength" persona - once we strip away the FRONT we see yet another DEPENDENCY INDUCING Black Progressive-Fundamentalist - who knows NOT how to erect a system that can make Black people ORGANICALLY STRONG.

For you and Chuck D - THE POLICE and how they treat Black people is at the core of your indictment against society.  As long as Black people connect with you in line with certain issues that are also grievances in their own lives - MOST WILL NEVER NOTE THAT YOU NOW RUN THE BLACK COMMUNITY based upon their EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS having been INVESTED in the last set of promises in which you PROMISED BENEFIT.

Don't worry Spitting Cobra - I know you don't think that I am WEAK BLACK MAN.   

You merely resent that you aren't able to make me channel MY scrutiny and indictment against YOUR ENEMY and away from YOU so we can "work together".  

I choose to focus on the radiation source that is closer to the Black community - who's antics are hurting us the most because they are on the INSIDE.  Since the brain has no skeletal protections ON THE INSIDE to protect against internal interlopers - THIS IS THE SPACE that needs the most active management from CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS seeking to execute malicious assaults to our consciousness 

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