Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Proper Analysis Of Herman Cain's "Threat" To Black Progressive Fundamentalists

Dear Dr McSwain:
You missed a valuable opportunity to make a large picture commentary about the subject of DIVERSITY that you so often speak about.
The Transactional Views:
* Herman Cain has flaws in his foreign policy outlook 
* Herman Cain's previous (alleged actions) left him vulnerable to his attacker's torment 
* Herman Cain should have ditched the occasional theatrics for a more serious campaign.

Dr McSwain - 
Standing in front of us is the TRUTH about the "Diversity Movement" as headed by the left.
We had a Black man - educated, successful and with a following that is inspired by his message.....
This "Black Man" was NORMAL In
In The Eyes Of Martin Brashir  
1) Called a CLOWN by White Progressive Cheshire Foxes - who would not DARE call the run of the mill Black males "A CLOWN" as they were seen walking down the street sagging - lest THEY be called racists 
2) We Saw the REAL purpose for the assembly of "MSNBC Paid Negroes" as the operatives loyal to NBC Universal, Washington Post Co, NY Times Co - showed that whatever HERMAN CAIN represents it is a GREATER THREAT to THEIR consciousness than the PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CONTROL THE BLACK COMMUNITY.    Their "SIN" it NOT that they called out Herman Cain's flaws.  Their CORRUPTION is that they see what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and instead of enforcing the distinction between the "Black Community Development Consciousness Interests" and "The Progressive Democratic Party Power" interests - they EXACERBATE the INTEGRATION - at the cost of our community's material development.

3) The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Corps showed that, by inference - since the WHITE FOLKS that "Don't Like Black People" - LIKE Herman Cain - "Herman Cain doesn't like his own race or Black people".   The fact that "The GOOD WHITES That Like Black People" also don't like Herman Cain - proved to be a circular reference justifying the bigotry and intolerance inspired streaming attacks upon this man - who has never held an elective office and has NEVER BOMBED AFRICA using the weapons of the US Military.  Causing the dust of our ancestors to get trapped in the lungs of the people who narrowly escaped certain death by the drone attack that was so EFFICIENTLY waged by our illustrious Commander In Chief of the American Imperialist Allied Forces.  
From these facts, Dr McSwain you could have made the inference TODAY - IDEOLOGY trumps RACE and there for the "Voting Rights Act" Preclearance Provision is merely a holdover that today does nothing more than provide the Progressive bigot a few more seats in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that they now play in - tackling their opponents head first and suffering frequent concussions in the process of yielding their bodies during gamesplay.
Dr McSwain - as I have been observing and analyzing this grand fraud being cast upon Black people it is very clear that the way that the "Controllers Of The Negro Consciousness" work to manipulate our EQUAL people is to have them focused on PEOPLE AND PERSONALITIES AND ALIGNED IDEOLOGY rather than on the PERMANENT ISSUES of the Black community as they make transparent analysis as to our standing in the 4th quarter of the X Games.

If we don't focus on how to make MORE HERMAN CAINS and BARACK OBAMAS out of the far, far, far larger group of Black males that Martin Brasher would NOT DARE to call "Clowns" despite their clowing - all of this integration into American Political Consciousness will be proven to be the greatest reversal of fortune of Black people AS FREE PEOPLE - our slave existence being a time where VIOLENCE compelled us to THINK and ACT against our own organic interests and FOR some other man's benefit.  
Today we have a corrupt set of Negro propagandists compelling us to do so.   The Koreans profit because their stores stay open late as Black people return to our communities hungry after a long day of marching at the Occupation.

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