Thursday, November 10, 2011

MSNBC's Paid Negroes -

In the mind of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist - Herman Cain saying that "racism is not the force holding Black people back today" (note - this is MY interpretation of his words) they are making sure that they serve Cain up as a "Free Range Negro" - without any of the "protective cover" that they yield to the public Blacks that they favor. Here is the flaw in their approach as they don't realize that they are being used by the Progressive Cheshire Foxes. Bashir is not White but he also is far from credible or a straight shooter either. As I look at Goldie Tayor or Toure' or Jonathan Capehart who appear on MSNBC or the panoply of other "Opinionated Blacks" who are grated columns in majority newspapers - though their corporate bosses do not directly assign them to cover Herman Cain and "attack him" as they do - their antics over the past 3 months have shown that the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" has trained them well to step up and attack him BECAUSE HE IS BLACK AND DOESN'T "THINK RIGHT" - fellow White opinion Progressives don't even need to "go there". Just as "I am not watching Obama" - "I am not defending Cain". My main focus is the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press. The baseline of their behavior was actually established before Obama came on the scene. With Obama on the scene we can clearly see that they are purposely NOT attacking him in defense of the Black community. In fact before Prof Cornel West "got right again" with his "Occupation" they attacked any Black progressive who dared to suggest that President Obama was not doing what the Black community need him to do - FROM A PROGRESSIVE PERSPECTIVE. With Hermain Cain - the "Republican who is Black" on the scene - if anyone can't see how this same "I Won't Publicly Attack Obama Because It Gives Our Common Enemies Ammo" Negroes who are ONLY granting this cover for Obama because he is a "Black Progressive" - have changed up and are leading the way with their "black handled long knives" against Cain - then clearly you are blind. I have suggested that all Black Conservatives who are noting this fraudulent behavior to avoid pointing out the double standard - or even bring up how Rep Alcie Hastings (D-FL) who was accused of sexual harassment by an office worker on his staff was not covered as such by the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press". The best way to handle this contamination of their mission - is to hold a clear model of the needs of Black America, the promises made that our investments in Obama would bring fruit - and THEN appraise the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" as they compromise the interests of Black America - believing that Obama's unblemished standing is more important than 'speaking truth to power'.

From this we got the unchallenged bombing and coup in Libya.
If one reads the new Manning Marable book "Malcolm X" and how repudiation of US intervention in Africa has been replaced by cheerleading or agreed silence (as noted above) - it shows just how much integration has fused the "Negro consciousness" into American politics.

It is actually great that no "racial cover" is provided to Herman Cain - the "Free Range Negro" that is open for shots.   The real question is about the line of demarcation over which the Black press will not cross.  ESPECIALLY when they are asked to comment because a White co-worker might be called a "racist" for saying what they say.

If Herman Cain is a "clown"  - do you all ever wonder why the White Progressive Chesire Fox is so disinclined to say any similar comments about the "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" as they parade on stage?

Might it be that they are not a threat - as they do what Black people should do?  - Talk about drugs, hoes, money wasting and what they'll do with their chopper.

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