Saturday, November 26, 2011

MSNBC's The Watch

In reading the upstart "journalist/operatives" employed at The I am gaining far more respect for their professional Black Progressive journalist operative peers.

Though these others are no less biased in their Progressive-Fundamentalism - at least that have more life experience and a greater ability to frame their argument than do many of the young operatives employed by MSNBC and the Washington Post.

The Grio: Zerlina Maxwell - Can playing 'slavery card' win Iowa for Cain?

In the back of my mind I keep figuring that the NABJ is one day going to call out these "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies", challenging them to LATCH ON TO SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE.  
Then I recall the lesson that I learned years ago after debating Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers:

The prefer Black people who AGREE WITH THEM, regardless of the convoluted logic that has them to arrive at this fateful end.   A Black person who disagrees with them, can articulate his own position AND THEN tell them the COSTS OF THEIR OWN scheme - is the worst type of Negro in their own eyes.   He (me) leaps off of the page that their 2 dimensional caricature of the 'Black Conservative" has served to justify their own viewpoint and instead effectively counters their arguments.  All with the AUDACITY of detailing how their antics are "BIRD STRIKES" to the Black Community's engines for uplift.

My Rebuttal To The

Ms Maxwell:
As you (and Mr Arceneaux and Mr Williams and Ms Taylor, others in the "employ" of MSNBC's "The Grio) sit down and write your articles for The do you ever think to run your latest indictment against the Conservative Boogieman that you build up to tear down in the other direction?
You tell us in your latest release that "Herman Cain WON'T win the Black Vote".
Indeed you are correct.  This is the case.
However Ms Maxwell - as I research "Black Progressive-Fundamentalism" I notice that your entrenchment prevents you from running the question the other way:
WHO CAN COMPEL BLACK PEOPLE TO INVEST OUR "EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS" INTO THEIR CAUSE - as they have successfully convinced the Black masses - with ballots in hand - that one more round of INVESTMENTS are going to finally bring us the SALVATION that the previous investments have fallen short of the promised benefits?
Ms Maxwell:
* Herman Cain DOES NOT administrate any failed, majority Black school system (Kansas City, Memphis, Philadelphia, Detroit) - he could not get elected as dog catcher
* Herman Cain DOES NOT serve in any executive or legislative capacity in any "Mission Accomplished City" where Black residents are suffering from the effects of the (near) insolvent state of the city as it makes massive cuts in services and municipal union jobs (Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta)
* Herman Cain DOES NOT hold a seat in the "Criminal Justice System" (law enforcement, district attorney, municipal judiciary) in which - despite the FAVORABLE PEOPLE who 50%+1 of the Black people with ballot in hand DID invest in.  Despite their presence in power Michelle Alexander's "New Jim Crow" theory is proven fraudulent UNLESS these FAVORABLE BLACKS are conspiring to LOCK BLACK MEN UP to destroy the Black Community.    IF the conspiracy theory - that you and others would not think twice about assigning to Mr Cain is to be deemed true than the "Favorable People" in power in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, Birmingham and Atlanta that preside over JAILS FULL OF BLACK MALES - must be in on the same scheme that you so joyously assign to Mr Cain.

Dear The Grio - do you mind if I TELL YOU WHAT I AM DOING?  (Transparency is important to me).
I watch your content.  Your progressive bigotry only allows you to LOOK AT that which you can indict your conservative enemy with.  
It ALSO forces you to look past the most damning parts of the painful truth that has been delivered upon our communities after your state of 'Mission Accomplishment'.  
Every swarming attack article against Herman Cain - a Black man who has never held elective office- crowded out a transparent inspection of the Black Progressives in power who DID RECEIVE THE INVESTMENTS FROM BLACK PEOPLE - in pursuit of our "Black Community Development Consciousness".
BECAUSE you are committed ideologues - you care more about enforcing "Congregational UNITY" among Black people than you care to doggedly protect the INVESTMENT FUNDS for the Black Community that has been INVESTED per your guidance.   In truth you show CONTEMPT FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY because every "favorable seat of power" is now a PROTECTED SEAT.
Dear Ms Taylor tune into Channel 2 news this morning and note the Black lady who was locked up on a 5 year PRISON SENTENCE that was supposed to be 5 years probation.  The Fulton County Court failed to CHECK ONE BOX indicating that she was to be paroled and not JAILED.  
Don't worry - because "favorable people" control the Fulton County court system - the NAACP is NOT going to protest this.   This is the 3 Black person that Channel 2 news has uncovered in about 2 months.  
This mainstream (white) news organization who does not care who is in power shows more transparent PROTECTION for the interests of Black people who have been abused by these "Mission Accomplished Governments" in Metro Atlanta (Atlanta, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Clayton County) than the local NAACP and local Black newspapers who are RUNNING A PROTECTION RACKET for their ELECTED FRIENDS that they put into power.
My goal is to show THE COST BURDEN suffered by the Black community for the RANK & FILE'S failure to call you all out for what you are doing.
As you stroke their IDEOLOGICAL HATRED - they are lulled into a gross failure to MANAGE THE GOVERNMENT that they put into place - always compelled to STRUGGLE OUTWARD at the "External Republican" that you keep them focused upon.
I ultimately do not blame you for doing what MSNBC has paid you all for doing.
The blame must be assigned to the "Black Rank & File" for going along with your scheme.

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