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The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Has Achieved A State Of Consciousness Of Promoting Ideology Over Race, Using Slanderous Techniques They Once Struggled Against

There is no requirement, what so ever, that you agree with me ideologically as a prerequisite for considering how the observations (and ironies) that I note about today's prevailing Black Political Consciousness is void of connectedness with the origins of the 'Black Political Struggle'

The sad truth is that the integrated consciousness of the Negro now finds it more appealing for him to engage in the political process for the purposes of gamesmanship.   In the process of diverting fellow Blacks toward the events on the field of play the operative is successful at distracting Black people's attention away from the fires that are blazing in his own community.

We can't blame the embedded operative through.   His only "crime" is to have studied the Negro and is now fully aware of how to latch onto his consciousness using the hooks of "Hatred" and "Dangled Hope".   The most successful operative IS A NEGRO himself.  Thus he makes the perfect specimen for the corporate "Joint-Venture Partner" to benefit from his employ.

In as much as the Black community itself has a compromised  "immune system" - those forces ingested as a "friendly confidant" are allowed to render more damage as the host is made to look away from the cancer cells that are abundantly spreading within the consciousness of his own body.

It is clear that for a large group of Black people the POPULARITY of their own sentiment proves CORRECTNESS of their stance.   As such they are able to build up a circular reference consciousness that says "Black people aren't stupid!!   WE know what is best for our community.  Look at all of those others who stand by me, thus affirming my belief that though we have indeed chosen a lineup of capable leaders - the lack of success in obtaining a more permanent and comprehensive due to the need for a sustained fight against the external enemy as he still breathes".

They are loathed to understand that they make it clear who CANNOT GET THEIR VOTE because Black Progressives don't agree with this misaligned line of thinking.
THEY CAN'T ACCEPT that those who THEY DO FIND ACCEPTABLE and who they affirm - are the ones who now control the institutions in the Black Community.  The same INSTITUTIONS that are failing to lift up our people in a manner sufficient to our permanent interests.  

These are the very institutions that must tear down the present bigoted consciousness that allows all of these fires to burn within the Black community and but for this entrenchment - a greater THREAT is dangled in front of their faces by the corrupt press operatives duly pacifying them.

The name "Ronald Reagan" should be printed on a mobile truck.  The best way at achieving "Black Crowd Control" is to present this name and then watch as it provokes the very same effect as does the sight of a sheep dog.

MSNBC And The Massaging Of The Present Black Consciousness

I am transparent and honest enough as a Black man to understand that there are some forces that understand how Black people think far better than I give them credit for.

As a person who owns 3 DVRs to record television shows and several computers in which I record radio - I am fully aware of the various information streams and the agenda of each of them.  

The brand MSNBC is not foreign to my understanding.   The main-line channel is everything to the Progressive-Fundamentalist what FOX News is attacked for being to the right-wing.  The key difference is that since MSNBC is "room temperature" for those who are most inclined to call "foul" against FOX they aren't called out as such.

What people don't understand is that what feels comfortable to you in your present consciousness - as you grieve about your surroundings does not always have the best interests of your development as a people.

The recent addition of Black news auxiliaries to the mainline operations of the MSNBC brand is such evidence that their executives fully understand the opportunity that exists in the Black community that is "theirs for the taking".

The purpose of "The" and Washington Posts "The" is NOT to foster revolutionary thoughts that might shake up the establishment operations WITHIN the Black Community, punishing these forces for collecting decades worth of investments and yet giving us Detroit, Chicago and Newark.

The purpose of these entities is to massage the consciousness of the Blacks who consume their messages - making sure that they look past the failed promises from the past and dutifully shift the blame upon "The System" yet always making sure that the "Favorable People In Power" ARE NOT 'The System'.    "Establishment Power Repudiation 101".   The twin brother of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".

I assume that I, a self-proclaimed "Black Conservator" should feel outnumbered and "join" what I can't "beat".

The only problem with this strategy is that I happen to note one massive weakness of this entire scheme that many of my people are compelled to accept - the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" by necessity must center their activist journalism on "selling the future of electoral conquest" as a means of solving the problems WITHIN the Black Community.    As such they are unable to report from a disposition "WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" and for the "PROTECTION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY".   Instead they must assume the activist role - leading Black people on a perpetual struggle against those subjects who get promoted in their weekly columns as the reason why the Black community still suffers despite them having sold us a cure on these very same pages of print..

The other day it all became clear as I watch Al Sharpton's show where he demanded that the REPUBLICANS "Show their job creation bill".

You see - a person who was defending the interests of Black People would make note of the INVESTMENT that HE compelled Black people to make, with the promises that upon their deposit - jobs as well as the quality education to achieve better jobs would be obtained.

An force of "Embedded Confidence Men", however show that THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR BLACK PEOPLE as they exploit our void in sound governance - INDICTING THEIR ENEMY for failing to create jobs for Black people as they commit the sin of omission, never noting that they had never followed through with the JOBS that they promised when they compelled Blacks to INVEST their COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into the struggle".

In a perverted turn of events it is ME who gets called out for "attacking Black people".  
These same people are merely too blind to see that they are the ones who are being molested as the "Embedded Confidence Men" compel them into a permanent struggle under the auspices of "Black Community Development" and upon their attainment of the "Mission Accomplished Point" (See Detroit) they drive them further - focusing again on who they have stood up as 'The Enemy'.

As with the three man robbing crew - the one who was the driver can no longer claim to be unaware of what "his passengers" were doing inside of the bank as he waited outside for them, wondering why they always ran out in a hurry and had matted hair, unaware of the ski masks that they threw into money bag.

The true burden of the FOOLISHNESS that masks itself as the 'Black Agenda' of today - is that the BLACK COMMUNITY - in choosing to carry someone else's water than its own is forced to suffer:

  • Failing Public Schools that are not preparing our young people to become the "Professional Service Agents" that our community needs in support of the high standard of living that is desired
  • Streets who's Safety is below that which is necessary to for a community to build up bonds of interpersonal relationships - the threat of violence being sufficiently mitigated
  • Thriving Local Economy by which those who desire to trade their labor skills for a salary can do so AND the present unmanaged needs of the community has a competent member of the community assigned to tend to the matter, she being conscious to know that this unattended task is like a piece of trash laying on the sidewalk - waiting for someone who cares about the community to pick it up

The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press is forced to show that ELECTION VICTORIES and the celebratory exchanges that take place equate to DELIVERY FOR BLACK PEOPLE.  The truth is that this only resides in the creative journalism that they craft in their weekly column as they manipulate Black people's opinions - creating aspirational HOPES so that we don't look outside of our window upon the real world and get depressed.

My Recent Exchanges on "The" for my own safe keeping

Ms Maxwell:

How are you?

I wanted to let you know that I just clicked on your name in order to see the archive of articles that you have contributed to this extension of MSNBC.

The pattern that is found in your subject matter shows that you are only second to Edward Wychoff Williams in your ability to provide content that is of POPULAR interest to Black Progressives in their present state in which they seek to self-rationalize their present beliefs mostly by running down their enemies.

I would not be surprised if Rachel Madow sat in on your interview because this is her style.

BUT WAIT Ms Maxwell - go take another look at every submission that you have made to "" - OUR LIVES, OUR WORLD, OUR STORIES 

Do you see something missing in every single one of your submissions Ms Maxwell?

I can answer this for you - there is no BLACK COMMUNITY in your posts. Only the prevailing ideological perspective of BLACK PEOPLE.

This same perspective that has your coworker Al Sharpton asking THE REPUBLICANS "Where are your jobs plans" - this after the Black Community has a 45 year track record in INVESTING in the "solution" that we have as the dominate force within our community. They promised us PROSPERITY and JOBS - if we invested our "Equal Black Ballots".

I realize that you are young, Ms Maxwell and you were recruited by MSNBC's "The" because they understood that you would wage your attacks - NOT AGAINST people who convinced Black people to fuse our "Black Community Development Consciousness And Hopes" into their agenda but instead they understood that you would "Keep Up The Fight" against the ideological enemy.

This enemy appears in all of your columns.

Please understand - I don't want you (or the to stop. This provides me with my best source of information as I listen to Black people ask "Why Are We Still Here After All That We Have Struggled For?". You see I sit in those "Just between us 'chickens' conversations" that Black folks so frequently have.

What is hard to accept, Ms Maxwell is that they/you are a part of the "congregational unity enforcement team" that works hard against INTROSPECTION. You and The Grio/Root were NOT christened by your corporate sponsors to radically challenge the establishment powers that dominate the Black community - in an effort to produce RESULTS that are in line with what was promised prior to you walking into the voting booth.

It is not ME who is suffering any anguish over seeing how you and the others in the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" are focusing on Cain and are leading the attack.
You all are so predictable that I said about 6 months ago that "Herman Cain is going to have more critical press from Black Press operatives than Barack Obama and all of the other Black people who ACTUALLY HOLD OFFICE".

You see Ms Maxwell - you and other Black Progressive Fundamentalists have reached the point where your "ideological-political gamesmanship" has been totally ABSTRACTED from the painful truth that is on the streets for many Black Americans. 

You mistake their willingness to go along as you strike out against their common EXTERNAL ENEMY for you providing a service to them by which their grievances in the area of:
*Public Safety
*Healthy Lifestyle Results.....................

will be RELIEVED if they stick with you.

I have noticed in my studies of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers (like you) is that their WEAKEST journalistic stance is that of protecting the interests WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. 

I don't blame you though. You were brought on board with "The Grio" to perform a specific task.

Ultimately the fault resides with the 'Black Rank & File'. They are soothed by your content to believe that the temporary connection and joy that they receive from what you focus upon and write is going to one day produce the ORGANIC UPLIFT among Black people and provide long term soothing of their grief.

Unfortunately Ms Maxwell (and others) - as a person who is a business analyst - the lesson that I have learned which says "WHAT YOU CAN'T MEASURE YOU CAN'T MANAGE" has an axiom that is superior to it:


Ms Maxwell - If I told you that I am MANAGING the free flow of the content that "The Grio" - owned by MSNBC and The Root - owned by Washington Post Corporation - before it reaches the intended target - with the hopes that the BLACK RANK & FILE CONSUMERS will begin to see what your mission is. 
Would you agree that I am providing a worthy bit of CORRECTION for the benefit of the Black Community even if it requires me to critically analyze your agenda and note how THE BLACK COMMUNITY as a function of the "Return On Our Investments" is such an infrequent subject in your posts??

Mr Harris:

Is this why Detroit is in such dire straits?
They ditched an operative from a political family for a business man.

I wonder if you would ever be compelled to look at the various "Mission Accomplished Cities" where people who CAN BE ELECTED BY BLACK FOLKS - unlike Herman Cain - take the helm of these places yet fail to produce the jobs that are necessary to DEPLOY the Black human resources.

Do you see Mr Harris - your flaw is just like Ms Maxwell's. You can fully articulate WHO YOU DON'T LIKE.

What you clearly have a problem with is proving that the MEDICINE that you have recommend to Black people as a cure actually works.

Post From Harold Harris

Please, don't ever try and tell me about Black Elected Officials being the problem when you stop and take just one look at the state of our nation. We went down this road starting with Ronald Reagan, through two Bush's and even a Clinton, all White I might add. Detroit is in trouble because of Business decisions not political one's, and if you took the time you could connect the dots.

GM and Chrysler failed, putting many out of work, causing the business sector to lose patrons, the housing sector was hard hit by the loss of work and yes, some of the work being sent overseas, but of course, you want to blame it on the Black electorate. For a party that strives on accepting responsibility, you sure do a lot of back-tracking and running when you stare responsibility in the face.

Now, as for Black Elected Officials, they all seem to share power with White Elected Officials, are any of them responsible? When we as a nation stop trying to divide each other and start to work as a team, maybe, just maybe we will accomplish some good.

Herman Cain is a Racist of the worse kind, he hates himself for being born Black. I was born a proud Black Man, to poor share-croppers, worked on a farm even at the age of seven. Joined the military, fought for my country, Viet Nam twice, served for more than 21 years, so sir, I have earned a right to my opinion(s) and will not be lectured by anyone, you or Mr. Cain, whose father worked for Coca-Cola and was given Stock Options as gifts. I do not hold it against him for his success, in fact, just the opposite, I am proud of anyone that use a gift to advance him or herself. I myself live a life of confront, and I surely earned it, but what good is wealth if it can't be shared? Conservatives have lost their way, because they are all very selfish, while kidnapping Christ, they can't seem to remember his words, "The least of which you do unto one of my little-ones, you do unto me." And my favorite, "Greater Love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friend. I gave twenty-one years of my life for my friends, many of which now seem to consider me as an enemy. I am 100% disabled, so I did lay down my life for you my friend, but you seem to think this is about something as petty as blacks and whites.

Black Politicians, like White Politicians are people with big egos and no moral compass to speak of. They are necessary, for without them this nation would not operate, but with them, we will be led by people that hold money in a higher regard than people. God Bless America, because we truly need it!! 
Mr Harris:

I know that YOU hear me say "Black Elected Officials are the problem". Unfortunately this is further evidence that you don't get it.

I focused on one city where Black Progressive-Fundamentalists like you agreed to create the type of government that was appealing to you. Unlike Herman Cain - THEY GOT THE BLACK VOTE.

If you get nothing else from my post please "GET THIS".
Your main rebuttal above to my argument is "REAGAN STARTED THIS ALL".

The problem is that you can't accept that you and others INVESTED your 'Equal Black Ballots" into the governments of Detroit, Chicago, Philly, Atlanta. You were made to believe that this INVESTMENT would lead to distinct benefits for the interests of Black people.

Now, curious enough, when you stand at the end of this cycle, these local governments run by people who received your confidence - instead of being able to go to these "Mission Accomplished Areas" and show me the benefit that our people have are talking about Ronald Reagan.

Mr Harris - tell me what attribute that our ancestors were seeking prior to jumping into the 'Malcolm X Political Football Game" has been delivered in the areas that are now dominated by favorable people?

* Is it Quality Education?
* Is it Safe Streets?
* Is it Thriving Local Economies?

You tell us that GM and Ford scaled back production in Detroit and thus took away jobs? 
Let me understand this. The OCCUPIERS (which you no doubt support) are critical of corporations and capitalism yet you make the case that you are DEPENDENT upon this enemy for jobs??
Does this make sense to you? I can't understand it.

Why didn't the entity that you placed your confidence in CREATE JOBS when the capitalistic corporations departed?

Why is it that the majority of the last 10 auto plants built up from the ground (mostly by foreign owned companies seeking to develop US domestic production) build their plants in the Southeast or Southwest and not MI, OH, PA or NY?

It is clear, Mr Harris that your mindset and consciousness is just like that of Ms Maxwell. You are good for talking about your enemy. 
What you DON'T have is an affirmation of the RETURN ON INVESTMENT FROM YOUR FRIEND.

It seems to me, Mr Harris that the worst possible condition you could ever be in is:

* ALL ALONE with your economic theories
* ALL ALONE with your social justice theories
* ALL ALONE with your educational theories
* ALL ALONE with your public health theories

In an ALL ALONE state while fellow bigots might still agree to HATE RONALD REAGAN in common with you - when it comes to LIFTING THE COMMUNITY UP TO the desired standard of living...............they will begin to understand that what is mutually appealing to your common consciousness is NOT what it will take to produce the desired end.

(I still believe that this will fly over your head)

Uharu Houston

Mr Constructive Feedback, you're good at Bumping your Gums, to coin a negro colloquialism but you still haven't offered anything in the way of CONSTRUCTING A PLAN. You try to denigrate others because they oppose Cain, and from what's being reported, they have good reason too. He's an idiot that has been puppetized (new word) to bring negros like you to the fold, there's nothing new about the conservative negro, nothing at all. You want to accuse Democratic African-Americans of being on a plantation when you're trying to recruit or convince black people to escape to the plantation down the road and to me that's traitorous because you should be trying to convince black people to form their own party, so see there's nothing new about you or them. I don't know what's more sickening, a negro like you are a convicted child molester.

Uhuru Houston:

If I torpedo all of your arguments above - do you agree to never make that line of argument ever again?

1) you still haven't offered anything in the way of CONSTRUCTING A PLAN. 

The Black Community is PRESENTLY LIVING IN the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED PERIOD" defined by Bayard Rustin in 1968 and every popular Black Progressive leader - up to and including candidate Barack Obama who received 96% of the EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS as proof that he had fused the BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into his CAMPAIGN.

Just 3 years later you have the AUDACITY to ask ME for MY PLAN for the Negro (or shut up).

Houston - think about the perversion of your argument here.

YOU PAID for what I just articulated above. 
INSTEAD OF BEING ANGERED at those who took two valuables from you:
* Your Equal Black Ballot - deposited in the "American Political Domain"
* Your BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS - with the hopes that our people...........100 years from now would be MADE STRONG!!!!!!

You now turn to ME and demand that I CONVINCE YOU that I have something better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please digest this for a second Houston and then let me know what other aspect of your life you apply this (il)logic?

If Wal-Mart sells you a coffee maker that breaks apart as soon as you open the box - you did not get your money's worth - DO YOU DEMAND THAT TARGET prove to you that they have a better coffee maker before you SPEND MORE MONEY to get the coffee that you seek?


When you see a long line of discontented Negroes in line at Wal-Mart RETURNING THEIR COFFEE MAKERS as well - do you tell them to JUST GO BY ANOTHER COFFEE MAKER FROM WAL-MART or do you agree to join a class action lawsuit - AGAINST WAL-MART?

Do you see what I am arguing Houston?
You, Mr Harris and Ms Maxwell can't bring yourselves to show that there is such a thing as a BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS & INTERESTS that reside outside of the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN and won't be DISRESPECTED???

Sadly it is HERMAN CAIN - who's "Store' you AIN'T buying nuthing from - EVER - who has OFFENDED YOU......................more than has Wal-Mart, the Obama Presidential Campaign and so many other Progressive machine elements that control "Mission Accomplished Cities'.

You try to denigrate others because they oppose Cain
Houston - I am going to explain myself one time to you to clarify.
If you repeat this a second time then I will consider you a liar.

I stated clearly in my direct post to Ms Maxwell that I understand what she is doing on behalf of MSNBC (psst - I record MSNBC everyday. Do you think I don't know what they are about?)

I am not "denigrating" ANYONE for opposing Herman Cain!!

I am EXPOSING THEM for trolling for NEGRO CONSCIOUSNESS by stroking what they know is HATED BY BLACK PROGRESSIVES ---- all for the purposes of diverting conscious attention from Black People regarding the FAILED RESULTS of what THEY DID INVEST IN!!!!!!

You have me wrong. I WANT The Grio and Ms Maxwell to continue doing what they are doing. This is one of the best sources by which I can prove that my model of the prevailing "Black Political Consciousness" is true and make the necessary tweaks that needs correction.

Thus far, Houston, my model says that the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist would rather receive "Enemy Research" that makes him COMFORTED that the EXTERNAL ENEMY who will never receive his vote is a SCOUNDREL rather than remaining WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and seeing evidence that those who she let INTO HER FRONT DOOR of her protected zone HAVE DELIVERED WHAT WAS PROMISED FOR THE BENEFIT OF BLACK PEOPLE.

What YOU call "Defense Of Cain" is a call out of FRAUD.

You can't bring yourself to see that the bigger threat to the Black Community is that we are so easily compelled to play in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - without a helmet - over and above any evidence that is shown where the Black Rank & File repudiates those who I call "Embedded Confidence Men" who dare to take our CONSCIOUS FOCUS off of the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Go click on Ms Maxwell's name above Houston in order to look at her archive. She has the right to post on any subject that she wants to. The Grio has the right to publish on any content that they want to. I will fight for their right to speak.

However - I have the personal responsibility to move beyond the TRANSACTIONAL acceptance of what they are "FEEDING ME" that is in line with my present lusts and instead put this in line with my CONSCIOUS NEEDS. 

When an outfit so blatantly avoids connecting the dots between what is happening WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and that which they seek to string along the Black conscious attention toward - at some point you have to give the propagandists CREDIT for understanding the PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS of their target audience.

THEN - if you love them - you need to go inside of the TARGET AUDIENCE and make them see that in their present state - they are ALWAYS going to be vulnerable to being taken advantage of in such a way.

BUT GUESS WHAT, Houston, when they are allowed to be used by their HATRED instead of actively pursuing their INTERESTS by focusing on the INSIDE - it no longer is a case of BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE is a matter of COMPLICITY on their part. 

I would love to see you get as angry against someone who DID GET ELECTED BY BLACK PEOPLE and have FAILED OUR SCHOOLS ...................seeing them as a GREATER EMBARRASSMENT than you believe Herman Cain is. This is because - UNLIKE HERMAN CAIN.............this person who GOT YOUR INVESTMENT is operating from a position of INSIDE CONFIDENCE. He was not defended against because the press operatives like Ms Maxwell HAD YOU FOCUSED ON THE OUTSIDE.

(Can someone tell me the "diversionary trick" that I am playing on Black people as I make the observation that WE should "handle our business" more effectively by implementing better INTERNAL governance practices? 

Now go out and purchase "The Final Call" - another publication that I have been monitoring - and go tell Farrakhan that he too is a fraud. In his recent series "The Black Community Must Become Self-Sufficient In Order To Prosper" he too calls out the Black community for placing our eggs into politics and how we are being fooled)
Bearer Of The Painful Truth:

The is MSNBC's Black Auxiliary . PERIOD.

We as Blacks are (in the rank & file) are valued for our "Equal Black Ballots".
After decades of observation the executives understand that Black people - LIKE EVER OTHER GROUP of "Equal Human Beings" can be manipulated into ultimately doing what the orchestrators want us to.

The term "Voting Against Your Own Interests" has been morphed into "VOTING........When Voting For Your Salvation Is Against Your Best Interests At This Time".
Make a people desperate enough. Give them a valuable item that they can trade in a market. 
Provide them with a framework of messages by which they are able to look past their previous INVESTMENTS in what was sold as "Their Salvation" and instead convince them that this NEXT DEPOSIT will be the one that brings forth their desired state - and BANG - you have created as a necessary front to this operation - so as not to generate suspicion among the "Natives". 

You see Bearer Of The Painful Truth - most Black people will note the IDEOLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY between themselves and the average staff member of "The Grio" and gain comfort from this. This alone is not going to seal the deal, allowing them to get beyond their frustrations.

Then you throw in their common skin color as well and what we have is a stroke of genius by the executives of NBC Universal. Provide young Black content providers with an outlet to express their wares. Build up a brand with a loyal following on the web. Synergize the television views and content with the web arm.

When the "Big Dance" happens every 2 and 4 years..............the action taken "away from the ball" will pay off greatly ever November when the "Black Community Development Consciousness" has been stroked and compelled to believe that they should continue to INVEST in the manner that the operatives who they have grown to trust have compelled them to do. 

As such they will look beyond their massive grievances, take the ball in hand with 2 seconds left on the clock and ........................SWISH - the 'Equal Black Ballot" gets deposited just as the network of operatives knew it would be.

The JOURNEY and the 'Congregational Unity" developed along the way is made more important than the actual material UPLIFT that can be observed received by Black people.
ONLY BLACK PEOPLE who choose to defend their own interests by not going along so easily, being drawn in by their own hatred, can fix this situation

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