Thursday, November 3, 2011

Herman Cain's Unawareness That China Has Nukes Is More Of An Offense To The JingOists Than Is Obama's Claiming That Libya Was A "Humanitarian Mission"

This is what I am talking about. 

My rebuttal of BET Uncut on the Booker Rising Blog 

Poster "BET Uncut" said that Herman Cain "molested White women"
Molesting? Did he grope them? Or just telepathically touch their breasts? 
Interesting how your mind works. 
For you A Black Man WHO HAS NO ELECTED POWER is a greater threat than: 
* A Black Man who BOMBED AFRICA with 4 African Colonizers after TELLING YOU that it was a HUMANITARIAN MISSION
* Compelled FELLOW PROGRESSIVE NEGROES to STOP SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER because it might cause THE POWER to not be reelected if his [strike]WHITE[/strike] adversaries see Negroes talking bad about him about their grief 
* A Black man who as a senator warned America to not LEAVE THE NEGRO ALONE in their own schools lest TROUBLE brew out of the dysfunction 
* A Black Man who has the ENTIRE BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE agreeing to LOOK PAST any demand for RETURN ON INVESTMENT in their 2008 and 2010 stock purchases and instead FOCUS IN ON 2012 .............................because a CONSERVATIVE JUSTICE on the Supreme Court might die and the BLACK MAN might put a replacement who believes in the INNATE INFERIORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE enough to render a ruling that they favor. 
IRONICALLY they believe that the NEGRO WILL BE MADE EQUAL one day through a series of legislation and judicial rulings that affirm his INFERIORITY.

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