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The "A Fish Don't Know He Wet Report" - The Corrupt LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press - Keeping The Prevailing Black Consciousness On Message

This is not a political "gotcha" blog like so many others on the right-side frame of shame to the right.

My goal is to make note of the prevailing grievances and unmet hopes hear from WITHIN the Black Community and then do analysis of the forces that bear down upon our people, reverse engineering a set of conclusions.

Of course, it is popular to document forces that are external to the Black community - ideologically and racially diametrically opposed to our progress.  Many of the same people who can reach full articulation of these external forces are unable to provide a transparent message about their own complicity in the situation that is perpetuated around us.

It is far easier to spot a force that is "moving" (kinetic energy) and negatively target it.  In that same context it is far more difficult for some people to document the "potential energy" and note that this SQUANDERED force of organic uplift of our people far surmounts the moving forces that they seek to have our consciousness converge around.

Beyond their own lack of consciousness and vision to see this potential these "Embedded Confidence Men" also have a interest in providing protective cover for those who are failing to grow our people.  By going after the people that they have promoted into power - they would have to one day make a self-indictment and purge themselves out of power for incompetence and corruption.   We all know this is not going to happen.

In my analysis the Black Press is the most corrupt cog in the machine that is illustrated above.  This is because they get to express their opinions (which are misaligned with the Black Community's PROTECTION of its Permanent Interests, in favor of their own ideological entrenchments) from the source to the consumer in a more direct fashion than the others.

A Progressive-Fundamentalist bigoted entertainer or school teacher must express her viewpoint in the context of the broader content that she must put forth.  Yes they can put subtle signs and spoken words of their biases into their content but the balance of their content must be relevant to their original mission - to entertain or to teach.

A Black Progressive-Fundamentalist journalist, on the other hand is given a blank sheet of paper to scribe upon for his weekly submission deadline.

OF COURSE he is consuming every bit of the same news that I look into as I maintain my view of the world and the Black community through my senses.   I believe that the difference between what they report on balance and what I emphasize as a means of identifying the 'poop' that they have carefully walked past is their will to PROTECT THE IDEOLOGICAL ESTABLISHMENT, placing this over the interests of Black people.

You see - while yes I am a self proclaimed "Black CONSERVATOR" (accepting that certain tried and true methods for community development are applicable to Black Americans today) my observations of what is happening right before our eyes as an organized scheme by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers that are ordered into the 'Black Racial Services Machine' and in partnership with the "Progressive Joint Venture" - all for political power is NOT disqualified because I am not a progressive.

What everyone needs is a MODEL that we all agree is the ideal.  From this standard reference we can judge the efficacy of the various METHODOLOGIES (progressivism, conservatism) that are alleged to get us closer to this promised land.  As such a Black Journalist who's own consciousness is steeped in progressive thought is compelled to write a TRANSPARENT journal which serves as "gap analysis" between the MODEL and what the REAL WORLD in the Black Community is presently represented as.  THIS after all of the "Human Resources" within have matriculated through the INSTITUTIONS that the dominate Progressive political machine has wrested control over, after a long struggle.

The Black Progressive Journalist's commitment then is not toward "Progressive Fundamentalism" and the protection of the political machine that it has erected as scaffolding over the Black community.  By executing the gap analysis that all have agreed to submit their own agendas to - the critical reports, submitted respectfully so as no to step on the 'Ingrown Toenails" of the Black Racial Services Machine is every bit the REGULATION and REPORTING that the Progressive is apt to demand from corporations, financial services giants and government.

With their present dominate power over the operations of the Black Community and their  ability to hijack and control the "Black Conscious Agenda" they fully understand that there is no force that is inclined to stop them.  With the balance of the cogs in the machine being progressive - they have lamented that it is better for the Black Community to remain PROGRESSIVELY bound and fall short of our targets - remaining CONGREGATIONALLY UNIFIED than to have divided factions of Black folks, frustrated over the lack of organic uplift after decades of investment into this system - having taken the political track - and now find ourselves having a longitudinal civil war - the divisions becoming CULTURALLY infused like the Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda or the Bloods and the Crips on these shores.

For the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist it is far more profitable for them to dangle the red cape of the GOP in front of their readers eyes.  The bull that they posit upon their readers will compel the ranging steer of Black America to lower its head and charge head first at which ever Republican target that is "self-chummed" per the daily content line up on "The Grio", "The", and various Opinionated Black Progressive columnists.

This post is a review of "The Atlanta Voice".
A few weeks ago I had gone downtown Atlanta and picked up several copies of Munson Steed's "Rolling Out Magazine" and thought that it was a prime example of engineered news.   I believe that this week's version of "The Atlanta Voice" has topped it.   But for the lack of local originated (biased) opinion, "The Atlanta Voice" would take the reigns of the "Most Biased Black Press Newspaper" from 'The Louisiana Weekly".  Both are NNPA syndicates none the less.

I truly believe that "A Fish Don't Know He Wet" is the most apt description of the balance of the publications which call themselves "Black Community Interest Publications".   They ERR as they focus on what is the POPULAR sentiment among Black people held during - THIS - the time of our tremendous grief.  They fail to note that after the erection of a growing number of "Mission Accomplished Cities", with all due respect - what is FAVORED at the time of our present consciousness does not necessarily equate to that which is EFFECTIVE in tapping into that POTENTIAL ENERGY.

The last paragraph perfectly captures my frustrations, my non-trust, and my growing contempt for the "script kiddies" hired by various corporate-owned media outlets that see the Black community as a "Media Desert" - tending to prefer UNITY, starved for opportunities and each holding an "Equal Black Ballot" to be harvested if the "Hired Negroes" tend to the "chum-feeding" schedule which the populous demands.

The level of cowardice among the Black Press is astounding.  It matters not how many "D's on academic report cards", how much police tape is wrapped around our community, how many lines once gathered outside of workplace doors are replaced by lines that wrap around government 'social justice' distribution programs - NONE OF THIS will alter their viewpoint as to "IS IT WORKING?"

For them they show the BLACK UNITY, converged around what they have crafted and claim SUCCESS. This present disposition is founded upon the previous stance which said "YOU Can't Pick OUR Black Leaders".   What worked in the confines of a city (which now are "Mission Accomplished Cities") does NOT work as a governance model INSIDE of the Black Community Domain.  That rebuttal, you see, is within the "American Political Domain".  While the same White folks of yesterday asked "Why are they still so happy, seen dancing and signing despite all that we have done to break their spirits".......the Blacks of today who have a perverted sense of history and culture fail to see that after having FUSED OUR "COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS INTO POLITICS"......................the defiant stance of "The Whites Can't Demand That We Abandon Our Ideology Our Leaders Despite The Failing Conditions" is the door that is left wide open for the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who reside within our "RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS" to continuously drag our people into POLITICS.


I firmly believe that many of these Embedded Confidence Men believe Black people to be INFERIOR.   Since we as Blacks are never going to achieve that oft discussed but rarely seen EQUALITY - their goal is to get an 'EQUAL BLACK BALLOT' into the largest possible number of their hands and - PUT THEM UP TO SOMETHING USEFUL - VOTING.

I will turn this alleged slight put forth by me against my people into FACT - by asking you to note how the NAACP is less interested in doggedly going after the FAVORABLE GOVERNMENTS that they have placed into power in the "Mission Accomplished Cities" than they are in going after supposed "Suppression Of Black Voting Rights" as Black people are "carded", asked to show ID - just like everyone else.

The Black Inferiorists have used their perverted minds to find all sorts of inferiorities to lump upon Black people.  "This is a NEW POLL TAX!!!!  Since THE LEAST OF THESE will have to purchase expensive gasoline to drive to the State DMV to obtain a license........On Election day we provide them with shuttle buses and we pick up the tab for the gasoline. "

In their perversion they look past the failures that their "Permanent Friends" have cast upon Black people (I reported a few weeks ago about a White attorney having reported upon  a Black woman held in the Atlanta City Jail for 53 days due to mis-identification.   There were no protests and SURELY - this was NOT presented by the local Black press as "RACISM is still in effect in the Criminal Justice System - even as OUR PEOPLE run all of the major government institutions in Atlanta".

The functional result of the BIGOTED BLACK PRESS - is that the Black Community is forced to carry the weight of the water that is burdened upon its back - as they are caught between seeking to promote the "Favorable Elected Official In A Good Light" and "Keep The Perpetual Struggle For Justice Going".

The Black Press steps in and works to keep the INDICTMENTS properly focused on the external ideological enemies - and all is well - as long as no one dares to note that despite all of these investments - we remain largely stuck in the same place.  Only an increased amount of pride and ego in more 'Black Faces In High Places'.

The PRIORITIES Of The Atlanta Voice

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