Monday, October 3, 2011

"Why Would Any Clear Thinking Black Person Become A Mormon?" We Just Accept Their Help During Katrina And Use Their "" Service

On the "Fight The Power Radio Show" on Friday Derrick "Fight The Power" Bozeman engaged in a conversation with several callers regarding the RACISM of the Mormons.

"Why would any Black person join a church that was founded on the notion that Black people are inferior human beings?".  Ironically about an hour later the talkshow focused on the power of resources such as in helping Black families reconnect with each other.  (They did not realize that the LDS owns

This is a true statement.   The original Mormon church - "Church of the Latter Day Saints" (LDS) banned membership for Black people.   They dropped this policy officially in the mid-1970's.   Since that time they have permitted Blacks to enter into church leadership positions and their missions in Africa (and the Polynesian Islands) are one of the areas of strongest growth for LDS.

Indeed LDS has some unorthodox beliefs and practices related to the reincarnation of the human soul.  There church is still mired in much secrecy for my comfort.

What they failed to mention on "Fight The Power Radio" is:

Goods Distributed From "Racists" Were Accepted By Those In Desperate Need During Hurricane Katrina LDS Brought Several Truckloads Of Goods For Hurricane Katrina Relief
One of those unorthodox beliefs has the LDS to build up storehouses of goods for end times.   One benefit of these storehouses is that it was full of foodstuffs that was transported to the Gulf Coast in response to the tremendous crisis after the flooding.  

Make note of the efficiency and organization that the LDS has.  They are able to "fend for self".

Imagine if the average resident of the government projects in New Orleans joined the LDS and were inculcated with such a consciousness.
The wonderful resources provided by is owned by the LDS (or at minimum members of the church).  Many Black families use this service to trace their ancestry back to (and through) American Slavery

Again - the undertone of the conversation focused upon the need to restore severed Black family relationships.   The LDS has its ways with regards to praying for the souls of their ancestors.   One of the derivative results of this is that they had always kept records on family trees.

To listen to a group of people (the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers) always talking about the need for the Black Family to be restored and yet dismiss this religion despite their success in retaining familial bonds is stunning.

They would rather remain in strong contact with an IDEOLOGICAL PARTY under which their family structure was eroded and their economic and growth potential as free people were squandered.


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