Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where's The Outrage? Another Educated Man Who Has Selective Reading Comprehension Problems

Where's The Outrage Blog

Dr EC Thompson is like a Black Rachel Maddow.   The bulk of his content involves keeping his conservative adversaries on trial.

For some strange reason he has more affinity toward inspecting a Black man named Herman Cain who has never held elective office than he does the Black man who sits in the most powerful seat of power in the world.

My Clarification To Dr Thompson 
- Herman Cain And The Allure Of Being Plain Wrong
I did not say MONEY.I stated that Black people, regardless of their income class have 2 possessions that are MORE VALUABLE than money.
1) Their "Equal Black Ballots" can be used to win elections for the Progressive Joint Venture that those who make PROMISES to them about VOTING their way into prosperity.
2) Their "Black Community Development Consciousness" is the key force that is far more valuable than money and their ballot.  This is used by the Embedded Confidence Men to CONVINCE THEM that as they are VOTING they are advancing their BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS.
This is why it is suspicious of you and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to focus so much on the THREAT from Herman Cain rather than the POWER that Barack Obama was given over the 2 valuable resources itemized above.    
While Herman Cain has never held an elective office and thus has not made any PROMISES to the Black community that has been largely squandered - Barack Obama and the cascading MACHINE of Democrats that have the foundations of their scaffolding from within the Black community and then erected through every elective office up to the White House have made MANY, MANY, MANY promises to our people that have not come true.
How do you hate a man who you have INVESTED so little in but walk past the inspection of your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.
Simply put sir, Imagine you ran your 401K as you do your inspection of your "Obama Fund".  You surely would be broke.
I believe that you know EXACTLY what I am saying regardless of my analogies or perceived riddles.

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