Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WAOK Rob Redding Segment Guest Tells Of "Second Civil War"

Which Image Dons The Front Page Of The "Tommy Bottoms Report"?

(Of course you are not a partisan Rob Redding.   {wink} {wink}. Its just that the majority of your sentiments point left and they just happen to be in line with the Black Establishment Democratic platform.  )

Tommy Bottoms - Spoken Word Poet

"The people tune in to the media and receive mis-information".

OK - I am contented - after listing 95% of the 'Right Wing Threat" to Obama (because he's Black) Tommy Bottoms included Keith Olbermann and Ed Schutlz in as propagandists.

You see, Mr Bottoms (and Mr Redding) most people will look at your check list of indictments and say "OK since he did include some non-right wingers this is a non-ideological analysis that you have made")

Why not look at how Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann - the propagandists are treated by the Black Racial Services Machine?  The one that sits comfortably with you?  The criticism against them (the Black Racial Services Machine)  is not that their theories are failures but that they don't fight strategically against the right-wing.

  • Ed Schultz was the host of the "Black (Progressive) Agenda" Show On MSNBC
  • Keith Olbermann - recently hosted Jesse Jackson regarding the "Occupation".  As with most other Black Progressive Embedded Confidence Men - their guest interviews on various White Progressive television and radio shows are never confrontational in regards to what THEY have rendered with "The Least Of These Community".  Instead they are always conspiring against a right-wing threat
The problem with Bottoms and Redding (I am more familiar with Mr Redding's narrative) is that they can't bring themselves to view the lumbering situation with a disproportionate part of Black Americans has anything to do with the ORGANIC operations within the Black Community.

This would include the culture that is allowed, the institutions, the priorities and the misdirection.  So much time is invested in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that there is no "THERE THERE" when they come back home into the Black community and seek to deal with the issues that are present on the street - when there is no political megaphone to train upon the people to lead them on.

Mr Redding is seen in the video saying "WE" with regards to the "Amistad Occupation ("We Want Free").  The mayor of the City of Atlanta are attacking "US"?   

A Text Based Balance Scale

  • Herman "Insane" accepting that he has no control over what people do with his bumper sticker says that he has no problem with his supporters placing his name beside a Confederate Flag Sticker  [-------]   The "Obama 2012" Bumper sticker that was placed over the "Obama 2008" sticker while the "No Oil For War" bumper sticker, though weathered remains
  • "Any state that allows for "Sons Of Confederate Soldiers License Plates (that would include Georgia) should not receive any federal funds (said Shelia Jackson Lee D-TX)  [-------]   The Failing Black Majority School Systems that are harming our children as the people who got into power based on the promises to fix the schools.   These favorable people in power survive in their jobs because they convince the masses that QUALITY EDUCATION will come once EQUAL FEDERAL FUNDING is achieved - by getting more Progressives into seats of power
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry hunting at "Nigger Head Ranch"   [--------]  Various "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Artists" who's music that talked about "choppers", "9mms" and "Techniques" were found in the CD changers of cars found after Drive By Shootings - agreed to campaign for the Democrats in 2012.  The Black Establishment desires their connections to get the Black vote out more than they care about the integrity of their associations
Rob - it doesn't matter if you (or I) self-label as a Democrat/Republican or a Progressive/Conservative.
For ME - I am looking at the balance between the theories that one has and (key point coming up) the amount of marination that they have within the community.   As we consider the present state of affairs of our grief and the TIME LINE by which this popular platform has been implemented within our community - the continuing entrenchment of these theories is NOT evidence of their MORAL SUPERIORITY compared to others.   Instead it is a measure of the entrenchment of the forces promoting these ideas and the BIGOTRY that defines the unwillingness to change toward a more effective course.

I did not say that this more effective course is CONSERVATIVE.   I do say that a transparent system by which any proposal that claims to move our people forward is appraised is necessary for more effectiveness.

Yet you and others are unable to apply scrutiny upon the machine that dominates our community, instead investing in "the status quo" by focusing in on the unsavory enemy.

How can you manage a business by spending 80% of your time (collective you) focused on your adversary and what he is doing?

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