Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Black Conservative In Support Of The Bev Smith Show

I'll start right out and say that I have a "Hate/Love" relationship with radio host Bev Smtih.

I'll even go as far as saying that I believe that she is a bigot.
Any conversation that she can get her attacks on "the Republicans" she will be heard chomping at the bit to bring in the name of the "Bush Administration", "Ronald Reagan" or some other right-wing operative.

Please note - I am not a Republican and don't care about mounting a defense for them.   Instead I see the ROLE that this obfuscation plays in clouding the mental consciousness of Black people.  

Instead of working to construct strong institutions WITHIN the Black community and defending them from external usurpation - we are compelled to achieve these positive ends by VOTING for our prosperity.   The operatives understand that the best way to increase the Black vote is to make it empassioned and angry - threatened that they own lax voting participation will lead to the theft of what is important to them.

Ironically my "love" for Bev Smith is because she, better than most other Black radio hosts has excellent community based topics on her show.   Her show is at her best when she brings in resources who talk about issues that are organic to the Black community:

  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Crime Reduction Through Giving Our People A Purpose
Yes of course I occasionally need to filter out the ideological and partisan banter that seeps within these conversations.  This is the standard fare for me as a frequent participant in Black community events around town.   The absolute fact that the Black community is a "Progressive Democratic constituency" makes it inevitable that most of these community based messages are directed toward that advantage per their line of reasoning.

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