Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama Is Invincible - Because The Negro Mind Lacks Vision Enough To Demand A Return On Investment

The Obama Is Invincible

(We are in trouble as a people - folks)
Ms Nelson:
Do you mind if I advance to you the grand flaw in your argument?
You see -
First I have to make an assumption that, despite the fact that "The" is owned by MSNBC there is some measure of "Black Community Consciousness" contained within.
With this as my operating assumption, Ms Nelson - I would like to introduce you to the notion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness".
This is the HOPE contained within most of our people that we might find a methodology, a vessel - a clearing in the hostilities - that will allow our people to experience UPLIFT.
It should come as no surprise to you Ms Nelson that the various cogs in the "Black Racial Services Machine" have been successful in compelling our people to FUSE our "Community Development Consciousness" in with the METHODOLOGY of  Progressive Public Policy - using the Vehicle of the Democratic Party and now - after so many "favorable operatives" at every rung in the vertical architecture.........President Obama at the captain's chair of American POWER.
With this CONSCIOUSNESS sculpted as such, Ms Nelson the real goal of the Progressive Joint-Venture (which MSNBC is a part of) the Black community has agreed to invest our "Equal Black Ballots" into the container as a means of expressing this "Development Consciousness" in the American Political Domain.
Please understand the above structure Ms Nelson as I attempt to redirect your arguments.

What you just argued is that Black people have so INTEGRATED our "Development Hopes" into the "American Political Domain" that as it looks at its menu of OPTIONS - the re-election of Obama (and all other Democrat they have on their local ballots) IS the best option .....because the GOP has not provided a worthy alternative.
Ms Nelson - your analysis lacks "TIME" and "DIMENSION" and thus is flawed.
The TIME element is that this "Post-Civil Rights Movement" that we are in began in 1968 as the Black leadership gathered after King's death to discuss "What We Gonna Do Now?".
They promoted Bayard Rustin to voice the results of their plan:
Simply put, Ms Nelson - the lack of OPTIONS that you speak of is truthfully a lack of will among Black people to DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING OF OUR "Community 401K Statement Balance" after we made the contributions of our BALLOTS and our CONSCIOUSNESS into this channel that the "Embedded Confidence Men" have compelled us to do.
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT IS AT 16%!!!!!!!    Where is the Bayard Rustin uplift?
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE BLACK SCHOOL SYSTEMS ARE FAILING TO SCULPT OUR STUDENTS into the form of "Professional Service Agents" (doctors, accountants, engineers) that we need to LIVE UP TO the high standard of living that we desire
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE the greatest CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS against our people are that WE at only 13% of the population contribute 50% of the AMERICA'S HOMICIDE VICTIMS.
Fear not though - because as our "community griots" tell of the INJUSTICE against our people - they only include Black people killed by Whites and Police Officers.   The more numerous mode of death in which we are killed by a STREET PIRATE who's consciousness was formed BY OUR COMMUNITY does not make the list of CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE OUR HEALTH PROBLEMS which "Obamacare" will cure will make use of GOVERNMENT CONTRACTED PHYSICIANS - while OUR SCHOOLS, our COMMUNITY FINANCES are in a state today - AFTER THE TAKE OVER - in which we can't produce the PHYSICIANS out of our ranks to treat our people nor the insurance pool from our ECONOMIC PRIORITIZATION to prove that BLACK PEOPLE ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN OUR FLAT SCREEN TELEVISIONS................make in Korea or China for our own entertainment.

Do you see, Ms Nelson - your argument (and the majority of the arguments heard on The Grio-Root) are based on a hijacked premise - The Negro As A Product Of INTEGRATION.  His CONSUMER DEMANDS met by someone else as part of SOCIAL JUSTICE that he seeks.
The real question, Ms Nelson is - What Negro In His Right Mind Will Keep Investing IN VOTING FOR HIS SALVATION when all of the abundant evidence shows that it makes STRONG POLITICAL PARTIES, strong News networks to propagandize to him but WEAK MINDED NEGROES who go along with it all?
(Note I DID NOT SAY "do not vote".   I said stop allowing the Embedded Confidence Men from convincing you that the things that need to be done WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY can be done as a result of a POLITICAL VICTORY over the enemy.
We see how well this works in Detroit, Flint, Camden, Newark, Chicago and Philly)

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