Monday, October 10, 2011

MSNBC's Panel Of Negro Operatives Evaluates Their Co-Worker's Interview With Herman Cain

In both cases "the Negro who is on trial" had his fate sealed prior to the "Jury Of His Peers" ever entered into the jury box.

  • Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton
  • Prof Melissa Harris-Perry
  • JingOist Goldie Taylor 
All 3 are paid employees of MSNBC.
Lawrence O'Donnell is their co-worker.

With "The" developed by MSNBC as a means of extending their Progressive message-ineering into the Black Community they are rather deliberate in the make up of their "jury".

The power of the Progressive-Fundamentalist is that they claim the mandate to define the narrative.

The most relevant truth is that Lawrence O'Donnell and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes are not going to ask ANY Black Progressive Elected Officials in power today over failing "Mission Accomplished Cities" the same line of indictments that he asked a Black man who has never been elected.

Herman Cain served the US Military as a mathematician, calculating the trajectories of ornaments.  O'Donnell indicted him for failing to insert his body into the war - the very thing that he and others warned against with the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars recently.

Herman Cain said "Blacks are Brainwashed BECAUSE when he offers up alternative ideas and they tune him out BECAUSE he is a Conservative".

 As a three mode "Embedded Confidence Man" (Radio, Television, Newsprint) you are hardly one to talk about injecting OFFENSIVE messages into the Black community.   Our community lives today with a scaffolding that you assisted to erect that promised to have us prosper but which stifles our development of transparent governance because "congregational unity" is more important to you and others.

Prof Perry deserves credit for attempting to be transparent.  She suggests that even White politicians who grew up in the Civil Rights Era should be interrogated about "What did you do when you were needed the most?"  This was timely.  Instead of going along with the other two she redirected the indictment to its proper scope.

If "Civil Rights" are "American Rights" then indeed a man's race should not be the primary attribute to provoke scrutiny regarding his actions in the early 60's.

I would like to expand this scope even further.   Since the Black Community is suffering so many of these attacks today - AND we have "favorable people" in power unlike before - how do you explain the present silence regarding the assaults, problem plagued schools and economic derailment that is occurring today?  Is today's complicity as concern for the harm that criticism would impact the establishment powers much different than what the Black community suffered today?

Today Morehouse students are being compelled to go into action to stop the death penalty in Georgia.  This as the 2 or 4 people that the state executes today is achieved in the murder count on the streets of Atlanta in 5 days to a week.  

I submit that HIJACKED ACTION is worse than INACTION.

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