Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MSNBC Should Be Applauded On Its Insight In Developing The Grio.com

The most disturbing thing about the Black Racial Services Machine is its outright corruption.
They make no attempt to model their "coverage of the issues" around the real world challenges within the Black community according to the discipline of PROPORTIONALITY.

Their primary power is that of "Priority Setting".  In as much as they control who will be INDICTED - they can remain effective at keeping the Black "conscious awareness" in their favor.

We just need to understand that POPULARITY should not be mistaken as EFFECTIVENESS.

Thus while Herman Cain is presently the #1 topic on "Black Wing Talk Radio" and the "LampBlacked Journalist Press" he as a creation of the Republican Party on the campaign trail and this resulting threat that is generated within the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist circles should not be mistaken as them covering the full domain of issues within Black America.

As I note in my rebuttal to yet another MSNBC operative - Ms Penrice the running joke of indicting Herman Cain for failing to participate in Civil Rights Marches during the early 1960's is that TO-DAMNED-DAY the Civil Rights Pharisees are MOLESTING the interests of the Black Community as they seek to ban the Death Penalty in the state of Georgia - a more worthy choice because they understand that they can't do a damned thing about addressing "Street Pirate On Black Murders" - the mode of death that is far, far, far, far, far more prevalent than what the state executioner exacts.

They are comforted with "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" that their indictment against the state, forcing it to change its ways is a sign of their own Moral Connectedness.  The truth is that while a state government has a framework of enforcements placed around it - the being who was once on track to become "The Pillar Of The Black Community" and has morphed into a Street Pirate............DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about the Civil Rights Movement and will murder a Black person on "Joseph E Lowery Blvd" just as soon as he would do so on "Confederate Avenue" about 5 miles away.

Ms Penrice:

As a resident of Metro-Atlanta where a high concentration of "Civil Rights Pharisees" live - my observations of how they and you think assist my understanding of why Atlanta remains as a violent city and yet those who's claim to fame is that that the PROTECTED BLACK PEOPLE during the Civil Rights Movement - are rendered impotent at addressing our current problems.

When given the choice - the "Black woman who was 'discriminated against' by the Girl Scouts in an Atlanta suburb" makes it onto the Black Progressive blogs.  However the news that 2 Black men were murdered at two different gas stations in the past 3 days seem to escape your filter.

The sad part about it is that the Civil Rights Pharisees are working to end the State Sponsored Executions in the name of "Social Justice".  They believe that this is the advancement of our community while the blood continues to flow on the streets that they lay claim to.

Ms Penrice - do you imagine that 50 years from now someone will interview you and others in the Black Progressive Press and notate your relative silence as Black people were routinely assaulted and murdered on the streets?  Your silence largely stemming from your desire to avoid the necessary indictment of the forces that you have supported into power?

How do you ultimately reconcile the fact that Herman Cain is the #1 topic on Progressive Black-Wing Talk radio - yet the scores of Black progressive who ACTUALLY HOLD ELECTIVE OFFICES and are failing our community's interests aren't inspected in the manner that Herman Cain is - despite the fact that he has never held an elective office?

Who is SITTING OUT on the process of protecting our community today, Ms Penrice? 

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