Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In The Wake Of The Shutdown Of "Occupy Atlanta".......

I will discuss this future shortly.

I just wanted to make a bookmark.

While the "favorable mayor" - who was put into office lest "The Last Black Mayor Of Atlanta" breaks the streak of 6 - is the one who ordered the police raid on Woodruff Park last night...................

  • "Why was it a problem that a man with an AK-47 in public was a threat BUT the Tea Party brought their guns without a problem?"
  • "On the day that the Occupiers brought up the indictment against the KOCH BROTHERS - the mayor of Atlanta was compelled to take action
(Note:  Woodruff Park stands in the shadow of the large Georgia Pacific building in downtown Atlanta.  Koch Industries purchased GP several years ago.  )

For no other purposes than tapping into the mental image that has been branded in their brains are we hearing about the Koch brothers at a time when the people that they voted for shut down the protests.

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