Sunday, October 23, 2011

If You Don't "OFFEND The Negro" You Can Have Your Way With Him

The Black Snob "ReTweets" Leonard Pitts' Analysis Of Herman Cain's "Self-Loathing" But Provides A Flawed Re-Analysis Of Pitts' Original Flawed Analysis

Executive Summary - The Best Way To Be Successful In "Black Progressive Politics" Is To Talk About PEOPLE And Desperately Avoid Focusing WITHIN The Black Community

Ms Belton:

As I read through your analysis I noted that you were forced to use the very same tactic that Prof Kennedy did with his assessment of Herman Cain - Keep the spotlight focused on your ideological enemy BECAUSE - any beam of light that went astray and was shown on the forces within the Black community with actual power would topple your argument - and your support for them.

Self-Loathing.   Hummm.
Ms Belton - If I argued that the aggregated forces within the Black community that were promoted by the Black community to run our school systems show more evidence of "Self-Loathing Of Black people" per the product of their work - would you agree that this argument has a far greater bearing on the condition of Black people than anything that Mr Cain can say to "offend" "US"?  

You see, while Mr Cain, a politician is making untoward statements which "offend" Black people in his quest to win favor for his political party - that most Blacks don't vote is the party who most Blacks DO VOTE FOR that has all of the "keys to the kingdom".    Strange indeed - that this force who can't get elected when Blacks have the final say over who will represent their interests - is now used to FORTIFY the statement "This Is Why Blacks Don't Vote For Republicans".

But wait, Ms Belton - I thought that Blacks were not voting based on "offense or appeal".   We were voting BECAUSE:
* We want Quality Schools
* We want Safe Streets
* We want Thriving Local Economies
* We want Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes

Do you see, Ms Belton - that when the argument is left UNATTACHED from the attainment of the "Permanent Interests" of our community then the bleed over effect between gossip and politics gains traction. 

it can logically be argued then, Ms Belton that - IF one does not OFFEND BLACK PEOPLE  in the prevailing consciousness that we are in.............the failure of these same forces who gain power because of our collective favor can't OFFEND our people when they fail to deliver upon our key Permanent Interests.  This despite them occupying the same seats of power that triggered protests when such failure was delivered to us.

Do you see that one can't index "Offended Black People" with the question of our alignment with our "Permanent Interests".

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