Sunday, October 30, 2011

HuffPo - MSNBC's Al Sharpton Google's Himself Everyday

Al Sharpton Googles Himself Daily

HEY Al Sharpton Read This!!!!!

The Entity In Question And An Individual The Enforcement Of The Institutional Integrity The Individual's Response
Retired Military Generals

The US Department Of Defense As Everyone Enters Its Pentagon Headquarters And Submits Themselves To Standard Security Procedures NOT The Likely Outcome
"Do you know who you are talking to, asking me to wear a 'visitor's badge'?  I BUILT THIS BUILDING!! I lead hundreds of thousands of soldiers.  Who are you to ask ME to wear a 'Visitors Badge'?  Let me speak to your supervisor.  If you don't know me now YOU WILL!

The Likely Outcome
Talking to the solider at the security checkpoint.  (Salutes) "Thank you soldier for keeping our facility and security safe.  Here is my identification.  Thank you for telling me that I must wear my badge on my outside garment and need to have an escort from an active member of the US military at all times in this protected zone.  I MADE THIS RULE because the integrity and security of the institution maters most."

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MSNBC Talkshow Host And Democratic Party Operative - Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton attempts to enter into the "Black Community Consciousness Core" in order to give a speech that compels Black people to make further investments for our future uplift. 
The forces that defend the INTEGRITY of the "Institutions Within The Black Community" understand that during this interval of time of our development as a people and a "cultural consciousness"we need to develop the infrastructure necessary to allow our people to grow into the productive, conscious, free-standing individuals and congregation, necessary to weather the storm of the unknowns that the future will bring.

From our institutional development we are then positioned to assist other diasporic Blacks into a position of elevation as the institutional knowledge gained in the protections of America are later pruned and grafted elsewhere.
What Would Likely Happen
(As if I need to tell you)

What NEEDS To Happen 

Al Sharpton is affixed with a "Visitor's Badge" when he enters into the protected zone of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" as the enforcers of the integrity of Black Institutions understand that YOU CAN'T SERVE TWO MASTERS

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