Friday, October 28, 2011

Dr White - "Why Aren't The Republicans Calling Obama Out On Iraq?"

This is how the Embedded Confidence Men work.

As I was queuing up my recording of "Black Wing Talk Radio" this morning I heard a caller "Sarah" talking to "Dr White" on WAOK.

Sahara called in to tell Dr White that Obama did not remove the US troops from Iraq after he came to some enlightened vision to end the war.   She pointed to an article in which Obama had attempted to keep a certain troop level but was rebuffed.  She also noted that (evil racist) George W Bush had previously negotiated the exit date.  Obama is merely in campaign mode.

Dr White states that she doesn't believe anything unless there is a secondary source and she noted that she did see  a reference to what Sarah had stated.

IMMEDIATELY at this point Dr White asked "Why aren't the Republicans attacking Obama over this being that they go after any hair that he has out of place?  Fox News loves to go after Obama but they are silent over this.  There is something suspicious about this".

Welcome to the FRAUD that keeps getting streamed to Black people.

"Keep Your Enemy On Trail So You Never Have To Indict Your Friend For Their Crimes".

The both wondered if Iran is now in the scope of "these people" so they have moved past Iraq.

There is no "Black Press".
There is only a "Progressive Press that is in the tank for the Democrats that are staffed with Black people".
When you view these people as Democrats - removing the racial coating from them their actions become more understandable.

The one thing that we see with this statement and their complicity with the international coup in Libya is that their fight against the right-wing TRUMPS any integrity that they have regarding what they believed BEFORE they entered the playing field of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Ironically "The All White Jury" was similarly dominated by that which they carried before they entered the jury box, skewing their vision of the evidence presented during the trial.

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