Friday, October 7, 2011

Dave Zirin In Debate Over Hank Williams Alleges Racism & Confederatism

Dave Zirin has little credibility.
When he is brought into a forum to talk about sports this Nation Magazine reporter is always going to drive a hard-left angle.

The claim that Hank Williams is a RACIST(!!!) in the stereotype of most other White Southerners is not worthy of a debate that will get us anywhere.   I have learned that it is more important to move beyond the indictment and instead identify the material harm made to Black people beyond the "Soft Tissue Injury Of Racism" that hurts the ego and today is based on POLITICAL gamesmanship and advantage.

Prior to Hank Williams making his foolish Hitler analogy Mr Zirin would have likely had him excused from the opening scene of "Monday Night Football" because of Zirin's own bigotry against the Southern-stereotype.

I have listened to Mr Zirin in several forums (interviews and C-SPAN and "NPR").  Though he is cast as a "Sports guy" it is more accurate to label him as using sports as the playground for his progressive-fundamentalism.

Though he is no doubt a "free speech guy" I can guess that Zirin believes that the PLAYERS should not be punished for their free speech but Hank Williams has been associated to the NFL/ESPN by MANAGEMENT and his offensive words are associated with "the Brand".

(Note:  I made the above assumption based upon my logical interpolation of Zirin.  I will do research on Zirin's view of the Black football player who caused a stir when he mentioned that there were two sides of the story on terrorists.    My prediction is that Zirin - if he commented on the player - defended his right to free speech and against any sanctions taken upon him by the league or any advertisers).

My point is that Zirin's own bigotry against the Southern stereotype trumps any of his instinctual protections of free speech.
Zirin and others (I heard a panel of ladies on "Tell Me More" on NPR universally calling for the song to be pulled) fail to see that they are actually supporting CORPORATE punishment of speech.  The same people who criticize corporations for stripping their association with outspoken sports stars and entertainers (who are left leaning) are this time seen agreeing with the cuffs that "Corporate Athlete Slaves" are kept in check with.

The progressive has attacked Michael Jordan, for example, for not using his media power to speak out more on behalf of "social justice" and other political and economic issues.  It is clear that the issue is not "SPEECH" but WHAT is being spoken that defines their willingness to defend against corporate sanction versus "taking out an enemy" by taking away his endorsement deal.

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