Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Credit Due To NPR's Michele Norris For Resigning To Prevent Potential Conflict Of Interest In Reporting On Obama

The Grio: NPR host steps down as husband joins Obama team

Michele Norris - a journalist with the desire to retain the integrity of her craft, has chosen to resign her position as an on the air personality with NPR so that her husband's role with the "Obama 2012 Reelection Campaign" does not raise issues about her impartiality.

Mrs Norris did what many of her "NABJ" associates (assuming that she is a member of NABJ) won't do.
Their main job IS to secure the reelection of President Obama and the advancement of progressive public policy though the promotion of the Democratic Party that their choice to reside their positions in deference to the integrity of their craft would mean that they have yielded the key gateway through which they obtain their main objective.

INTEGRITY is something that they demand from their enemies.  When the enemy falls short he is INDICTED in their periodic columns.

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