Sunday, October 30, 2011

HuffPo - MSNBC's Al Sharpton Google's Himself Everyday

Al Sharpton Googles Himself Daily

HEY Al Sharpton Read This!!!!!

The Entity In Question And An Individual The Enforcement Of The Institutional Integrity The Individual's Response
Retired Military Generals

The US Department Of Defense As Everyone Enters Its Pentagon Headquarters And Submits Themselves To Standard Security Procedures NOT The Likely Outcome
"Do you know who you are talking to, asking me to wear a 'visitor's badge'?  I BUILT THIS BUILDING!! I lead hundreds of thousands of soldiers.  Who are you to ask ME to wear a 'Visitors Badge'?  Let me speak to your supervisor.  If you don't know me now YOU WILL!

The Likely Outcome
Talking to the solider at the security checkpoint.  (Salutes) "Thank you soldier for keeping our facility and security safe.  Here is my identification.  Thank you for telling me that I must wear my badge on my outside garment and need to have an escort from an active member of the US military at all times in this protected zone.  I MADE THIS RULE because the integrity and security of the institution maters most."

Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
MSNBC Talkshow Host And Democratic Party Operative - Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton attempts to enter into the "Black Community Consciousness Core" in order to give a speech that compels Black people to make further investments for our future uplift. 
The forces that defend the INTEGRITY of the "Institutions Within The Black Community" understand that during this interval of time of our development as a people and a "cultural consciousness"we need to develop the infrastructure necessary to allow our people to grow into the productive, conscious, free-standing individuals and congregation, necessary to weather the storm of the unknowns that the future will bring.

From our institutional development we are then positioned to assist other diasporic Blacks into a position of elevation as the institutional knowledge gained in the protections of America are later pruned and grafted elsewhere.
What Would Likely Happen
(As if I need to tell you)

What NEEDS To Happen 

Al Sharpton is affixed with a "Visitor's Badge" when he enters into the protected zone of the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" as the enforcers of the integrity of Black Institutions understand that YOU CAN'T SERVE TWO MASTERS

Friday, October 28, 2011

During Bev Smith Rebroadcasts After Host Departed Early From Contract: Numerologist Predicts Bev Smtih Show Will Reach More Markets By The Fall Of 2011

Lloyd Strayhorn is the guest on one of the rerun shows from "The Bev Smith Show".

After Ms Smith learned about the plans for her show to end due to her inability to attract a younger audience - Ms Smith obviously decided to part ways several weeks early.  There have been re-runs playing for several weeks now.

Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn made the prediction some time in early 2011 that "The Bev Smith Show" would expand into new markets in the fall of 2011 and that her voice would be heard by more people than ever.

I hope that his clients can get their money back.

Dr White - "Why Aren't The Republicans Calling Obama Out On Iraq?"

This is how the Embedded Confidence Men work.

As I was queuing up my recording of "Black Wing Talk Radio" this morning I heard a caller "Sarah" talking to "Dr White" on WAOK.

Sahara called in to tell Dr White that Obama did not remove the US troops from Iraq after he came to some enlightened vision to end the war.   She pointed to an article in which Obama had attempted to keep a certain troop level but was rebuffed.  She also noted that (evil racist) George W Bush had previously negotiated the exit date.  Obama is merely in campaign mode.

Dr White states that she doesn't believe anything unless there is a secondary source and she noted that she did see  a reference to what Sarah had stated.

IMMEDIATELY at this point Dr White asked "Why aren't the Republicans attacking Obama over this being that they go after any hair that he has out of place?  Fox News loves to go after Obama but they are silent over this.  There is something suspicious about this".

Welcome to the FRAUD that keeps getting streamed to Black people.

"Keep Your Enemy On Trail So You Never Have To Indict Your Friend For Their Crimes".

The both wondered if Iran is now in the scope of "these people" so they have moved past Iraq.

There is no "Black Press".
There is only a "Progressive Press that is in the tank for the Democrats that are staffed with Black people".
When you view these people as Democrats - removing the racial coating from them their actions become more understandable.

The one thing that we see with this statement and their complicity with the international coup in Libya is that their fight against the right-wing TRUMPS any integrity that they have regarding what they believed BEFORE they entered the playing field of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

Ironically "The All White Jury" was similarly dominated by that which they carried before they entered the jury box, skewing their vision of the evidence presented during the trial.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama Is Invincible - Because The Negro Mind Lacks Vision Enough To Demand A Return On Investment

The Obama Is Invincible

(We are in trouble as a people - folks)
Ms Nelson:
Do you mind if I advance to you the grand flaw in your argument?
You see -
First I have to make an assumption that, despite the fact that "The" is owned by MSNBC there is some measure of "Black Community Consciousness" contained within.
With this as my operating assumption, Ms Nelson - I would like to introduce you to the notion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness".
This is the HOPE contained within most of our people that we might find a methodology, a vessel - a clearing in the hostilities - that will allow our people to experience UPLIFT.
It should come as no surprise to you Ms Nelson that the various cogs in the "Black Racial Services Machine" have been successful in compelling our people to FUSE our "Community Development Consciousness" in with the METHODOLOGY of  Progressive Public Policy - using the Vehicle of the Democratic Party and now - after so many "favorable operatives" at every rung in the vertical architecture.........President Obama at the captain's chair of American POWER.
With this CONSCIOUSNESS sculpted as such, Ms Nelson the real goal of the Progressive Joint-Venture (which MSNBC is a part of) the Black community has agreed to invest our "Equal Black Ballots" into the container as a means of expressing this "Development Consciousness" in the American Political Domain.
Please understand the above structure Ms Nelson as I attempt to redirect your arguments.

What you just argued is that Black people have so INTEGRATED our "Development Hopes" into the "American Political Domain" that as it looks at its menu of OPTIONS - the re-election of Obama (and all other Democrat they have on their local ballots) IS the best option .....because the GOP has not provided a worthy alternative.
Ms Nelson - your analysis lacks "TIME" and "DIMENSION" and thus is flawed.
The TIME element is that this "Post-Civil Rights Movement" that we are in began in 1968 as the Black leadership gathered after King's death to discuss "What We Gonna Do Now?".
They promoted Bayard Rustin to voice the results of their plan:
Simply put, Ms Nelson - the lack of OPTIONS that you speak of is truthfully a lack of will among Black people to DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING OF OUR "Community 401K Statement Balance" after we made the contributions of our BALLOTS and our CONSCIOUSNESS into this channel that the "Embedded Confidence Men" have compelled us to do.
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT IS AT 16%!!!!!!!    Where is the Bayard Rustin uplift?
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE BLACK SCHOOL SYSTEMS ARE FAILING TO SCULPT OUR STUDENTS into the form of "Professional Service Agents" (doctors, accountants, engineers) that we need to LIVE UP TO the high standard of living that we desire
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE the greatest CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS against our people are that WE at only 13% of the population contribute 50% of the AMERICA'S HOMICIDE VICTIMS.
Fear not though - because as our "community griots" tell of the INJUSTICE against our people - they only include Black people killed by Whites and Police Officers.   The more numerous mode of death in which we are killed by a STREET PIRATE who's consciousness was formed BY OUR COMMUNITY does not make the list of CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.
You tell us that Obama is the only option:
* WHILE OUR HEALTH PROBLEMS which "Obamacare" will cure will make use of GOVERNMENT CONTRACTED PHYSICIANS - while OUR SCHOOLS, our COMMUNITY FINANCES are in a state today - AFTER THE TAKE OVER - in which we can't produce the PHYSICIANS out of our ranks to treat our people nor the insurance pool from our ECONOMIC PRIORITIZATION to prove that BLACK PEOPLE ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN OUR FLAT SCREEN TELEVISIONS................make in Korea or China for our own entertainment.

Do you see, Ms Nelson - your argument (and the majority of the arguments heard on The Grio-Root) are based on a hijacked premise - The Negro As A Product Of INTEGRATION.  His CONSUMER DEMANDS met by someone else as part of SOCIAL JUSTICE that he seeks.
The real question, Ms Nelson is - What Negro In His Right Mind Will Keep Investing IN VOTING FOR HIS SALVATION when all of the abundant evidence shows that it makes STRONG POLITICAL PARTIES, strong News networks to propagandize to him but WEAK MINDED NEGROES who go along with it all?
(Note I DID NOT SAY "do not vote".   I said stop allowing the Embedded Confidence Men from convincing you that the things that need to be done WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY can be done as a result of a POLITICAL VICTORY over the enemy.
We see how well this works in Detroit, Flint, Camden, Newark, Chicago and Philly)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In The Wake Of The Shutdown Of "Occupy Atlanta".......

I will discuss this future shortly.

I just wanted to make a bookmark.

While the "favorable mayor" - who was put into office lest "The Last Black Mayor Of Atlanta" breaks the streak of 6 - is the one who ordered the police raid on Woodruff Park last night...................

  • "Why was it a problem that a man with an AK-47 in public was a threat BUT the Tea Party brought their guns without a problem?"
  • "On the day that the Occupiers brought up the indictment against the KOCH BROTHERS - the mayor of Atlanta was compelled to take action
(Note:  Woodruff Park stands in the shadow of the large Georgia Pacific building in downtown Atlanta.  Koch Industries purchased GP several years ago.  )

For no other purposes than tapping into the mental image that has been branded in their brains are we hearing about the Koch brothers at a time when the people that they voted for shut down the protests.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WAOK Rob Redding Segment Guest Tells Of "Second Civil War"

Which Image Dons The Front Page Of The "Tommy Bottoms Report"?

(Of course you are not a partisan Rob Redding.   {wink} {wink}. Its just that the majority of your sentiments point left and they just happen to be in line with the Black Establishment Democratic platform.  )

Tommy Bottoms - Spoken Word Poet

"The people tune in to the media and receive mis-information".

OK - I am contented - after listing 95% of the 'Right Wing Threat" to Obama (because he's Black) Tommy Bottoms included Keith Olbermann and Ed Schutlz in as propagandists.

You see, Mr Bottoms (and Mr Redding) most people will look at your check list of indictments and say "OK since he did include some non-right wingers this is a non-ideological analysis that you have made")

Why not look at how Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann - the propagandists are treated by the Black Racial Services Machine?  The one that sits comfortably with you?  The criticism against them (the Black Racial Services Machine)  is not that their theories are failures but that they don't fight strategically against the right-wing.

  • Ed Schultz was the host of the "Black (Progressive) Agenda" Show On MSNBC
  • Keith Olbermann - recently hosted Jesse Jackson regarding the "Occupation".  As with most other Black Progressive Embedded Confidence Men - their guest interviews on various White Progressive television and radio shows are never confrontational in regards to what THEY have rendered with "The Least Of These Community".  Instead they are always conspiring against a right-wing threat
The problem with Bottoms and Redding (I am more familiar with Mr Redding's narrative) is that they can't bring themselves to view the lumbering situation with a disproportionate part of Black Americans has anything to do with the ORGANIC operations within the Black Community.

This would include the culture that is allowed, the institutions, the priorities and the misdirection.  So much time is invested in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that there is no "THERE THERE" when they come back home into the Black community and seek to deal with the issues that are present on the street - when there is no political megaphone to train upon the people to lead them on.

Mr Redding is seen in the video saying "WE" with regards to the "Amistad Occupation ("We Want Free").  The mayor of the City of Atlanta are attacking "US"?   

A Text Based Balance Scale

  • Herman "Insane" accepting that he has no control over what people do with his bumper sticker says that he has no problem with his supporters placing his name beside a Confederate Flag Sticker  [-------]   The "Obama 2012" Bumper sticker that was placed over the "Obama 2008" sticker while the "No Oil For War" bumper sticker, though weathered remains
  • "Any state that allows for "Sons Of Confederate Soldiers License Plates (that would include Georgia) should not receive any federal funds (said Shelia Jackson Lee D-TX)  [-------]   The Failing Black Majority School Systems that are harming our children as the people who got into power based on the promises to fix the schools.   These favorable people in power survive in their jobs because they convince the masses that QUALITY EDUCATION will come once EQUAL FEDERAL FUNDING is achieved - by getting more Progressives into seats of power
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry hunting at "Nigger Head Ranch"   [--------]  Various "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate Artists" who's music that talked about "choppers", "9mms" and "Techniques" were found in the CD changers of cars found after Drive By Shootings - agreed to campaign for the Democrats in 2012.  The Black Establishment desires their connections to get the Black vote out more than they care about the integrity of their associations
Rob - it doesn't matter if you (or I) self-label as a Democrat/Republican or a Progressive/Conservative.
For ME - I am looking at the balance between the theories that one has and (key point coming up) the amount of marination that they have within the community.   As we consider the present state of affairs of our grief and the TIME LINE by which this popular platform has been implemented within our community - the continuing entrenchment of these theories is NOT evidence of their MORAL SUPERIORITY compared to others.   Instead it is a measure of the entrenchment of the forces promoting these ideas and the BIGOTRY that defines the unwillingness to change toward a more effective course.

I did not say that this more effective course is CONSERVATIVE.   I do say that a transparent system by which any proposal that claims to move our people forward is appraised is necessary for more effectiveness.

Yet you and others are unable to apply scrutiny upon the machine that dominates our community, instead investing in "the status quo" by focusing in on the unsavory enemy.

How can you manage a business by spending 80% of your time (collective you) focused on your adversary and what he is doing?

Credit Due To NPR's Michele Norris For Resigning To Prevent Potential Conflict Of Interest In Reporting On Obama

The Grio: NPR host steps down as husband joins Obama team

Michele Norris - a journalist with the desire to retain the integrity of her craft, has chosen to resign her position as an on the air personality with NPR so that her husband's role with the "Obama 2012 Reelection Campaign" does not raise issues about her impartiality.

Mrs Norris did what many of her "NABJ" associates (assuming that she is a member of NABJ) won't do.
Their main job IS to secure the reelection of President Obama and the advancement of progressive public policy though the promotion of the Democratic Party that their choice to reside their positions in deference to the integrity of their craft would mean that they have yielded the key gateway through which they obtain their main objective.

INTEGRITY is something that they demand from their enemies.  When the enemy falls short he is INDICTED in their periodic columns.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

If You Don't "OFFEND The Negro" You Can Have Your Way With Him

The Black Snob "ReTweets" Leonard Pitts' Analysis Of Herman Cain's "Self-Loathing" But Provides A Flawed Re-Analysis Of Pitts' Original Flawed Analysis

Executive Summary - The Best Way To Be Successful In "Black Progressive Politics" Is To Talk About PEOPLE And Desperately Avoid Focusing WITHIN The Black Community

Ms Belton:

As I read through your analysis I noted that you were forced to use the very same tactic that Prof Kennedy did with his assessment of Herman Cain - Keep the spotlight focused on your ideological enemy BECAUSE - any beam of light that went astray and was shown on the forces within the Black community with actual power would topple your argument - and your support for them.

Self-Loathing.   Hummm.
Ms Belton - If I argued that the aggregated forces within the Black community that were promoted by the Black community to run our school systems show more evidence of "Self-Loathing Of Black people" per the product of their work - would you agree that this argument has a far greater bearing on the condition of Black people than anything that Mr Cain can say to "offend" "US"?  

You see, while Mr Cain, a politician is making untoward statements which "offend" Black people in his quest to win favor for his political party - that most Blacks don't vote is the party who most Blacks DO VOTE FOR that has all of the "keys to the kingdom".    Strange indeed - that this force who can't get elected when Blacks have the final say over who will represent their interests - is now used to FORTIFY the statement "This Is Why Blacks Don't Vote For Republicans".

But wait, Ms Belton - I thought that Blacks were not voting based on "offense or appeal".   We were voting BECAUSE:
* We want Quality Schools
* We want Safe Streets
* We want Thriving Local Economies
* We want Healthy Lifestyles and Relationship Outcomes

Do you see, Ms Belton - that when the argument is left UNATTACHED from the attainment of the "Permanent Interests" of our community then the bleed over effect between gossip and politics gains traction. 

it can logically be argued then, Ms Belton that - IF one does not OFFEND BLACK PEOPLE  in the prevailing consciousness that we are in.............the failure of these same forces who gain power because of our collective favor can't OFFEND our people when they fail to deliver upon our key Permanent Interests.  This despite them occupying the same seats of power that triggered protests when such failure was delivered to us.

Do you see that one can't index "Offended Black People" with the question of our alignment with our "Permanent Interests".

Friday, October 14, 2011

Black "Occupiers" In Philly Are Called "Ninjas" By White "Occupiers" - Incident Missing On Various Black Progressive Syndication Sources

Black Activist Points Out Occupy Philly’s Racial Disconnect

Unlike operatives like Oliver Willis - I have no intention of playing "Gotcha" with the news that several Black participants in the "Occupy Philadelphia" were called "Ninjas" by white participants in the rally.

From City Paper

Arturo Castillon, found sitting atop a concrete buttress with a White Allies Committee sign, told CP that he had personally witnessed the incident in question, though his story poses not a few questions about what actually happened.
"I was with two of my friends, two black women, and we were talking shit on white people," says Castillon, who is white. "These two guys got really offended and they started calling these black women 'nigger' ... because in their mind, it's the same thing to talk shit on white people as on black people." Castillon claims he then punched one of the offending men in the face. CP was not able to verify any of these details.
Before tonight's meeting, the People of Color Committee could be seen talking near Dilworth Plaza's Southwest corner. Whites approaching the group were asked — politely, though bluntly — by one member whether they "identified as people of color." If not, they were asked to step back.
That person, a 23-year-old man who goes by the name The Voice, spoke to CP afterward. "We felt like the minorities were not ... I hate to say this, but it felt like it was an all-white movement at first," he said. "We felt like the minorities in this group were not being well-represented and so we decided to start a working group."
"A bunch of white members stood up against what we [the People of Color Working Group] were talking about, he added. "They tried to preach this one-ness. ... These issues just started affecting white middle-class people. They have always affected the black community."
That said, The Voice emphasized not division but unity of purpose: "We're not divided," he said. "I repeat: This movement is not divided. We just have our own agendas. You're probably not going to put this in the paper, but the media is looking for us to divide ourselves — especially sleazy papers like City Paper and thePhiladelphia Weekly [after instinctively raising an eyebrow, The Voice added, 'any group that puts pornography numbers on the back of their papers.']. They look for division, but we're not here to divide the movement. We're here so our voice can be heard."

According to the blog, complex-brown:
“Saturday, two sisters were called Niggers by two of the volunteers at Occupy Philadelphia at the cell-phone charging stations. They were also told to go back to Africa, and that each white man should own a slave. When the sista’s called security, security asked them to leave the premises because they thought they were apart of the UHURU movement. Even if they were a part of that movement, they should not have been asked to leave. Especially without any mention of their verbal and spiritual abuse. So a small collective formed a drummer’s circle on Sunday and started a rally, only to be met with on-lookers who didn’t understand why there was a Pan-African flag at an “American” event. We were called racist…When we circled up to come up with a constructive way to address the people, we were constantly interrupted by white people who could not respect our safe space. These people said that it was a public space, and we couldn’t have a group that exc[l]uded them. Why is it when black people want to get together to work out our issues in our community we are called out? …We spoke out about RACISM IN THE 99 percent.”

For me it is understood - there are dumb-azzes in every movement.
The primary means of appraising the character of a movement is how much they demand that those who wear their banner live up to a certain standard.

In any event - don't expect to see the NAACP join with "People For The American Way" to release a web site "The Occupier Watch"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MSNBC Should Be Applauded On Its Insight In Developing The

The most disturbing thing about the Black Racial Services Machine is its outright corruption.
They make no attempt to model their "coverage of the issues" around the real world challenges within the Black community according to the discipline of PROPORTIONALITY.

Their primary power is that of "Priority Setting".  In as much as they control who will be INDICTED - they can remain effective at keeping the Black "conscious awareness" in their favor.

We just need to understand that POPULARITY should not be mistaken as EFFECTIVENESS.

Thus while Herman Cain is presently the #1 topic on "Black Wing Talk Radio" and the "LampBlacked Journalist Press" he as a creation of the Republican Party on the campaign trail and this resulting threat that is generated within the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist circles should not be mistaken as them covering the full domain of issues within Black America.

As I note in my rebuttal to yet another MSNBC operative - Ms Penrice the running joke of indicting Herman Cain for failing to participate in Civil Rights Marches during the early 1960's is that TO-DAMNED-DAY the Civil Rights Pharisees are MOLESTING the interests of the Black Community as they seek to ban the Death Penalty in the state of Georgia - a more worthy choice because they understand that they can't do a damned thing about addressing "Street Pirate On Black Murders" - the mode of death that is far, far, far, far, far more prevalent than what the state executioner exacts.

They are comforted with "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" that their indictment against the state, forcing it to change its ways is a sign of their own Moral Connectedness.  The truth is that while a state government has a framework of enforcements placed around it - the being who was once on track to become "The Pillar Of The Black Community" and has morphed into a Street Pirate............DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about the Civil Rights Movement and will murder a Black person on "Joseph E Lowery Blvd" just as soon as he would do so on "Confederate Avenue" about 5 miles away.

Ms Penrice:

As a resident of Metro-Atlanta where a high concentration of "Civil Rights Pharisees" live - my observations of how they and you think assist my understanding of why Atlanta remains as a violent city and yet those who's claim to fame is that that the PROTECTED BLACK PEOPLE during the Civil Rights Movement - are rendered impotent at addressing our current problems.

When given the choice - the "Black woman who was 'discriminated against' by the Girl Scouts in an Atlanta suburb" makes it onto the Black Progressive blogs.  However the news that 2 Black men were murdered at two different gas stations in the past 3 days seem to escape your filter.

The sad part about it is that the Civil Rights Pharisees are working to end the State Sponsored Executions in the name of "Social Justice".  They believe that this is the advancement of our community while the blood continues to flow on the streets that they lay claim to.

Ms Penrice - do you imagine that 50 years from now someone will interview you and others in the Black Progressive Press and notate your relative silence as Black people were routinely assaulted and murdered on the streets?  Your silence largely stemming from your desire to avoid the necessary indictment of the forces that you have supported into power?

How do you ultimately reconcile the fact that Herman Cain is the #1 topic on Progressive Black-Wing Talk radio - yet the scores of Black progressive who ACTUALLY HOLD ELECTIVE OFFICES and are failing our community's interests aren't inspected in the manner that Herman Cain is - despite the fact that he has never held an elective office?

Who is SITTING OUT on the process of protecting our community today, Ms Penrice? 

Monday, October 10, 2011

MSNBC's Panel Of Negro Operatives Evaluates Their Co-Worker's Interview With Herman Cain

In both cases "the Negro who is on trial" had his fate sealed prior to the "Jury Of His Peers" ever entered into the jury box.

  • Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton
  • Prof Melissa Harris-Perry
  • JingOist Goldie Taylor 
All 3 are paid employees of MSNBC.
Lawrence O'Donnell is their co-worker.

With "The" developed by MSNBC as a means of extending their Progressive message-ineering into the Black Community they are rather deliberate in the make up of their "jury".

The power of the Progressive-Fundamentalist is that they claim the mandate to define the narrative.

The most relevant truth is that Lawrence O'Donnell and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes are not going to ask ANY Black Progressive Elected Officials in power today over failing "Mission Accomplished Cities" the same line of indictments that he asked a Black man who has never been elected.

Herman Cain served the US Military as a mathematician, calculating the trajectories of ornaments.  O'Donnell indicted him for failing to insert his body into the war - the very thing that he and others warned against with the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars recently.

Herman Cain said "Blacks are Brainwashed BECAUSE when he offers up alternative ideas and they tune him out BECAUSE he is a Conservative".

 As a three mode "Embedded Confidence Man" (Radio, Television, Newsprint) you are hardly one to talk about injecting OFFENSIVE messages into the Black community.   Our community lives today with a scaffolding that you assisted to erect that promised to have us prosper but which stifles our development of transparent governance because "congregational unity" is more important to you and others.

Prof Perry deserves credit for attempting to be transparent.  She suggests that even White politicians who grew up in the Civil Rights Era should be interrogated about "What did you do when you were needed the most?"  This was timely.  Instead of going along with the other two she redirected the indictment to its proper scope.

If "Civil Rights" are "American Rights" then indeed a man's race should not be the primary attribute to provoke scrutiny regarding his actions in the early 60's.

I would like to expand this scope even further.   Since the Black Community is suffering so many of these attacks today - AND we have "favorable people" in power unlike before - how do you explain the present silence regarding the assaults, problem plagued schools and economic derailment that is occurring today?  Is today's complicity as concern for the harm that criticism would impact the establishment powers much different than what the Black community suffered today?

Today Morehouse students are being compelled to go into action to stop the death penalty in Georgia.  This as the 2 or 4 people that the state executes today is achieved in the murder count on the streets of Atlanta in 5 days to a week.  

I submit that HIJACKED ACTION is worse than INACTION.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dave Zirin In Debate Over Hank Williams Alleges Racism & Confederatism

Dave Zirin has little credibility.
When he is brought into a forum to talk about sports this Nation Magazine reporter is always going to drive a hard-left angle.

The claim that Hank Williams is a RACIST(!!!) in the stereotype of most other White Southerners is not worthy of a debate that will get us anywhere.   I have learned that it is more important to move beyond the indictment and instead identify the material harm made to Black people beyond the "Soft Tissue Injury Of Racism" that hurts the ego and today is based on POLITICAL gamesmanship and advantage.

Prior to Hank Williams making his foolish Hitler analogy Mr Zirin would have likely had him excused from the opening scene of "Monday Night Football" because of Zirin's own bigotry against the Southern-stereotype.

I have listened to Mr Zirin in several forums (interviews and C-SPAN and "NPR").  Though he is cast as a "Sports guy" it is more accurate to label him as using sports as the playground for his progressive-fundamentalism.

Though he is no doubt a "free speech guy" I can guess that Zirin believes that the PLAYERS should not be punished for their free speech but Hank Williams has been associated to the NFL/ESPN by MANAGEMENT and his offensive words are associated with "the Brand".

(Note:  I made the above assumption based upon my logical interpolation of Zirin.  I will do research on Zirin's view of the Black football player who caused a stir when he mentioned that there were two sides of the story on terrorists.    My prediction is that Zirin - if he commented on the player - defended his right to free speech and against any sanctions taken upon him by the league or any advertisers).

My point is that Zirin's own bigotry against the Southern stereotype trumps any of his instinctual protections of free speech.
Zirin and others (I heard a panel of ladies on "Tell Me More" on NPR universally calling for the song to be pulled) fail to see that they are actually supporting CORPORATE punishment of speech.  The same people who criticize corporations for stripping their association with outspoken sports stars and entertainers (who are left leaning) are this time seen agreeing with the cuffs that "Corporate Athlete Slaves" are kept in check with.

The progressive has attacked Michael Jordan, for example, for not using his media power to speak out more on behalf of "social justice" and other political and economic issues.  It is clear that the issue is not "SPEECH" but WHAT is being spoken that defines their willingness to defend against corporate sanction versus "taking out an enemy" by taking away his endorsement deal.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Black Conservative In Support Of The Bev Smith Show

I'll start right out and say that I have a "Hate/Love" relationship with radio host Bev Smtih.

I'll even go as far as saying that I believe that she is a bigot.
Any conversation that she can get her attacks on "the Republicans" she will be heard chomping at the bit to bring in the name of the "Bush Administration", "Ronald Reagan" or some other right-wing operative.

Please note - I am not a Republican and don't care about mounting a defense for them.   Instead I see the ROLE that this obfuscation plays in clouding the mental consciousness of Black people.  

Instead of working to construct strong institutions WITHIN the Black community and defending them from external usurpation - we are compelled to achieve these positive ends by VOTING for our prosperity.   The operatives understand that the best way to increase the Black vote is to make it empassioned and angry - threatened that they own lax voting participation will lead to the theft of what is important to them.

Ironically my "love" for Bev Smith is because she, better than most other Black radio hosts has excellent community based topics on her show.   Her show is at her best when she brings in resources who talk about issues that are organic to the Black community:

  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Crime Reduction Through Giving Our People A Purpose
Yes of course I occasionally need to filter out the ideological and partisan banter that seeps within these conversations.  This is the standard fare for me as a frequent participant in Black community events around town.   The absolute fact that the Black community is a "Progressive Democratic constituency" makes it inevitable that most of these community based messages are directed toward that advantage per their line of reasoning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where's The Outrage? Another Educated Man Who Has Selective Reading Comprehension Problems

Where's The Outrage Blog

Dr EC Thompson is like a Black Rachel Maddow.   The bulk of his content involves keeping his conservative adversaries on trial.

For some strange reason he has more affinity toward inspecting a Black man named Herman Cain who has never held elective office than he does the Black man who sits in the most powerful seat of power in the world.

My Clarification To Dr Thompson 
- Herman Cain And The Allure Of Being Plain Wrong
I did not say MONEY.I stated that Black people, regardless of their income class have 2 possessions that are MORE VALUABLE than money.
1) Their "Equal Black Ballots" can be used to win elections for the Progressive Joint Venture that those who make PROMISES to them about VOTING their way into prosperity.
2) Their "Black Community Development Consciousness" is the key force that is far more valuable than money and their ballot.  This is used by the Embedded Confidence Men to CONVINCE THEM that as they are VOTING they are advancing their BLACK COMMUNITY INTERESTS.
This is why it is suspicious of you and other Black Progressive-Fundamentalists to focus so much on the THREAT from Herman Cain rather than the POWER that Barack Obama was given over the 2 valuable resources itemized above.    
While Herman Cain has never held an elective office and thus has not made any PROMISES to the Black community that has been largely squandered - Barack Obama and the cascading MACHINE of Democrats that have the foundations of their scaffolding from within the Black community and then erected through every elective office up to the White House have made MANY, MANY, MANY promises to our people that have not come true.
How do you hate a man who you have INVESTED so little in but walk past the inspection of your RETURN ON INVESTMENT.
Simply put sir, Imagine you ran your 401K as you do your inspection of your "Obama Fund".  You surely would be broke.
I believe that you know EXACTLY what I am saying regardless of my analogies or perceived riddles.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Why Would Any Clear Thinking Black Person Become A Mormon?" We Just Accept Their Help During Katrina And Use Their "" Service

On the "Fight The Power Radio Show" on Friday Derrick "Fight The Power" Bozeman engaged in a conversation with several callers regarding the RACISM of the Mormons.

"Why would any Black person join a church that was founded on the notion that Black people are inferior human beings?".  Ironically about an hour later the talkshow focused on the power of resources such as in helping Black families reconnect with each other.  (They did not realize that the LDS owns

This is a true statement.   The original Mormon church - "Church of the Latter Day Saints" (LDS) banned membership for Black people.   They dropped this policy officially in the mid-1970's.   Since that time they have permitted Blacks to enter into church leadership positions and their missions in Africa (and the Polynesian Islands) are one of the areas of strongest growth for LDS.

Indeed LDS has some unorthodox beliefs and practices related to the reincarnation of the human soul.  There church is still mired in much secrecy for my comfort.

What they failed to mention on "Fight The Power Radio" is:

Goods Distributed From "Racists" Were Accepted By Those In Desperate Need During Hurricane Katrina LDS Brought Several Truckloads Of Goods For Hurricane Katrina Relief
One of those unorthodox beliefs has the LDS to build up storehouses of goods for end times.   One benefit of these storehouses is that it was full of foodstuffs that was transported to the Gulf Coast in response to the tremendous crisis after the flooding.  

Make note of the efficiency and organization that the LDS has.  They are able to "fend for self".

Imagine if the average resident of the government projects in New Orleans joined the LDS and were inculcated with such a consciousness.
The wonderful resources provided by is owned by the LDS (or at minimum members of the church).  Many Black families use this service to trace their ancestry back to (and through) American Slavery

Again - the undertone of the conversation focused upon the need to restore severed Black family relationships.   The LDS has its ways with regards to praying for the souls of their ancestors.   One of the derivative results of this is that they had always kept records on family trees.

To listen to a group of people (the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers) always talking about the need for the Black Family to be restored and yet dismiss this religion despite their success in retaining familial bonds is stunning.

They would rather remain in strong contact with an IDEOLOGICAL PARTY under which their family structure was eroded and their economic and growth potential as free people were squandered.