Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Is This Irey Fellow?

From the Booker Rising blog

Add my friend Irey to the long list of "Intellectual Black Progressives" - who protect the Negro against Conservative assaults, always smarter than the "Ignorant Black Conservative" but never admitting that he also is smarter than the Inferior "The Least Of These" Blacks that he is trying to help.   If the "offending Blacks" who commit their ideas into words that go against his ideology are "stupid"................imagine the opinions  about the "Negro Masses" who don't commit their ideas onto paper our Intellectual Progressives apply to this larger group.  

This far larger group of Blacks, as it turns out, ARE the recipients of the "Intellectual Black Progressives' " altruism and protections.   As long as they are APPRECIATIVE of the fact that their cause is WORTHY of the Intellectual's time and they praise him accordingly - they will NEVER be called "Ignorant", "Uneducated", or DECEIVERS (as they echo a DECEPTIVE scheme for the Black community which they have learned from the "Intellectual Black Progressive - who, it turns out has learned it from the White Progressive Snarling Fox - their howls are indistinguishable when paired up on MSNBC).
[quote]No, CF, you are a deceiver, and not a particularly clever one. You spout talking points you obviously don't understand, and you propagandize shotgun fashion, hoping a pellet will land somewhere in the vicinity of truth and justify your intellectual and ideological narcissism. Or are you willing to answer these questions?[/quote]

Irey: I had been intending to make a blog post about you (and our previous conversation in which you yielded all societal norms to GOVERNMENT FIAT - that we had during the gay marriage debate). Just imagine if you were transparent about who could earn the title GREAT DECEIVER. 
Surely little ole me who is so putrid as compared to your ideology has earned the title. You simply can't bring yourself to apply this very same notion TO SCALE with the Black community. 
I have laid out the constructs that better define the Black situation into a "GIVE AND TAKE" scenario. While most talk about the "GIVE" element - the SOCIAL JUSTICE STRUGGLE...............I added the TAKE that is present in the fatal Quid Pro Quo that Progressive-Fundamentalists like yourself have engaged our people in. Indeed the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT and then the FUSED BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT HOPES are the CLOSED LOOP element of the scheme that has been hoisted upon Black America. 
Do you notice that the word DECEIVE has never come out of your mouth to describe those people who put forth CUSTOM TAILORED MARKETING SCHEMES to compel the Negro to INVEST his ballots and his FAITH for community uplift? 
Irey - is Rep Andre Carson a DECEIVER in your mind as he did not mention the LYNCHING ATTEMPTS outside of the BlackExpo in Indianapolis a few years ago and instead focused upon what HE BELIEVES the Tea Party WANTS to do to the Negro? 
Is the Black Racial Services Machine who conspired with the Obama CAMPAIGN to sell Negroes on the benefit of HOPE AND CHANGE classified as "DECEIVERS" in your book? 
WHEREAS I earned this title by MERE WORDS that are offensive to you..................they got 96% of the NEGRO VOTE in 2008 and even more Negroes (including those who did not have the ability to vote via their age) to FUSE their BLACKNESS and the UPLIFT that is connected with this spirit UPON THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN. 
Fast forward through time - and 3 years later - the Black unemployment rate is at DEPRESSION LEVELS. Knowing that the scheme of DECEPTION that the Black Racial Services plays is a FORWARD ATTENTION STEALING SCHEME, which only LOOKS BACKWARD on its ENEMY but focuses the Negro Consciousness on what the FUTURE INVESTMENTS will fix - there WILL BE NO "RETURN ON INVESTMENT APPRAISAL" by those who CLAIM to represent the fiduciary interests of the Negroes POT OF GOLD to see if it has received INCREASE!!!! The TEA PARTY threatens TO STEAL OUR GOLD and make a gold chain to LYNCH US WITH - we are told. THIS IS NOT "DECEPTION in a grand scale to YOU. 
THIS IS BECAUSE you are a key part of the scheme. Just as a Black man will never be called a SELL OUT for fusing his soul - above Jesus and onto the Progressive Fundamentalist Ideology - because the people who normally would call him a SELLOUT are standing beside is also true that no Negro who walks along with you - ravaging the Negro Vote and fusing his consciousness to Progressive Social Justice Struggle WILL EVER be called A DECEIVER OF BLACK PEOPLE - because this otherwise DECEPTIVE PATH FOR THE NEGRO TO TAKE which fails to build up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES yet has him dependent upon a BANKRUPT STATE and his former ENSLAVER is thoroughly approved by the system of DECEIVERS that you are in line with who are the 'Black Racial Services Machine'. 
Thus I conclude that the word "Deceiver", like the claim of "Fighting For The Interests Of Black People" are IRRELEVANT TERMS unless they are enshrined with the PROTECTIONS of transparent, dispassionate inspections. You sir are a "Killer Of Sheep's Consciousness"

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