Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Was Never About Troy Davis - In The Minds Of Some People


Note: These Videos Are From June 2010

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My Response To:

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

Writer, social activist, a lot of Israel/Palestine, and general mental rambling

Ms Hauser -
In Metro Atlanta a Black person is murdered at least every 2 days.
Can you detail for me why it is highly unlikely that you will achieve the same type of attachment for these victims of injustice that you feel for Troy Davis?
On that violent night in Savannah GA:
* A man was shot in the jaw
* A man was pistol whipped which triggered a stream of blood from his head
* An officer of the law was murdered in cold blood - before he was able to pull his service weapon out to defend himself
* Several people who witnessed what had happened felt so disconnected to this man who lay bleeding that they ran away, allowing him to bleed out
* As the witnesses at the scene were squeezed by the police - according to the account that you support - they were compelled to perjure themselves to avoid having the police lean on them because of their past criminal record
If you want to place your radiant emotional waves to good use - Why not lend some support to correcting the conditions WITHIN this violent community among those who are living.
When the Jim Crow South was shown to be producing the "Strange Fruit" of DEAD BLACK PEOPLE the outsiders compelled CHANGE within these boundaries.  Now that communities all over America that function just like this deadly community in Savannah - WHY is your response so seemingly different?   

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