Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Saga Called "The"

The Grio: Tea Party Finds It Harder To Practice What They Preach

 The one thing that we will never hear from MSNBC's "The" is Barack Obama's presidency inspected from the perspective of how unrealistic "Hope & Change" was and the promise that The won't be fooled again.

 THEY promise to defend the interests of Black people instead. This is impossible because, in their view, OBAMA IS THE BLACK BEST INTEREST.

Mr Williams:
My fantasy is that one day I will go to "The", see your name associated with an article and realize that you have done the same scrutiny that you do on:
* Librarianism
* Conservatism
* The Republican Party
* The Tea Party...............
On the Democratic Party.
More specifically, Mr Williams - the operating basis of what was sold as "The Black Community Development Agenda" back in 1968 when Dr King was assassinated.  A meeting of the major Black leaders concluded.   They allowed Bayard Rustin to announce to the world what they decided:
* The Black Community will produce a more favorable outcome for its people by placing favorable people, into power, over the government institutions by voting for DEMOCRATS to implement PROGRESSIVE POLICIES.
Do you notice, Mr Williams, that you and the majority of other content providers on "The Grio" - (Owned by MSNBC) practice what I call "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends"?
What is it about the "self breast exam" do you fear about inspecting Progressivism transparently?
Not the "We wuz slaves, subject to racist White cops and today you should be happy that this is in check".    This is what you co-worker Sharpton argues.
I am talking about TRANSPARENT, MEASURABLE advancement of the Black community's COMPETENCIES that are ORGANIC in nature.   Not massive increases in "Social Justice" redistribution but the evidence that our institutions that Progressives now control (our schools, etc) are producing the needed amount of skills and discipline that the Black community needs to prosper in the future.
Today it is the Tea Party that is your threat.
Tomorrow some unnamed target of the month will fill the void that you rely on to avoid talking about that which is really plaguing our people.
With all of the Conservatives voted out of our communities and no Tea Party members with the power to influence our people WITHIN - when do you start talking about that which is relevant to the BLACK COMMUNITY and not just what are threats to Democrats and Progressives?
Sadly, sir, you are the product of integration.
Your consciousness as a Black man is fully integrated with American Politics.
Just as Malcolm X warned us all about.  

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