Friday, September 9, 2011

The On Jobs In The Black Community

Will Obama's Jobs Speech Silence His Critics?

 If I was more skeptical I'd believe that Edward Wyckoff Williams is far more concerned about Obama's standing with his "Black Critics" than he is with the condition of employment within the Black community.

 I assure you that Williams will be able to tell us how much the Bush era policies have extended into the Obama zone, showing the power to destroy future prosperity that we all were unaware of during the days where these seeds were planted, more than he will ever be able to tell us when Obama stands along, economically naked with his policy choices as the primary element for inspection.

 I strongly suspect that Mr Williams will bestow this upon Obama - when the economy turns around and starts booming. Even if this takes place in 2020 - we will be hearing about how the stimulus provided by Obama finally surmounted the "Tea Party's opposition" and are now flying in an unmolested manner.

 My Reply On The - Sponsored By MSNBC
Mr Williams (and you too Super Sistah 1): 
Do you mind if I pull out a few noteworthy items in your latest article that you have graced us with?

[quote] Despite the strides made to stimulate the economy, and the moderate success of Obama's economic policies, the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for August showed an increase in the number of unemployed African-Americans at a rate of 16.7 percent from 15.9 percent the previous month. Although the vast majority of African-Americans continue to support the president, and understand that the present state of the economy is largely due to the failed economic and foreign policies put in place under the Bush administration, Obama's policies have been thwarted by Republican efforts to reduce government spending at a time when most economists believe the role of the federal government is to invest[/quote]

Mr Williams - when I read this article I thought of a incumbent reference to SIZE. The SIZE of the problem. The SIZE of the attempted solution. Since the "strides" have not sufficiently fixed the problem, from my understanding of your line of thinking, you would be inclined to double down and increase the SIZE. Here is where you and I differ. Where is the SPACE and TIME component to your analysis? Why do you take a "Federal Government Centric" approach as you fail to note the base of power that has been erected over Black and Progressive communities, all based on the promises of uplift? With respect to TIME - these entities had time - far longer than the 2.5 years of the Obama Administration to deliver upon their promises. As such the fabric that they were to build at the periphery where our people live was to be far stronger than anything that the central federal government could hope to provide from a TIME and SPACE perspective. Mr Williams - do you see how it is so that your analysis all flows from your will to have an ideological battle - centered around Obama? The Black community's interests are an unfortunate casualty of your antics. Why is it that neither you or any other "The Grio" columnist willing to investigate where the Black community now stands with respect to our array of investments over TIME (since the Bayard Rustin VOTING based community development scheme was announced in 1968) and SPACE - (where the plan to get favorable people distributed into the network of institutions that our people receive civic services from)? By focusing only on Obama, living variously through his fights with the House Republicans and the RACISM that you believe that he is suffering from - you do our community a grave injustice. As an investment banker - you know a thing about "fiduciary duties", which include the protection of the INTERESTS of your client, placing these above the interests of the INVESTMENT VEHICLE that was supposed to yield measurable PROFIT AND INCREASE. Mr Williams - WHERE do you show this same principle when it comes to the SEPARATE AND DISTINCT interests of the Black community from the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN where the Democrats, Republicans and OBAMA reside? Until you and others on this board clarify this point - you can only be ideological operatives fronting as souls that are interested in the condition of the Black community.

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