Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Government Paid Coffee And Donuts Provided By Obama For "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Operatives Still Sit, Undigested In The Stomach Of The Trotter Group's Les Payne

Les Payne - Prof Randall Kennedy Schools Tavis Smiley

I am convinced that in as much as there is a spirit within many people that seeks to have their existing views affirmed they consume content that ultimately makes no sense.
This article published by long time journalist Les Payne fits this category.

You see - in the context of massive Black community economic and academic malaise - Les Payne is seen commenting on an intra-Black Democrat squabble between candidates Clinton and Obama - back in the day in 2008.

Ironically Payne is seen up ending the 'I told you so" taunts made by some former Clinton supporters (who eventually ALL voted for Obama) regarding the present standing of Obama by introducing us to the "schooling" done by Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy.

With the grievances of Black America as a backdrop both Kennedy and Payne are forced to turn to the SYMBOLIC "long list of accomplishments of Obama" and his victory over the Clinton Machine as his own "Let Them Negroes Eat Cake".  With most credible and measurable deliverables from "Hope and Change" unable to surmount an increasingly skeptical Black community - Payne and Kennedy are forced to remind those "ungrateful Black Democrats" of their uncouthness as their blindness to the "White supremacy" that their support of Hillary Clinton has triggered.

If you choose to get ensnared into what Les Payne wants you to focus upon as he stitches together a narrative of victory for Obama that includes critical few "Black Interests" - you might lose sight of the fact that Payne's victory lap for Obama lacks a list of enumerated benefit AND a reference to where they stand in regards to the PROBLEM SET of Black America.

The bottom line remains - erudite "Black journalists" like Payne and other members of the Trotter Group want to craft and control the narrative.  They are not going to stand on the interests of the Black Community and judge that any FAVORABLE PROGRESSIVES have fallen short.

Ironically Mr Payne makes reference to Marcus Garvey.   The namesake of his "Trotter Group" - William Monroe Trotter was one of the "Black Progressive Lynch Mob" members that were carrying the "long bag" that Garvey commented upon.    Unfortunately for Garvey - that long, protruding object in the bag as the handsaw that they planned to use to cut Garvey's carcass down from the tree that they intended to allow J. Edgar Hoover to lynch him in.  With Hoover's finger prints upon the noose - they were to come along with the saw and proclaim that the RACISTS were guilty of the lynching.

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