Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Garbage Pail Kid's Korner - What Chauncey DeVega Can't Bring HImself To See

  We Are Respectable Negros - Herman Cain's Incompetence Displayed 

My dear friend, Mr Chauncey DeVega can't compel himself to see that, after 4 years of President Obama in the White House and if HE (DeVega) was impaneled by one of his White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint-venture partners to REPRESENT THE BLACK COMMUNITY as Obama was asked questions...............................HE (DeVega) could not bring himself to fire questions at the sitting President Of The United States as he (and Shaprton and Robinson) are compelled to do to a Black man who has never held an elective position before.

With this panel of MSNBC operatives who's DIVERSITY is like that of an "All White Jury" in 1952 Mississippi - they can't bring themselves to appraise their "favorable president" in terms of the present conditions that their ideology has brought "The Least Of These" into, instead they feel more comforted "keeping the enemy on trial" as the majority of their broadcast content.

Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton is far more fearful of what the Black Community will be LEFT ALONE WITH if a 'States Rights' movement severed the Progressive-Fundamentalist's claim on "Nationalized Social Justice Redistributions" and instead forced our community to live within the means that the "Mission Accomplished Policies" develop our people into.

With then candidate Senator Barack Obama warning America as to the damage that will be suffered to Black children IF they are left all alone in schools where they are the majority - its no wonder that the cabala of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists work so doggedly to ensure this day never happens.

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