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Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Obama Did Not "Court Black Voters In 2008" The Black Racial Services Machine Openned Its Legs Wider Than "The Obama Girl"

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega over at "We Are Respectable Negroes" argues that Obama courted the Black vote.

The Executive Summary Of My Rebuttal To Mr DeVega:


Recall during election time I exposed the massive fight in the "Dyson household?
Michael Eric Dyson was an "Obama man" from the start.
He beloved wife Marcia was a "Hillary woman".   They had a marital dispute over the which of these Presidential candidates was worthy.  At the end of the article they had kissed and made up - agreeing that any Democrat in the White House was better than the most qualified Republican.

Mr DeVega's analysis suffers from the very same flaw.
No No No.  I am not arguing that Mr DeVega should have found a Republican to stand Obama against.   Instead it is more accurate to say that Obama must be stood up against an ALTERNATE CHANNEL FOR BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

Go into the back yard of the Black Community.   Back where the wilted vegetable garden resides.
See that pile of trash?  Clear it out of the way.
Note that bean sprout that is now yellow and dying due to the mound that had starved its sunlight, preventing photosynthesis from taking place.

Mr DeVega can't see that the "Public Enemy #1" for the Black Community is NOT what the CBC and Ed Schultz  has told him.
The #1 enemy of the Black Community is - spending the next 50 years DOING THE VERY SAME THING with our investment resources as a people and figuring that, because of the smart Progressives that are leading us - things will turn out different THIS TIME.

This threat to Black people comes from the failure to protect the integrity of our Black Community Institutions from usurpation into the American Political Domain.  Our people are manipulated into thinking that we cannot stand absent the coverage from Cheshire Foxes - surviving the attack from the Conservative Wolves.  This scheme just happens to successfully take our ballots and our consciousness while leaving up disproportionately "The Least Of These".

I am honestly not so sure that this is not the plan in accordance with both Black and White conspirators.

My Post On "We Are Respectable Negroes"
My Beloved Bother Chauncey DeVega: YOU are the proverbial "Black Man"! That's what I like about you brother - always defending the "Black Permanent Interests" against all usurpers. With this post, however, I believe that you have slipped up in a few material areas. Since I am always working with you to strengthen your argument in preparation of that fateful day in which our beloved brother Ed Schultz pits you against a "Tea Party Racist" on his show - you will be prepared for all of their dirty tricks

1) You say Obama is at risk of a FAILED PRESIDENCY. Since this blog apparently is about BLACK PEOPLE - I am forced to challenge you to provide the evidence that Black people believe that Obama's presidency is anything close to a "Failed Presidency" * Is this by Black opinion polls? * Is this by Black intentions to invest their "Equal Black Ballots" into the Obama 2012 * OH here is the best one - Is it evidenced by the Black Community constructing a DIFFERENT CHANNEL for their Black Community UPLIFT that is distinct from the American Political Domain - them refusing to be the "Special Teams" in the Malcolm X Political Football game?

2) [quote]The press viewed this courtship of black voters as largely beside the point for a “post-racial” campaign that had bigger fish to fry on the white side of the street.[/quote] Brother DeVega: I am going to ask you to vent Prof Kennedy's words on this one. There was not a COURTING by Obama for the Black vote. Back in 2008 there was a CONVERGENCE of the cogs in the "Black Racial Services Machine" upon the Progressive Democratic Party. The fact that there was a BLACK MAN running for President as a Democrat merely increased the volume of Black votes. Thus I argue the opposite. The Black Gravitational Pull converged at a fulcrum and lifted Obama UP into Office. I have pictures from Urban malls where Obama t-shirts displaced Lil Wayne and Jay-Z to become the top sellers at the Korean owned urban fashion stores. I have copies of Ebony, Jet and Essence, Black Enterprise - all of whom said that they had not previously endorsed a Presidential candidate before - Before Obama that is. The proper mindset for you (and Brother Thrasher) to take is the FUTURE VIEW!!! Brother DeVega - the primary conversation for Black America to have at this point is: IN THE FUTURE who will be the GUARDIANS of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" - never again allowing it to get affixed to a vehicle that not only takes our "Equal Black Ballots" but at the critical check point in the journey where those who are LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY are seen demanding EARNEST MONEY before TAKING ANOTHER STEP FORWARD!!! Instead, My beloved Brother Chauncey - they are heard telling of the CONSEQUENCES to the Black community if we do not CONTINUE TO INVEST. You see, we have a violated set of INTEGRITY PROTECTIONS of our COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS - used for the profit of the embedded confidence men.


Brother DeVega: Hotep. Do you mind if I tell you about a pattern that I have noticed among Black Progressive-Fundamentalists? This will require that I build a model first. A model of our Permanent Interests and the methodology of how these are obtained.

I) Permanent Interests- Economic Prosperity For The Black Community

II) Methodology For Expression Of This Interest: A Good Paying Job For More Than 93% of Blacks who seek jobs. (ie: a Black Unemployment rate at or below 7% - Just like Clinton did)

III) Methodology to OBTAIN This Interest: American Politics - Adopting Progressive Policies to achieve "Social Justice"

IV) The Distribution.....: Getting Black Progressives Represented Into Public Policy and Corporate Positions

V) The Vehicle - Voting for the Democrats and promoting Black and Progressive Joint-venture partners into POWER to fight against Conservatives

Please read and understand this model. I have it in diagrammatic form but you should understand what I am saying by the text. Now we have the latest DISRESPECT OF THE BLACK PRESIDENT. He wanted one time and the (racist) Republicans asked him to change to the next day. Then the NFL balked at the preemption of their multi-million dollar broadcast and Obama moved it a few hours before kickoff. Here is my problem with you Mr DeVega. The issue is about JOBS FOR BLACK PEOPLE. After 2.5 years of Obama AND after 50 YEARS of Progressive Domination of the Black Community's economic development institutions - YOU are making an argument about DISRESPECT FOR OBAMA. How do you justify your stance in the context of JOBS FOR BLACK PEOPLE? The very MACHINE that received our INVESTMENTS with the notion that this would translate into PROSPERITY for our people is not ON TRIAL by you. Instead the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY who is "disrespecting" the cherry on top of the MACHINE that you have erected is the subject of your latest INDICTMENT. I am forced to ask you Mr DeVega: Do you have any respect for the INSTITUTIONS IN BLACK AMERICA? The INVESTMENTS that we have made need INVESTMENT ADVISERS who WORK IN OUR INTERESTS - ensuring the maximum returns. I can't say at this point that you are playing the role of OUR DEFENDERS. For you a perceived racial slight against OBAMA is worse than the SLIGHT of decades of BLACK INVESTMENTS of our BALLOTS and our DEVELOPMENT HOPES - only to have it pushed aside for a post on Boehnner. How do you explain yourself?

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