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Challenging Uncontested Black Progressive Media Propaganda & Obama Marketing

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Necessary "Constructive Feedback"
New Book Doesn't Tell All About The Obama Administration

The's David Love sees an inside book on the Obama Administration that is critical and he feels obligated to refocus the discussion on the length of Obama's accomplishments list
Mr Love:
 Is it even worth me waiting for you and other content contributors on The Grio (and the Black Progressive Press) to take a step back from your TRANSACTIONAL explanations and defenses of Progressive Public Policy and instead choose to make analysis of the entire scheme with respect to its ability to measurably advance our community's interests? It seems to me that you are prone to pit "Obama against the Republicans" (this is straight "Malcolm X Political football" that you play) yet you seem unable to speak of a construct such as "The Black Community's Interests VERSUS the Prevailing Methodology that purports to advance it". In short - rare is the content contributor who could even tell us that the interests of Obama/The Democrats/ Progressives are not synonymous with the interests of the Black Community AND that it is incumbent upon the Black Community to not fold all of our consciousness into THIS - the "American Political Domain". Why do you look forward to a "Second Obama Term"? Is this any different than * Streak of Progressive mayors that were to bring fortune to Philly, Chicago and Atlanta? * The Progressive School Board that provides more "Minority Contracts" than they hand out diplomas to Black males? You seem unable to distinguish the Obama policies that were crafted out of "Conservative Arm Twisting" VERSUS that which Obama came to see as he moved out of the "Community Organizer" role and the "Tell The Progressives What They Want To Hear" so they can invest their votes in me. If I showed you a video where, for example, Obama is heard saying that "Tax increases during a recession is not a good strategy" will you be looking for the Republican who made him say it? In as much as you and others see the Republicans (and now some rogue Obama Advisers) seeking to run over Obama as they note his tendencies in negotiations - it appears to me that the greatest violators of this very thing is the Progressive-Fundamentalists who note these same attributes in Obama but seek to USE HIM as their vehicle to implement progressive-redistributionist public policy nationally. When he goes astray from rote progressivism - then you are critical of him. When, Mr Love - will you take a step back from your transactional view and make measure of the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of our people that have been built up as we accept "Social Justice" from outside forces yet increasingly can't create in via the local institutions that were captured - long before Obama set foot in the White House?
How Troy Davis' Execution Hurts Us Internationally

The's Monique Morris tells us that the USA is proving to be an embarrassment to the world in executing Troy Davis.

Ms Morris -
What do you think the world thinks about "US" when they see the exponentially larger number of Black men murdered on the streets in the Black community but their untimely deaths don't trigger a whimper?

What about when "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music is imported into their nations and they make inference about how Drugs, Violence and Fast Black Women dominate the United States?

With Archbishop Desmond Tutu's South Africa being one of the most crime ridden nation in the world - how is his opinion about the affairs in America any different than if Rev John Hagee of America commented on the number of Black African females who are raped but have little legal recourse?   

I have heard many voices on "Black-Wing Talk Radio" say "We can never allow this injustice to happen again" - they speaking of (per their view) an "innocent Black man put to death".   If they were more transparent, Ms Morris - they would expand their view to see that the streets of Savannah that Troy Davis, Sylvester "Red" Coles, Larry Young (the homeless man beaten by Davis) and the late Officer Marc MacPhail were ensnared in the chaotic streets that are ruled by the gun and thus THIS is what they need to be focusing upon.  The reform of the institutions on these harsh streets is a far more worthwhile investment for Black Progressives to focus on than the relatively infrequent executions by the state in this nation.

More Black men are murdered each year in the United States than the total number of executions done in the United States since it was restored.

While you will win a POPULARITY contest against me, Ms Morris - I question if your focus would satisfy a PROPORTIONALITY FILTER as related to the primary threats waiting Black people.  Death at the hands of the state, while good for generating a large crowd of Black folks in protest - does not compare to that which is transacted upon our people via the benign neglect that takes place while people leave their guard posts in our community in order to join the large crowd. 

1267 executions since 1967
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Edward 'Lil Obama' Williams

Can President Obama Win The Next Tax War?
Mr Williams:

If we change your focus from President Obama over to "Progressive Democratic Policy" do you have any evidence that a WIN for "Progressvie Democratic Policy" is a WIN for the Black community?

Why is it that the high tax political boundries of California, Chicago, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia has not proven to be a clear cut victory for Black Community interests?

Incumbent to your position (and that of Zora Renee) is that we should look past any questions of FAILED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICIES that you and others may have invested in where we live in our highest concentrations and turn back to the tried and true Nationalized Social Justice Redistribution policies.

Do you notice, Mr Williams, such a stance allows the progressives to continue building power LOCALLY over our communities as you continue to fault outsiders for failing to live up to our contractual bindings as a society.

The problem with your theories is that it NEVER thinks to return to the promises that were made as people who now control our local areas to determine if they have delivered.  Instead you commit to the perpetual STRUGGLE.

Indeed there are some forces that are WINNING (the Progressive Democrats WINNING the INVESTMENTS of your Equal Black Ballots and your Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes).  

What you need to talk about is Who LOSES with this strategy, Mr WIlliams.

From my persective - the loss is to the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.   Despite making these investments both become so compromised that it is unwilling to demand returns on investments - lest the ENEMY CONSERVATIVES see Black people squabling with each other.


Mr Williams:

As I was sampling the arguments about "tax cuts" vs "tax increases" I noticed that the popular line was to use the "Clinton Tax Increases" which lead to boom times and the Bush tax cuts failed to create the promised jobs.

This compelled me to think - Why is it that the same scrutiny is never applied to High Tax Cities/ Counties/States?   If you look at the list of states/cities with massive budget deficits - the linkage to the THEORIES that predominate these governments with regard to their tax and spending policies cannot be dismissed.  Why aren't you and others asking people to explain why so many of these high tax zones not only have budget shortfalls but -in many cases they are losing population as people move elsewhere for opportunity?

Most importantly however, Mr Williams - as you and others allow your ideological theories on government and "social justice" show though your content - why is it that we don't see you pointing out the INCREASE seen at the hands of 'The Least Of These" - who you claim benefit from these redistributionary policies from rich to poor?

It seems to me that - just as we walk up to the point where those who got into power with the support of 'The Least Of These' yet have failed to show evidence that they are competent in running the institutions that these "Vulnerable Masses" depend upon for their uplift - you and others try to shift the conversation away from you providing PROOF that your previous "Mission Accomplishments" have successfully uplifted the constituents.  

Instead you create a new debate about tax rates and how the rich are not paying their "Fair Share".
Isn't the other way to create "tax revenues" for the treasury done by turning "The Least Of These" into the "UN-Least Of These", Mr Williams?When will you move from Obama's vicarious policy reporter over to a muckraker who seeks to confirm the Return On Investment received as previous people mouthed the very same policies as Obama is doing and successfully compelled you and others to support them, with the promises of prosperity and social justice?

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