Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calling The President A "Monkey" Is A Selective Offense

Note This Image Is A Cropped Version Of The Original Site
With all of the claims of racism and disrespect of Commander In Chief Obama - it is interesting that some of the people who drive the "Media Matters Twitter Feeds" that show "racial" disrespect of Obama proudly associate themselves with a web site called "The Smirking Chimp".

The argument says that Black people have been subjected to the racist stereotype of being called "monkeys" so all references in kind directed toward Obama or any other Black official must be curtailed due to the double meaning that is implied.

If this is the standard that the Progressives want enforced on Black people - how do they justify their active association with "The Smirking Chimp"?  Since they are not able to substantiate the claim that Blacks are more closely related to monkeys than are Whites - this is not a scientific slam.  It is a racial taunt.

Knowing the pain associated with calling people "monkeys" - who is it that the people who "Advertise Liberally" not more vocal in getting the site to change its name or at least keeping its favored journalist from contributing to this site?

If there was a site of this type dedicated to criticism about Obama - would there be an organized protest?

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