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The Black JingOists: "Standing Up Obama"

The pattern is clear based on the arguments made in the articles:

  1. The Nation: America To Obama - "Stand Up For Yourself"
    1. "Stand Up For Yourself" Synidcated In "The"
  2. The Root - Roland Martin - "No One Fears President Obama"
  3. Leonard Pitts - "Maxine Waters Shows The Democrats Have A Backbone"
I could keep searching over the past 2 months and find a bevy of other Black people who have written articles and blog posts suggesting that Obama start FIGHTING.  

Ultimately it is not worth my time doing so.

Few of you are stupid.  You know what is going on.


Thanks to integration - it is now 100% Partisan Politics via the channel of the "American Political Domain'.

These people are NOT seeking a FIGHT FOR "Black Interests".
Instead they want Progressives and the Democratic Party to FIGHT a better fight on the gridiron of the "Malcolm X Political Football game".  

Today there is no "Malcolm X" that sees what is going on and who throws up a word of caution to Black people to not LOSE OUR INTEGRITY by playing in someone else's ball game.

I was going to write a separate article and place it on the "5/5ths Equal People" blog as a strategic mandate but my argument seems fitting here:............................

Obama CANNOT Be Taken As A "Black Leader" Unless It Is True That The Black Community Development Consciousness Is Now 100% Political

Few people are willing to calculate the necessary comprimise of the integrity of the Black Community's interests for this popular t-shirt to be our operational reality.

Dr King was NOT a "Political Party Creation" - regardless of what some happless Black Repubicans try and tell you. 

He was a political ousider who saw a system of government in our nation that was flawed and falling short of its own creed.  He saw a group of people who subverted the law as their own individual hatred and desire for tribal domination to be expressed as the law of the land.  Most of all he saw the key institutions that Black Americans were exposed to stunted our growth rather than exentuating our person to the full potential. 

Dr King pushed upon the SYSTEM, demanding that it change.

President Obama IS a political party creation and an inside man to the system.  He now sits IN the seat of power.  He IS "The Power" that King's "truth" was spoken to.

The evidence of the perversion of this fact in which Obama is attempted to be made into a "King against the System" is at the root of the compromised integrity that is evidenced within the Black Political discourse.

  1. For the first time in Black History a group of "Activists" openly debated the practicality of "Speaking Truth To Power" and thus risking "The Power's reelection" changes as they felt that "The Power" was not sufficiently addressing the interests of Black people - this despite the long lists of "What Obama Has Done For Black People" that adorn their web sites
  2. When two long time Black Progressive-Fundamentalists dared to erect a TRANSPARENT Progressive system of measurements for the favorable President Of The United States - those fellow Progressives who felt that such a measuring stick should be reserved for ENEMY Presidents to be evaluated by and made to fail - grew outraged as they followed through with their critique.   (Again - the "What Obama Has Done for Black People" lists DISPENSE of formal measurement of their long bullet point lists - using the PROPORTION system of appraisal to determine if the quantity of items was actually comprehensive enough in a manner commensurate with the INVESTMENTS that have been made in the machine in question)
  3. With Black Unemployment Rates hovering stuburnly around 16% the "Black Racial Services Machine" - Political Arm which should be held accountable for their near 50 year run of power was heard asking permission from the Black Rank & File to pressure "The Power" on his job creation plan - knowing that these same masses won't bother asking them about their own job creation track record.

Again with reference to the "What Obama Has Done For Black People" lists this artifact shows a person who is intent on SELLING Obama to any "non-believers" who have given up hope in their investmed ballots and fused "Black Community Development Consciousness". 

I have mentioned in previous posts that the attributes of their sales job are as follows:
  1. Note the tremendous suffering in Black America attributing it to
    1. Failed Republican/Bush Policies
    2. Present day Tea Party Obstructionism
    3. Residual Damage from Slavery / Jim Crow
  2. Asking The Appropriate Rhetorical Questions such as:
    1. "If John McCain was in office now would it be any better for Black people?  It would no dobut be worse"
    2. "What alterative do the Republicans offer?"
  3. Sell The Future (Just as they did in 2008 but realizing that few will ask for Earnest Money Before Making Another Payment)
    1. "Obama's first term was all about undoing the damage that Bush did.  We need to INVEST in him for a second term so he'll have 8 years to work through"
    2. "This is all about the Supreme Court.  We need to allow Obama to replace one of those 5 Conservative Justices and the tide for Black America will change"
    3. "In his second term Obama will be a lame duck and won't have to worry about what White people think about him opinion polls.   He can target more programs at Black people since he won't have to run for reelection.   We need to put aside our criticisms and make sure that he gets a second term and that the TEA PARTY is knocked out of Congress"
Every single one of these points shows evidence of a "Special Teams" within the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  There is no "BLACK INTEREST PROTECTION" which separates our community's interests distinctly from the POPULAR CHANNEL through which the "Black Racial Services Machine" has chosen to seek it.

When the Black Permanent Interests are shown at a failed state - those who marketed this strategy to the Black Community never miss a beat - as imposed by the Black Rank & File.   Instead these well placed operatives merely do as Rep Waters, Rep Wilson and others have shown how its done - Stand up an ENEMY that threatens the composition of Black America's interests and get BLACK AMERICA engaged in a fight and then stand up OBAMA as the main gladiator who will wage the fight in the lead position.

Note as well how another Progressive Faction - the Unions also compelled Obama to fight.  James Hoffa said "Mr President we are your troops".   Where as the Black Progressive cog in the Progressive Coalition sets up RACIAL threats to run against - the Organized Labor cog throws up threats to UNION ORGANIZING RIGHTS as the main threat to their interests.  It doesn't matter how many otherwise favorable mayors or governors have laid off government unionized employees due to budget constraits - the organized labor left needs to engage in a FIGHT.  Those who attack the union are a greater threat than those who preside over an insolvent "consumer of labor" and were compelled to lay off the actual workers - while keeping the union intact.  (See Detroit and Newark)

The key flaw in the Progressive Power Distribution Model is that they are forced to engage in "Establishment Power Repudiation".   The more favorable people they bring into power into instittuions at the periphery that had been the "ground zero" for their past struggles - the failure to achieve the anticipated goals coupled with the unwillingness to question the veracity of their ideology to deliver what was promised - forces them to STRUGGLE OUTWARD.

This mandates a necessary compromiste of the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of their latest acquisition.  For example - what unified them in their quest for power in the take over of urban school systems is now an OUTWARD struggle in which the "social justice" coefficient of these schools are not met until some external funding source provide equal funding as compared to some other district that is achieving better results.  In their great slight of hand - they escape accountability for the results from the schools.  They merely seek complicit agreement that sans the equal funding they can't be expected to produce.  These institutions merely become nodes that are used as leverage in a broader struggle to NATIONALIZE the struggle that was previously to be fulfilled by the local take over.

This scheme which effectively keeps the left-wing factions together in continuious struggle is a grand failure when it is appraised for its ability to:
  1. Build Up Transparently Managed Institutions
  2. Produce Evidence Of A Black Community With Increasing Organic Competencies
  3. Bring To Fruition The Claim That "Education Is The Great Equalizer"
As it stands all of these bullet items are made to be INDICTMENTS against some external force that is said to be deying us of our "Social Justice" and proverbial carrots strung before us - not as attainable goals but "ideological unifying agents".

Without sufficient independent, transparent protection of our community interests - seperate and distinct from the agreed upon METHODOLOGY - we should not expect anything different in 2014, 2016,etc.

This is what "vicarious living" looks like.

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