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This Was Never About Troy Davis - In The Minds Of Some People


Note: These Videos Are From June 2010

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Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

Writer, social activist, a lot of Israel/Palestine, and general mental rambling

Ms Hauser -
In Metro Atlanta a Black person is murdered at least every 2 days.
Can you detail for me why it is highly unlikely that you will achieve the same type of attachment for these victims of injustice that you feel for Troy Davis?
On that violent night in Savannah GA:
* A man was shot in the jaw
* A man was pistol whipped which triggered a stream of blood from his head
* An officer of the law was murdered in cold blood - before he was able to pull his service weapon out to defend himself
* Several people who witnessed what had happened felt so disconnected to this man who lay bleeding that they ran away, allowing him to bleed out
* As the witnesses at the scene were squeezed by the police - according to the account that you support - they were compelled to perjure themselves to avoid having the police lean on them because of their past criminal record
If you want to place your radiant emotional waves to good use - Why not lend some support to correcting the conditions WITHIN this violent community among those who are living.
When the Jim Crow South was shown to be producing the "Strange Fruit" of DEAD BLACK PEOPLE the outsiders compelled CHANGE within these boundaries.  Now that communities all over America that function just like this deadly community in Savannah - WHY is your response so seemingly different?   

WAOK's "Dr White" Suggests That Black Males Should Join Organizations To Find The REAL KILLERS Of Officer MacPhail

Dr White: What should Black males who are angry over the execution of Troy Davis - an innocent man?

ANSWER: DON'T MURDER ANYONE.  You'll have little to worry about.

With 33 executions last year while 8,000 Black people MURDERED in the United States - is it rational for someone to tell Black males to worry about Executions?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Psst - Fox News Did Not Run The Live Feed Of The Troy Davis Execution

(Note - I am keeping tally of the number of articles written regarding how CNN and MSNBC (The Black Progressive Agenda Network) both ran the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis live while Fox News chose to re-run the 8pm "O'Reilly Factor" in the 11pm slot.

This - in their mind shows the lack of respect for "Black people" that Fox has.

These same people can't bring themselves to see that their choice to not sufficiently cover all of the other Black people who are murdered on the streets shows a similar lack of respect for our people.)

Challenging Uncontested Black Progressive Media Propaganda & Obama Marketing

Source Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Viewpoint
Necessary "Constructive Feedback"
New Book Doesn't Tell All About The Obama Administration

The's David Love sees an inside book on the Obama Administration that is critical and he feels obligated to refocus the discussion on the length of Obama's accomplishments list
Mr Love:
 Is it even worth me waiting for you and other content contributors on The Grio (and the Black Progressive Press) to take a step back from your TRANSACTIONAL explanations and defenses of Progressive Public Policy and instead choose to make analysis of the entire scheme with respect to its ability to measurably advance our community's interests? It seems to me that you are prone to pit "Obama against the Republicans" (this is straight "Malcolm X Political football" that you play) yet you seem unable to speak of a construct such as "The Black Community's Interests VERSUS the Prevailing Methodology that purports to advance it". In short - rare is the content contributor who could even tell us that the interests of Obama/The Democrats/ Progressives are not synonymous with the interests of the Black Community AND that it is incumbent upon the Black Community to not fold all of our consciousness into THIS - the "American Political Domain". Why do you look forward to a "Second Obama Term"? Is this any different than * Streak of Progressive mayors that were to bring fortune to Philly, Chicago and Atlanta? * The Progressive School Board that provides more "Minority Contracts" than they hand out diplomas to Black males? You seem unable to distinguish the Obama policies that were crafted out of "Conservative Arm Twisting" VERSUS that which Obama came to see as he moved out of the "Community Organizer" role and the "Tell The Progressives What They Want To Hear" so they can invest their votes in me. If I showed you a video where, for example, Obama is heard saying that "Tax increases during a recession is not a good strategy" will you be looking for the Republican who made him say it? In as much as you and others see the Republicans (and now some rogue Obama Advisers) seeking to run over Obama as they note his tendencies in negotiations - it appears to me that the greatest violators of this very thing is the Progressive-Fundamentalists who note these same attributes in Obama but seek to USE HIM as their vehicle to implement progressive-redistributionist public policy nationally. When he goes astray from rote progressivism - then you are critical of him. When, Mr Love - will you take a step back from your transactional view and make measure of the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT of our people that have been built up as we accept "Social Justice" from outside forces yet increasingly can't create in via the local institutions that were captured - long before Obama set foot in the White House?
How Troy Davis' Execution Hurts Us Internationally

The's Monique Morris tells us that the USA is proving to be an embarrassment to the world in executing Troy Davis.

Ms Morris -
What do you think the world thinks about "US" when they see the exponentially larger number of Black men murdered on the streets in the Black community but their untimely deaths don't trigger a whimper?

What about when "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" music is imported into their nations and they make inference about how Drugs, Violence and Fast Black Women dominate the United States?

With Archbishop Desmond Tutu's South Africa being one of the most crime ridden nation in the world - how is his opinion about the affairs in America any different than if Rev John Hagee of America commented on the number of Black African females who are raped but have little legal recourse?   

I have heard many voices on "Black-Wing Talk Radio" say "We can never allow this injustice to happen again" - they speaking of (per their view) an "innocent Black man put to death".   If they were more transparent, Ms Morris - they would expand their view to see that the streets of Savannah that Troy Davis, Sylvester "Red" Coles, Larry Young (the homeless man beaten by Davis) and the late Officer Marc MacPhail were ensnared in the chaotic streets that are ruled by the gun and thus THIS is what they need to be focusing upon.  The reform of the institutions on these harsh streets is a far more worthwhile investment for Black Progressives to focus on than the relatively infrequent executions by the state in this nation.

More Black men are murdered each year in the United States than the total number of executions done in the United States since it was restored.

While you will win a POPULARITY contest against me, Ms Morris - I question if your focus would satisfy a PROPORTIONALITY FILTER as related to the primary threats waiting Black people.  Death at the hands of the state, while good for generating a large crowd of Black folks in protest - does not compare to that which is transacted upon our people via the benign neglect that takes place while people leave their guard posts in our community in order to join the large crowd. 

1267 executions since 1967
 show less
Edward 'Lil Obama' Williams

Can President Obama Win The Next Tax War?
Mr Williams:

If we change your focus from President Obama over to "Progressive Democratic Policy" do you have any evidence that a WIN for "Progressvie Democratic Policy" is a WIN for the Black community?

Why is it that the high tax political boundries of California, Chicago, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia has not proven to be a clear cut victory for Black Community interests?

Incumbent to your position (and that of Zora Renee) is that we should look past any questions of FAILED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT POLICIES that you and others may have invested in where we live in our highest concentrations and turn back to the tried and true Nationalized Social Justice Redistribution policies.

Do you notice, Mr Williams, such a stance allows the progressives to continue building power LOCALLY over our communities as you continue to fault outsiders for failing to live up to our contractual bindings as a society.

The problem with your theories is that it NEVER thinks to return to the promises that were made as people who now control our local areas to determine if they have delivered.  Instead you commit to the perpetual STRUGGLE.

Indeed there are some forces that are WINNING (the Progressive Democrats WINNING the INVESTMENTS of your Equal Black Ballots and your Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes).  

What you need to talk about is Who LOSES with this strategy, Mr WIlliams.

From my persective - the loss is to the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.   Despite making these investments both become so compromised that it is unwilling to demand returns on investments - lest the ENEMY CONSERVATIVES see Black people squabling with each other.


Mr Williams:

As I was sampling the arguments about "tax cuts" vs "tax increases" I noticed that the popular line was to use the "Clinton Tax Increases" which lead to boom times and the Bush tax cuts failed to create the promised jobs.

This compelled me to think - Why is it that the same scrutiny is never applied to High Tax Cities/ Counties/States?   If you look at the list of states/cities with massive budget deficits - the linkage to the THEORIES that predominate these governments with regard to their tax and spending policies cannot be dismissed.  Why aren't you and others asking people to explain why so many of these high tax zones not only have budget shortfalls but -in many cases they are losing population as people move elsewhere for opportunity?

Most importantly however, Mr Williams - as you and others allow your ideological theories on government and "social justice" show though your content - why is it that we don't see you pointing out the INCREASE seen at the hands of 'The Least Of These" - who you claim benefit from these redistributionary policies from rich to poor?

It seems to me that - just as we walk up to the point where those who got into power with the support of 'The Least Of These' yet have failed to show evidence that they are competent in running the institutions that these "Vulnerable Masses" depend upon for their uplift - you and others try to shift the conversation away from you providing PROOF that your previous "Mission Accomplishments" have successfully uplifted the constituents.  

Instead you create a new debate about tax rates and how the rich are not paying their "Fair Share".
Isn't the other way to create "tax revenues" for the treasury done by turning "The Least Of These" into the "UN-Least Of These", Mr Williams?When will you move from Obama's vicarious policy reporter over to a muckraker who seeks to confirm the Return On Investment received as previous people mouthed the very same policies as Obama is doing and successfully compelled you and others to support them, with the promises of prosperity and social justice?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Saga Called "The"

The Grio: Tea Party Finds It Harder To Practice What They Preach

 The one thing that we will never hear from MSNBC's "The" is Barack Obama's presidency inspected from the perspective of how unrealistic "Hope & Change" was and the promise that The won't be fooled again.

 THEY promise to defend the interests of Black people instead. This is impossible because, in their view, OBAMA IS THE BLACK BEST INTEREST.

Mr Williams:
My fantasy is that one day I will go to "The", see your name associated with an article and realize that you have done the same scrutiny that you do on:
* Librarianism
* Conservatism
* The Republican Party
* The Tea Party...............
On the Democratic Party.
More specifically, Mr Williams - the operating basis of what was sold as "The Black Community Development Agenda" back in 1968 when Dr King was assassinated.  A meeting of the major Black leaders concluded.   They allowed Bayard Rustin to announce to the world what they decided:
* The Black Community will produce a more favorable outcome for its people by placing favorable people, into power, over the government institutions by voting for DEMOCRATS to implement PROGRESSIVE POLICIES.
Do you notice, Mr Williams, that you and the majority of other content providers on "The Grio" - (Owned by MSNBC) practice what I call "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends"?
What is it about the "self breast exam" do you fear about inspecting Progressivism transparently?
Not the "We wuz slaves, subject to racist White cops and today you should be happy that this is in check".    This is what you co-worker Sharpton argues.
I am talking about TRANSPARENT, MEASURABLE advancement of the Black community's COMPETENCIES that are ORGANIC in nature.   Not massive increases in "Social Justice" redistribution but the evidence that our institutions that Progressives now control (our schools, etc) are producing the needed amount of skills and discipline that the Black community needs to prosper in the future.
Today it is the Tea Party that is your threat.
Tomorrow some unnamed target of the month will fill the void that you rely on to avoid talking about that which is really plaguing our people.
With all of the Conservatives voted out of our communities and no Tea Party members with the power to influence our people WITHIN - when do you start talking about that which is relevant to the BLACK COMMUNITY and not just what are threats to Democrats and Progressives?
Sadly, sir, you are the product of integration.
Your consciousness as a Black man is fully integrated with American Politics.
Just as Malcolm X warned us all about.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Government Paid Coffee And Donuts Provided By Obama For "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Operatives Still Sit, Undigested In The Stomach Of The Trotter Group's Les Payne

Les Payne - Prof Randall Kennedy Schools Tavis Smiley

I am convinced that in as much as there is a spirit within many people that seeks to have their existing views affirmed they consume content that ultimately makes no sense.
This article published by long time journalist Les Payne fits this category.

You see - in the context of massive Black community economic and academic malaise - Les Payne is seen commenting on an intra-Black Democrat squabble between candidates Clinton and Obama - back in the day in 2008.

Ironically Payne is seen up ending the 'I told you so" taunts made by some former Clinton supporters (who eventually ALL voted for Obama) regarding the present standing of Obama by introducing us to the "schooling" done by Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy.

With the grievances of Black America as a backdrop both Kennedy and Payne are forced to turn to the SYMBOLIC "long list of accomplishments of Obama" and his victory over the Clinton Machine as his own "Let Them Negroes Eat Cake".  With most credible and measurable deliverables from "Hope and Change" unable to surmount an increasingly skeptical Black community - Payne and Kennedy are forced to remind those "ungrateful Black Democrats" of their uncouthness as their blindness to the "White supremacy" that their support of Hillary Clinton has triggered.

If you choose to get ensnared into what Les Payne wants you to focus upon as he stitches together a narrative of victory for Obama that includes critical few "Black Interests" - you might lose sight of the fact that Payne's victory lap for Obama lacks a list of enumerated benefit AND a reference to where they stand in regards to the PROBLEM SET of Black America.

The bottom line remains - erudite "Black journalists" like Payne and other members of the Trotter Group want to craft and control the narrative.  They are not going to stand on the interests of the Black Community and judge that any FAVORABLE PROGRESSIVES have fallen short.

Ironically Mr Payne makes reference to Marcus Garvey.   The namesake of his "Trotter Group" - William Monroe Trotter was one of the "Black Progressive Lynch Mob" members that were carrying the "long bag" that Garvey commented upon.    Unfortunately for Garvey - that long, protruding object in the bag as the handsaw that they planned to use to cut Garvey's carcass down from the tree that they intended to allow J. Edgar Hoover to lynch him in.  With Hoover's finger prints upon the noose - they were to come along with the saw and proclaim that the RACISTS were guilty of the lynching.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Garbage Pail Kid's Korner - What Chauncey DeVega Can't Bring HImself To See

  We Are Respectable Negros - Herman Cain's Incompetence Displayed 

My dear friend, Mr Chauncey DeVega can't compel himself to see that, after 4 years of President Obama in the White House and if HE (DeVega) was impaneled by one of his White Progressive Cheshire Fox joint-venture partners to REPRESENT THE BLACK COMMUNITY as Obama was asked questions...............................HE (DeVega) could not bring himself to fire questions at the sitting President Of The United States as he (and Shaprton and Robinson) are compelled to do to a Black man who has never held an elective position before.

With this panel of MSNBC operatives who's DIVERSITY is like that of an "All White Jury" in 1952 Mississippi - they can't bring themselves to appraise their "favorable president" in terms of the present conditions that their ideology has brought "The Least Of These" into, instead they feel more comforted "keeping the enemy on trial" as the majority of their broadcast content.

Professional Progressive Political Preacher Rev Al Sharpton is far more fearful of what the Black Community will be LEFT ALONE WITH if a 'States Rights' movement severed the Progressive-Fundamentalist's claim on "Nationalized Social Justice Redistributions" and instead forced our community to live within the means that the "Mission Accomplished Policies" develop our people into.

With then candidate Senator Barack Obama warning America as to the damage that will be suffered to Black children IF they are left all alone in schools where they are the majority - its no wonder that the cabala of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists work so doggedly to ensure this day never happens.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Is This Irey Fellow?

From the Booker Rising blog

Add my friend Irey to the long list of "Intellectual Black Progressives" - who protect the Negro against Conservative assaults, always smarter than the "Ignorant Black Conservative" but never admitting that he also is smarter than the Inferior "The Least Of These" Blacks that he is trying to help.   If the "offending Blacks" who commit their ideas into words that go against his ideology are "stupid"................imagine the opinions  about the "Negro Masses" who don't commit their ideas onto paper our Intellectual Progressives apply to this larger group.  

This far larger group of Blacks, as it turns out, ARE the recipients of the "Intellectual Black Progressives' " altruism and protections.   As long as they are APPRECIATIVE of the fact that their cause is WORTHY of the Intellectual's time and they praise him accordingly - they will NEVER be called "Ignorant", "Uneducated", or DECEIVERS (as they echo a DECEPTIVE scheme for the Black community which they have learned from the "Intellectual Black Progressive - who, it turns out has learned it from the White Progressive Snarling Fox - their howls are indistinguishable when paired up on MSNBC).
[quote]No, CF, you are a deceiver, and not a particularly clever one. You spout talking points you obviously don't understand, and you propagandize shotgun fashion, hoping a pellet will land somewhere in the vicinity of truth and justify your intellectual and ideological narcissism. Or are you willing to answer these questions?[/quote]

Irey: I had been intending to make a blog post about you (and our previous conversation in which you yielded all societal norms to GOVERNMENT FIAT - that we had during the gay marriage debate). Just imagine if you were transparent about who could earn the title GREAT DECEIVER. 
Surely little ole me who is so putrid as compared to your ideology has earned the title. You simply can't bring yourself to apply this very same notion TO SCALE with the Black community. 
I have laid out the constructs that better define the Black situation into a "GIVE AND TAKE" scenario. While most talk about the "GIVE" element - the SOCIAL JUSTICE STRUGGLE...............I added the TAKE that is present in the fatal Quid Pro Quo that Progressive-Fundamentalists like yourself have engaged our people in. Indeed the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT and then the FUSED BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT HOPES are the CLOSED LOOP element of the scheme that has been hoisted upon Black America. 
Do you notice that the word DECEIVE has never come out of your mouth to describe those people who put forth CUSTOM TAILORED MARKETING SCHEMES to compel the Negro to INVEST his ballots and his FAITH for community uplift? 
Irey - is Rep Andre Carson a DECEIVER in your mind as he did not mention the LYNCHING ATTEMPTS outside of the BlackExpo in Indianapolis a few years ago and instead focused upon what HE BELIEVES the Tea Party WANTS to do to the Negro? 
Is the Black Racial Services Machine who conspired with the Obama CAMPAIGN to sell Negroes on the benefit of HOPE AND CHANGE classified as "DECEIVERS" in your book? 
WHEREAS I earned this title by MERE WORDS that are offensive to you..................they got 96% of the NEGRO VOTE in 2008 and even more Negroes (including those who did not have the ability to vote via their age) to FUSE their BLACKNESS and the UPLIFT that is connected with this spirit UPON THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN. 
Fast forward through time - and 3 years later - the Black unemployment rate is at DEPRESSION LEVELS. Knowing that the scheme of DECEPTION that the Black Racial Services plays is a FORWARD ATTENTION STEALING SCHEME, which only LOOKS BACKWARD on its ENEMY but focuses the Negro Consciousness on what the FUTURE INVESTMENTS will fix - there WILL BE NO "RETURN ON INVESTMENT APPRAISAL" by those who CLAIM to represent the fiduciary interests of the Negroes POT OF GOLD to see if it has received INCREASE!!!! The TEA PARTY threatens TO STEAL OUR GOLD and make a gold chain to LYNCH US WITH - we are told. THIS IS NOT "DECEPTION in a grand scale to YOU. 
THIS IS BECAUSE you are a key part of the scheme. Just as a Black man will never be called a SELL OUT for fusing his soul - above Jesus and onto the Progressive Fundamentalist Ideology - because the people who normally would call him a SELLOUT are standing beside is also true that no Negro who walks along with you - ravaging the Negro Vote and fusing his consciousness to Progressive Social Justice Struggle WILL EVER be called A DECEIVER OF BLACK PEOPLE - because this otherwise DECEPTIVE PATH FOR THE NEGRO TO TAKE which fails to build up ORGANIC COMPETENCIES yet has him dependent upon a BANKRUPT STATE and his former ENSLAVER is thoroughly approved by the system of DECEIVERS that you are in line with who are the 'Black Racial Services Machine'. 
Thus I conclude that the word "Deceiver", like the claim of "Fighting For The Interests Of Black People" are IRRELEVANT TERMS unless they are enshrined with the PROTECTIONS of transparent, dispassionate inspections. You sir are a "Killer Of Sheep's Consciousness"

Friday, September 9, 2011

The On Jobs In The Black Community

Will Obama's Jobs Speech Silence His Critics?

 If I was more skeptical I'd believe that Edward Wyckoff Williams is far more concerned about Obama's standing with his "Black Critics" than he is with the condition of employment within the Black community.

 I assure you that Williams will be able to tell us how much the Bush era policies have extended into the Obama zone, showing the power to destroy future prosperity that we all were unaware of during the days where these seeds were planted, more than he will ever be able to tell us when Obama stands along, economically naked with his policy choices as the primary element for inspection.

 I strongly suspect that Mr Williams will bestow this upon Obama - when the economy turns around and starts booming. Even if this takes place in 2020 - we will be hearing about how the stimulus provided by Obama finally surmounted the "Tea Party's opposition" and are now flying in an unmolested manner.

 My Reply On The - Sponsored By MSNBC
Mr Williams (and you too Super Sistah 1): 
Do you mind if I pull out a few noteworthy items in your latest article that you have graced us with?

[quote] Despite the strides made to stimulate the economy, and the moderate success of Obama's economic policies, the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for August showed an increase in the number of unemployed African-Americans at a rate of 16.7 percent from 15.9 percent the previous month. Although the vast majority of African-Americans continue to support the president, and understand that the present state of the economy is largely due to the failed economic and foreign policies put in place under the Bush administration, Obama's policies have been thwarted by Republican efforts to reduce government spending at a time when most economists believe the role of the federal government is to invest[/quote]

Mr Williams - when I read this article I thought of a incumbent reference to SIZE. The SIZE of the problem. The SIZE of the attempted solution. Since the "strides" have not sufficiently fixed the problem, from my understanding of your line of thinking, you would be inclined to double down and increase the SIZE. Here is where you and I differ. Where is the SPACE and TIME component to your analysis? Why do you take a "Federal Government Centric" approach as you fail to note the base of power that has been erected over Black and Progressive communities, all based on the promises of uplift? With respect to TIME - these entities had time - far longer than the 2.5 years of the Obama Administration to deliver upon their promises. As such the fabric that they were to build at the periphery where our people live was to be far stronger than anything that the central federal government could hope to provide from a TIME and SPACE perspective. Mr Williams - do you see how it is so that your analysis all flows from your will to have an ideological battle - centered around Obama? The Black community's interests are an unfortunate casualty of your antics. Why is it that neither you or any other "The Grio" columnist willing to investigate where the Black community now stands with respect to our array of investments over TIME (since the Bayard Rustin VOTING based community development scheme was announced in 1968) and SPACE - (where the plan to get favorable people distributed into the network of institutions that our people receive civic services from)? By focusing only on Obama, living variously through his fights with the House Republicans and the RACISM that you believe that he is suffering from - you do our community a grave injustice. As an investment banker - you know a thing about "fiduciary duties", which include the protection of the INTERESTS of your client, placing these above the interests of the INVESTMENT VEHICLE that was supposed to yield measurable PROFIT AND INCREASE. Mr Williams - WHERE do you show this same principle when it comes to the SEPARATE AND DISTINCT interests of the Black community from the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN where the Democrats, Republicans and OBAMA reside? Until you and others on this board clarify this point - you can only be ideological operatives fronting as souls that are interested in the condition of the Black community.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Black JingOists: "Standing Up Obama"

The pattern is clear based on the arguments made in the articles:

  1. The Nation: America To Obama - "Stand Up For Yourself"
    1. "Stand Up For Yourself" Synidcated In "The"
  2. The Root - Roland Martin - "No One Fears President Obama"
  3. Leonard Pitts - "Maxine Waters Shows The Democrats Have A Backbone"
I could keep searching over the past 2 months and find a bevy of other Black people who have written articles and blog posts suggesting that Obama start FIGHTING.  

Ultimately it is not worth my time doing so.

Few of you are stupid.  You know what is going on.


Thanks to integration - it is now 100% Partisan Politics via the channel of the "American Political Domain'.

These people are NOT seeking a FIGHT FOR "Black Interests".
Instead they want Progressives and the Democratic Party to FIGHT a better fight on the gridiron of the "Malcolm X Political Football game".  

Today there is no "Malcolm X" that sees what is going on and who throws up a word of caution to Black people to not LOSE OUR INTEGRITY by playing in someone else's ball game.

I was going to write a separate article and place it on the "5/5ths Equal People" blog as a strategic mandate but my argument seems fitting here:............................

Obama CANNOT Be Taken As A "Black Leader" Unless It Is True That The Black Community Development Consciousness Is Now 100% Political

Few people are willing to calculate the necessary comprimise of the integrity of the Black Community's interests for this popular t-shirt to be our operational reality.

Dr King was NOT a "Political Party Creation" - regardless of what some happless Black Repubicans try and tell you. 

He was a political ousider who saw a system of government in our nation that was flawed and falling short of its own creed.  He saw a group of people who subverted the law as their own individual hatred and desire for tribal domination to be expressed as the law of the land.  Most of all he saw the key institutions that Black Americans were exposed to stunted our growth rather than exentuating our person to the full potential. 

Dr King pushed upon the SYSTEM, demanding that it change.

President Obama IS a political party creation and an inside man to the system.  He now sits IN the seat of power.  He IS "The Power" that King's "truth" was spoken to.

The evidence of the perversion of this fact in which Obama is attempted to be made into a "King against the System" is at the root of the compromised integrity that is evidenced within the Black Political discourse.

  1. For the first time in Black History a group of "Activists" openly debated the practicality of "Speaking Truth To Power" and thus risking "The Power's reelection" changes as they felt that "The Power" was not sufficiently addressing the interests of Black people - this despite the long lists of "What Obama Has Done For Black People" that adorn their web sites
  2. When two long time Black Progressive-Fundamentalists dared to erect a TRANSPARENT Progressive system of measurements for the favorable President Of The United States - those fellow Progressives who felt that such a measuring stick should be reserved for ENEMY Presidents to be evaluated by and made to fail - grew outraged as they followed through with their critique.   (Again - the "What Obama Has Done for Black People" lists DISPENSE of formal measurement of their long bullet point lists - using the PROPORTION system of appraisal to determine if the quantity of items was actually comprehensive enough in a manner commensurate with the INVESTMENTS that have been made in the machine in question)
  3. With Black Unemployment Rates hovering stuburnly around 16% the "Black Racial Services Machine" - Political Arm which should be held accountable for their near 50 year run of power was heard asking permission from the Black Rank & File to pressure "The Power" on his job creation plan - knowing that these same masses won't bother asking them about their own job creation track record.

Again with reference to the "What Obama Has Done For Black People" lists this artifact shows a person who is intent on SELLING Obama to any "non-believers" who have given up hope in their investmed ballots and fused "Black Community Development Consciousness". 

I have mentioned in previous posts that the attributes of their sales job are as follows:
  1. Note the tremendous suffering in Black America attributing it to
    1. Failed Republican/Bush Policies
    2. Present day Tea Party Obstructionism
    3. Residual Damage from Slavery / Jim Crow
  2. Asking The Appropriate Rhetorical Questions such as:
    1. "If John McCain was in office now would it be any better for Black people?  It would no dobut be worse"
    2. "What alterative do the Republicans offer?"
  3. Sell The Future (Just as they did in 2008 but realizing that few will ask for Earnest Money Before Making Another Payment)
    1. "Obama's first term was all about undoing the damage that Bush did.  We need to INVEST in him for a second term so he'll have 8 years to work through"
    2. "This is all about the Supreme Court.  We need to allow Obama to replace one of those 5 Conservative Justices and the tide for Black America will change"
    3. "In his second term Obama will be a lame duck and won't have to worry about what White people think about him opinion polls.   He can target more programs at Black people since he won't have to run for reelection.   We need to put aside our criticisms and make sure that he gets a second term and that the TEA PARTY is knocked out of Congress"
Every single one of these points shows evidence of a "Special Teams" within the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  There is no "BLACK INTEREST PROTECTION" which separates our community's interests distinctly from the POPULAR CHANNEL through which the "Black Racial Services Machine" has chosen to seek it.

When the Black Permanent Interests are shown at a failed state - those who marketed this strategy to the Black Community never miss a beat - as imposed by the Black Rank & File.   Instead these well placed operatives merely do as Rep Waters, Rep Wilson and others have shown how its done - Stand up an ENEMY that threatens the composition of Black America's interests and get BLACK AMERICA engaged in a fight and then stand up OBAMA as the main gladiator who will wage the fight in the lead position.

Note as well how another Progressive Faction - the Unions also compelled Obama to fight.  James Hoffa said "Mr President we are your troops".   Where as the Black Progressive cog in the Progressive Coalition sets up RACIAL threats to run against - the Organized Labor cog throws up threats to UNION ORGANIZING RIGHTS as the main threat to their interests.  It doesn't matter how many otherwise favorable mayors or governors have laid off government unionized employees due to budget constraits - the organized labor left needs to engage in a FIGHT.  Those who attack the union are a greater threat than those who preside over an insolvent "consumer of labor" and were compelled to lay off the actual workers - while keeping the union intact.  (See Detroit and Newark)

The key flaw in the Progressive Power Distribution Model is that they are forced to engage in "Establishment Power Repudiation".   The more favorable people they bring into power into instittuions at the periphery that had been the "ground zero" for their past struggles - the failure to achieve the anticipated goals coupled with the unwillingness to question the veracity of their ideology to deliver what was promised - forces them to STRUGGLE OUTWARD.

This mandates a necessary compromiste of the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of their latest acquisition.  For example - what unified them in their quest for power in the take over of urban school systems is now an OUTWARD struggle in which the "social justice" coefficient of these schools are not met until some external funding source provide equal funding as compared to some other district that is achieving better results.  In their great slight of hand - they escape accountability for the results from the schools.  They merely seek complicit agreement that sans the equal funding they can't be expected to produce.  These institutions merely become nodes that are used as leverage in a broader struggle to NATIONALIZE the struggle that was previously to be fulfilled by the local take over.

This scheme which effectively keeps the left-wing factions together in continuious struggle is a grand failure when it is appraised for its ability to:
  1. Build Up Transparently Managed Institutions
  2. Produce Evidence Of A Black Community With Increasing Organic Competencies
  3. Bring To Fruition The Claim That "Education Is The Great Equalizer"
As it stands all of these bullet items are made to be INDICTMENTS against some external force that is said to be deying us of our "Social Justice" and proverbial carrots strung before us - not as attainable goals but "ideological unifying agents".

Without sufficient independent, transparent protection of our community interests - seperate and distinct from the agreed upon METHODOLOGY - we should not expect anything different in 2014, 2016,etc.

This is what "vicarious living" looks like.

How Times Have Changed For "The Activists Of Liesure" - The Present Threats To Dr King's Google Ranking

The Activists Of Liesure Who Try To Assume The Mantle Of King
When Dr King Was Alive He Faced A Number Of Threats
  • Death Threats
  • Bomb Threats
  • Threats Against His Family And Home
Rev Ralph David Abernathy's House Bombed By Racist Whites
From Freedom Rides web site:

We were whisked from the airport to Rev. Ralph Abernathy's house, and immediately told to keep away from the windows, because knowledge of whites staying in a black home could cause us to be targeted by the Klan. Rev. Abernathy worked very closely with Martin Luther King, Jr., and because of his civil rights activities, had already had his home bombed. Threats continued to pour in. Dr. King who had become the Chairman of the Freedom Ride Coordinating Committee, and Rev. Abernathy opened his home to strategy meetings. The night of our arrival in Montgomery, we held a planning meeting with Drs. King and Abernathy. A group from Yale, including Rev. William Sloan Coffin and a group of divinity students was soon to arrive to join the rides. For maximum effect, it was decided that the Yale group would go as the next group, and Dave Myers and I were to wait until enough volunteers had amassed for the following busload. Meanwhile, Attorney General Kennedy had called out the National Guard to guard the bus stations, and the decision was finally made at the local level that state police would prevent additional major violence. The Yale group was bussed to Jackson, (I believe on Friday 26 May) where they were arrested and bailed out. We were relieved to hear that there was no violence

Today The White Supremacists have removed their hoods and now use their Keyboards and high speed internet links to terrorize  Black people.

The  White Supremacist Cyber-Hackers Have Hijacked The Page Ranking Of "Google Searches". 

Now when a search is done on Dr King - Their "racist" site appears first.

We Black People Must Remain Unified And Vigilent.
Failing to do so as evidenced by the splintering of our unity by asking questions about the priorities in our community we might end back up in the SLAVERY of having CompuServ and a 19.2Kbps dial up modem.

Someone had better go to the King Center For Non-Violent Social Change and suggest that they use some of those licensing feeds to invest in an enhanced web site that is hacker proof.  I am not sure what I'd do if I tuned to the news and saw the daily stream of "murdered Black people" in Metro Atlanta replaced by a breaking story that the King Center's web site had been hacked.

At least the King Center's site still comes up at the top.  Those RACISTS will stop at nothing to shame Black people!!!!  Don't they have anything better to do?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Korner - Obama Did Not "Court Black Voters In 2008" The Black Racial Services Machine Openned Its Legs Wider Than "The Obama Girl"

My dear friend Chauncey DeVega over at "We Are Respectable Negroes" argues that Obama courted the Black vote.

The Executive Summary Of My Rebuttal To Mr DeVega:


Recall during election time I exposed the massive fight in the "Dyson household?
Michael Eric Dyson was an "Obama man" from the start.
He beloved wife Marcia was a "Hillary woman".   They had a marital dispute over the which of these Presidential candidates was worthy.  At the end of the article they had kissed and made up - agreeing that any Democrat in the White House was better than the most qualified Republican.

Mr DeVega's analysis suffers from the very same flaw.
No No No.  I am not arguing that Mr DeVega should have found a Republican to stand Obama against.   Instead it is more accurate to say that Obama must be stood up against an ALTERNATE CHANNEL FOR BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

Go into the back yard of the Black Community.   Back where the wilted vegetable garden resides.
See that pile of trash?  Clear it out of the way.
Note that bean sprout that is now yellow and dying due to the mound that had starved its sunlight, preventing photosynthesis from taking place.

Mr DeVega can't see that the "Public Enemy #1" for the Black Community is NOT what the CBC and Ed Schultz  has told him.
The #1 enemy of the Black Community is - spending the next 50 years DOING THE VERY SAME THING with our investment resources as a people and figuring that, because of the smart Progressives that are leading us - things will turn out different THIS TIME.

This threat to Black people comes from the failure to protect the integrity of our Black Community Institutions from usurpation into the American Political Domain.  Our people are manipulated into thinking that we cannot stand absent the coverage from Cheshire Foxes - surviving the attack from the Conservative Wolves.  This scheme just happens to successfully take our ballots and our consciousness while leaving up disproportionately "The Least Of These".

I am honestly not so sure that this is not the plan in accordance with both Black and White conspirators.

My Post On "We Are Respectable Negroes"
My Beloved Bother Chauncey DeVega: YOU are the proverbial "Black Man"! That's what I like about you brother - always defending the "Black Permanent Interests" against all usurpers. With this post, however, I believe that you have slipped up in a few material areas. Since I am always working with you to strengthen your argument in preparation of that fateful day in which our beloved brother Ed Schultz pits you against a "Tea Party Racist" on his show - you will be prepared for all of their dirty tricks

1) You say Obama is at risk of a FAILED PRESIDENCY. Since this blog apparently is about BLACK PEOPLE - I am forced to challenge you to provide the evidence that Black people believe that Obama's presidency is anything close to a "Failed Presidency" * Is this by Black opinion polls? * Is this by Black intentions to invest their "Equal Black Ballots" into the Obama 2012 * OH here is the best one - Is it evidenced by the Black Community constructing a DIFFERENT CHANNEL for their Black Community UPLIFT that is distinct from the American Political Domain - them refusing to be the "Special Teams" in the Malcolm X Political Football game?

2) [quote]The press viewed this courtship of black voters as largely beside the point for a “post-racial” campaign that had bigger fish to fry on the white side of the street.[/quote] Brother DeVega: I am going to ask you to vent Prof Kennedy's words on this one. There was not a COURTING by Obama for the Black vote. Back in 2008 there was a CONVERGENCE of the cogs in the "Black Racial Services Machine" upon the Progressive Democratic Party. The fact that there was a BLACK MAN running for President as a Democrat merely increased the volume of Black votes. Thus I argue the opposite. The Black Gravitational Pull converged at a fulcrum and lifted Obama UP into Office. I have pictures from Urban malls where Obama t-shirts displaced Lil Wayne and Jay-Z to become the top sellers at the Korean owned urban fashion stores. I have copies of Ebony, Jet and Essence, Black Enterprise - all of whom said that they had not previously endorsed a Presidential candidate before - Before Obama that is. The proper mindset for you (and Brother Thrasher) to take is the FUTURE VIEW!!! Brother DeVega - the primary conversation for Black America to have at this point is: IN THE FUTURE who will be the GUARDIANS of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" - never again allowing it to get affixed to a vehicle that not only takes our "Equal Black Ballots" but at the critical check point in the journey where those who are LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY are seen demanding EARNEST MONEY before TAKING ANOTHER STEP FORWARD!!! Instead, My beloved Brother Chauncey - they are heard telling of the CONSEQUENCES to the Black community if we do not CONTINUE TO INVEST. You see, we have a violated set of INTEGRITY PROTECTIONS of our COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS - used for the profit of the embedded confidence men.


Brother DeVega: Hotep. Do you mind if I tell you about a pattern that I have noticed among Black Progressive-Fundamentalists? This will require that I build a model first. A model of our Permanent Interests and the methodology of how these are obtained.

I) Permanent Interests- Economic Prosperity For The Black Community

II) Methodology For Expression Of This Interest: A Good Paying Job For More Than 93% of Blacks who seek jobs. (ie: a Black Unemployment rate at or below 7% - Just like Clinton did)

III) Methodology to OBTAIN This Interest: American Politics - Adopting Progressive Policies to achieve "Social Justice"

IV) The Distribution.....: Getting Black Progressives Represented Into Public Policy and Corporate Positions

V) The Vehicle - Voting for the Democrats and promoting Black and Progressive Joint-venture partners into POWER to fight against Conservatives

Please read and understand this model. I have it in diagrammatic form but you should understand what I am saying by the text. Now we have the latest DISRESPECT OF THE BLACK PRESIDENT. He wanted one time and the (racist) Republicans asked him to change to the next day. Then the NFL balked at the preemption of their multi-million dollar broadcast and Obama moved it a few hours before kickoff. Here is my problem with you Mr DeVega. The issue is about JOBS FOR BLACK PEOPLE. After 2.5 years of Obama AND after 50 YEARS of Progressive Domination of the Black Community's economic development institutions - YOU are making an argument about DISRESPECT FOR OBAMA. How do you justify your stance in the context of JOBS FOR BLACK PEOPLE? The very MACHINE that received our INVESTMENTS with the notion that this would translate into PROSPERITY for our people is not ON TRIAL by you. Instead the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY who is "disrespecting" the cherry on top of the MACHINE that you have erected is the subject of your latest INDICTMENT. I am forced to ask you Mr DeVega: Do you have any respect for the INSTITUTIONS IN BLACK AMERICA? The INVESTMENTS that we have made need INVESTMENT ADVISERS who WORK IN OUR INTERESTS - ensuring the maximum returns. I can't say at this point that you are playing the role of OUR DEFENDERS. For you a perceived racial slight against OBAMA is worse than the SLIGHT of decades of BLACK INVESTMENTS of our BALLOTS and our DEVELOPMENT HOPES - only to have it pushed aside for a post on Boehnner. How do you explain yourself?

Calling The President A "Monkey" Is A Selective Offense

Note This Image Is A Cropped Version Of The Original Site
With all of the claims of racism and disrespect of Commander In Chief Obama - it is interesting that some of the people who drive the "Media Matters Twitter Feeds" that show "racial" disrespect of Obama proudly associate themselves with a web site called "The Smirking Chimp".

The argument says that Black people have been subjected to the racist stereotype of being called "monkeys" so all references in kind directed toward Obama or any other Black official must be curtailed due to the double meaning that is implied.

If this is the standard that the Progressives want enforced on Black people - how do they justify their active association with "The Smirking Chimp"?  Since they are not able to substantiate the claim that Blacks are more closely related to monkeys than are Whites - this is not a scientific slam.  It is a racial taunt.

Knowing the pain associated with calling people "monkeys" - who is it that the people who "Advertise Liberally" not more vocal in getting the site to change its name or at least keeping its favored journalist from contributing to this site?

If there was a site of this type dedicated to criticism about Obama - would there be an organized protest?