Friday, August 5, 2011

Worse Than Twitter-Relay Agents - Those Who Are So Interested In Consuming Anti-Right Wing Talking Points That They Don't See Their Own Pockets Being Picked By The Progressive-Fundamentalist Propagandist

In theory the new Internet media tools are supposed to provide an on-line forum for information exchange and edification.   A few months ago a report was released questioning if Black people were utilizing the full potential of this new resource or merely using it for entertainment.

I am personally not a fan of Twitter.  The thought of following the 140 character deposits of an entertainer is of no interest to me.   Even worse - the sight of a propaganda news article that needs to be challenged for its relevance to the present condition of the Black community - only to find about 10 people on the message thread - 8 of them relaying the story to their friends on Twitter is most disturbing.

In this way Twitter is mind numbing.  Instead of these people contributing "value added analysis" to what the author fed to them - they are merely viraly spreading the questionable feed to their friends.

Worse Than Twitter Is The Fool Who Is Looking For Ammo Against His Enemy Without Realizing Who His Enemy Is And What Is Actually Striking Him In The Head

This post is about no one in particular.
It is a model of a particular routine.

Certain pseudo-news analysis sites targeted at Black people operate as a bright light in a dark summer's night.  They attract people who mostly want to have what they already belief affirmed.

To read the comments section where they accept the "chum feeding" of the article and then posit a "go get those damned Right-wingers!!!  They are liars!!!" post is not the problem for me.   The problem is that far too many consumers of this information ACCEPT the information that is presented to them, without any concern of the agenda that the content creator is pushing upon them.

This is the co-dependency that exists in Black Progressive-Fundamentalist thought.   The need for the masses to gain an understanding of what is going on in the larger world - to make their mind settled as to why the failure for the Black community was arrived at.   The efforts of the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Grio-Tongues Interpreters" to analyze the cruel, racist world outside and package it up for the understanding of the "Vulnerable Masses" fulfills this need.

"They Want To Make Obama A One Term President - They Want Him To Fail - Therefore They Are Wrecking The Economy And We Need To Fight Them"

I truly wonder if anyone is surprised were the Black Political Discourse has arrived at.   Radio talk mogul Tom Joyner telling Black folks to vote for Obama in 2012 as a matter of "Racial pride" in seeing the first Black President being re-elected.   Dr Ron Daniels and Bev Smith telling Black folks to not be afraid to "Vote For Your Race".

The problem is that they are not really interested in having Black people "vote for our race".  They want Black people to vote for PROGRESSIVISM!!!!!!!   If we were "Voting For Our Race" someone would have gotten fired a long time ago in Detroit, Chicago, Philly and Atlanta - where large portions of the Black community's human resource development has stagnated despite wild success of the agenda that was hoisted up as "The Black (Progressive) Agenda".   If PROGRESS is the measure then they have failed.  It is not "Progress" but "POWER" that is their real agenda.  Ideological power build up - the results to our people are a tertiary concern.

The same numbers that had  been used as an indictment against "the Bad Guy In Chief":

  • Black Unemployment Rate
  • Low Monthly Jobs Creation Numbers
  • Federal Debt
  • Failing Urban Schools
are now used as evidence that THE ENEMY seeks to block the "First Black Guy In Chief" from having a second term.

Again - I don't mind when a propagandist opens up a word processor on his computer - just as I am doing - and injects his spin and obfuscation.   My issue is both when he represents himself as "Pro-Black Community" and when the congregation complicitly follows along, changing "Those Bastards!!!!" from the rear pews.

It doesn't matter what the absolute standing of the Black community is after decades of investments into this ideological machine.  It is the fact that Black people have "ideological unity" and are actively fighting against "the enemy of Black people" that provide the embedded confidence men their staying power - regardless of the outcomes to our community on their watch.  

In this world the collapse of the city of Detroit (and elsewhere) becomes an opportunity to "sell the future".  The news that some undefined portion of Black people were targeted with sub-prime loans gives comfort that with the high home foreclosure rates - "THEY did this to US!  THEY must pay for what THEY did".   There is no in depth investigation from the  "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Grio-Tongues Interpreters" as to why no one responded to the warning signals that flashed on the dash board.  Those who failed to stop the series of events in mid-session never seem to get fired - as long as they remain progressive and join the fight against the prescribed enemy.

This is the "Pocket Picking Force" for Black America.  Instead of enforcing the integrity of our key "human resource development institutions" the drive is to enforce "Progressivism".  Just like the down low preacher who retains his place in the pulpit by saying "Jesus has greater plans for me and I am not going anywhere" so too does the Black Progressive establishment machine within the Black community retain their power regardless of the results.  All they have to do is spend time with Black folks and tell "The Least Of These" how the enemy has undercut them and thus they remain "The Least Of These".

For further protection - they only need to make their next investment in 2012.

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